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Breath is essential to life. It is the first thing we do when we are born and the last thing we do when we leave. In between that time, we take about half a billion breaths. However we are not always conscious that the mind, body, and breath are intimately connected and can influence each other. Our breathing is influenced by our thoughts, and our thoughts and physiology can be influenced by our breath. 
I am very pleased to offer our first Transformational Breath® Workshop in May.
Transformational Breath®  is a gentle, simple technique that helps people to open up the full potential of their breathing system for better physical and emotional well-being. It teaches a pattern of conscious breathing that is natural, safe and healthy and which can have many benefits, including increased energy, better immune response and increased ability to deal with stress in a healthy way.  Open to all no yoga experience needed.

Jac Godfrey from Wildfire Yoga is also returning for the always popular Jivamukti workshop, Journey to the Heart Centre.

See you on the mat soon, 


and the Central Wellness Team
Student Spotllight 

What Yoga Means to me - Julia Taube

Morning yoga with Aga makes my week. I am a University student, completing my Masters which is hard and stressful.  I have been doing yoga before, however not regularly. I knew it will be good for me to start it again and I was desperate to find a morning yoga class in Lincoln as I am very much a morning person. In October, an advertisement of the early morning yoga appeared at University. 

I stared to attend with my flatmate, and we have immediately fallen in love. Aga somehow has a feel to provide the exact class what I need as each day and week is different. I am always refreshed in my mind and body as well after attending Aga’s Yoga class. I feel energised and happy after each session. To be able to start the day with a great session of yoga is just wonderful. This is really important as I have a really busy and stressed lifestyle at the moment.

I am very grateful for finding Aga and the Central Wellness yoga studio. The studio itself is welcoming nice and inspiring. I have especially enjoyed to have the gratitude jar when each week I was actually thinking of things I am grateful for because if this jar.

Now yoga became part of my everyday life, I try to practice at home as well and I started to annoy all the people I know and not practicing yoga to do it, give it a go at least. 
Aga's Classes are every Friday morning at 6.30am

Upcoming Workshops

Jivamukti Yoga Workshop

Journey to the Heart Centre - Bhakti & Backbending

Saturday 6th May 10am to 1pm
with Jac Godfrey

In this workshop, we journey to the heart chakra. We will enjoy a lively, classic Jivamukti practice, with focus on a series of deeply refreshing back-bends to open the heart, energise the body and flood the whole being with a sense of joy and connectedness.
All Levels

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Transformation Breath Workshop

Sunday 7th May 1pm-4pm
With Angela Leake

During this afternoon workshop you will receive help in identifying and working with your own breath pattern, coaching in using the full, connected Transformational Breath® pattern, and take-home practice you can continue to work with. The workshop will include a breath session, so that you can experience first-hand some of the benefits of this technique.
£25 Introductory Offer

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Restorative Yoga for Rest and Renewal 

Friday 12th May 7pm-9pm
With Grace Bowker

Stress is the most common cause of long-term absence from work in the UK.  Our lives can be busy and full and although this is wonderful, when we forget to take time for ourselves we can end up feeling over pressurised, taking on too much, not enough time and can eventually compromising our health and happiness.

Gentle restorative yoga supports bringing ourselves back into balance. Working with a relaxed and conscious breath to bring about the shift of the nervous system along with supported postures opening the body and relaxing the mind with a willingness to let go of your attachment to the ‘doing' of things.
All Levels
£12 or £10 series pass membership

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Liberation Through the Body Workshop

Sunday 14th May 10-1pm
With Catrin Guenter

Our lifestyles often lead to a fragmented experience of body and mind, separating us from our true nature. Unifying the Bodymind will reconnect us with our natural strength and presence to live life more fully. During the class we will explore the Bodymind in a gentle but direct way through yoga and meditation. 
£10 with donation to the teacher.

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Summer Solstice Yoga and Meditation Workshop

Saturday 17th June 9-12pm
With Grace Bowker

What does it means to you to live in a state of abundance?
The summer solstice is one of most powerful days of the year for self realisation to tap into the radiant energy of abundance.
This workshops looks to tap into our natural state of creativity and how this can bring in freedom, purpose and fulfilment into our lives.

Open to all levels
£16 or £14 for series pass membership

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 'What we learn with pleasure, we never forget.' 
– Alfred Mercier
We would love to hear from you or leave us suggestions or comments
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Inspirational Evening of Song and Storytelling

Sacred Word and Song Circle

Satudary 13th May 7-9pm
With Iza moon

A deeply peaceful, yet profoundly inspirational evening awaits you. Join Iza Moon for a beautiful candlelit Sacred Circle, where Iza will weave together an enchanting, peaceful, heart opening journey of soul-full songs, magical spoken word, empowering visualisations and healing sounds.
Let your body relax, let your mind settle, let your imagination ignite and let your Spirit fly!
Through the use of Voice, Acoustic guitar, Shamanic Drum, Steel Drum, Chimes, Singing Bowls and Native American Flute, Iza will guide you to that inner pace of stillness and serenity, that inner place where we can realise our true selves, recognise our infinite being and remember who we really are! Magnificent, radiant, eternal! 
When we gather in Circle, in common union, we generate such strength, power and wisdom. This energy can then be channelled, not only for the greater good of ourselves, but for the greater good of the whole...for we are all sparks from the same flame!

£12 or £10 series pass members

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QiGong Workshop

QiGong and the Compassionate Mind

Saturday 20th May 10am-12.30pm
With Nick Strack

This workshop provides an opportunity to learn how movement and breath unite as Mind becomes still, and how Life Force (Qi) can be experienced and directed within the body through Mindful Presence and Calm Abiding in stillness and movement.
We will learn and use the well-known 18 Movement Tai Chi QiGong Form which is suitable for all ages and levels of ability. Relaxing into the repetitive movements, the body extends and withdraws in harmony with the breath. This is a wonderful form for paying mindful attention to the flow of the body, the flow of the breath and the flow of energy (Qi).

The Breath will be linked to our experience of Be-ing within the body. Using the practice of Deep Relaxation we “breathe” into parts of the Body, using our capacity for curious attention and inner kindness to hold and heal. Each part is honoured and appreciated. Stale energy is released and bright, fresh energy flows in.

Heaven and Earth Chi Kung unites the inner realm of the body with the outer field of Creation, principally the Earth and the Sun, the field of earth and water and the sweep of the Stars. All are brought together in a series of simple movements united with breath as your relationship with the Earth and the Stars, embedded in the body, brings light and joy singing within the realm of Calm Heart and Still Mind.

We finish with a Group Healing Meditation offered for all beings. You will find that all you have done in the Workshop is directed to this one end of compassionate abiding.
All Levels
£16 or series pass member £14

"Each moment of Compassion
Lights the Sunshine and the Shadow
Love binds the Light and Dark
All will walk a Path with Heart”
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Upcoming Day Retreats

Day of Mindfulness

28th May 10-4pm
with Justin Illes

A full day of mindfulness for people who already have some meditation experience and would like to practice their skills in a silent and focussed environment.
Practices include sitting, walking meditation, lying down body scan and slow mindful movement
Please bring a packed lunch and a bottle of water
Meditation cushions and blankets will be available but please bring your own if your have them.



Summer Solstice - Embracing your Inner Light Sound Therapy

Friday 23rd June 7pm-8.30pm
With John Thornberry

Introduction To The Way of Sound - Embracing Your Light

This workshops will begin with a talk by John who is a qualified sound practitioner followed by a sublime sound shower immersing you with vibrations to a place of deep relaxation, this is produced by using singing bowls, voice work and assorted instruments.
A wonderful opportunity to reduce stress, alleviate pain, improve sleep, increase concentration and create a deeper sense of well being, nurturing to the whole nervous system.

£12 or £10 series pass membership
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5 Rhythms Workshop: Deeply Moving

5Rythams - Moving Deeply

Saturday 24th June 1pm-5pm
With Chris Boyland

5 Rhythms is a profound dynamic meditation suitable for all abilities. It is a catalyst for embodiment, creativity and healing. It couldn't be simpler, we dance ourselves free. It is about your dance so you really can't get it wrong. Funky, fun and ecstatic; this is soul food for your inner-raver and your inner-Buddha.

This workshop is an excellent introduction to 5 Rhythms and a delightful way for those with some experience to deepen their practice.

The space will be held by Christopher Boylan, an accredited teacher who has been studying 5 Rhythms intensively since 1999. He trained with Gabrielle Roth in the USA and Europe and completed his teacher training in 2008.

"Between the head and the feet of any given person is a billion miles of unexplored wilderness" - Gabrielle Roth

£20 investment
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