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Central Wellness - A space for yoga and holistic health

Upcoming highlights over the next few months including Ayurvedic Nutrition Workshop, Sacred Word and Song Circle, Yoga Retreat Day for Self Care, Family yoga and Chakra Dance.

At Central Wellness we also offer Massage treatments including prenatal, Reiki, Hypnotherapy, Life coaching and Counselling. 

We are committed to creating a safe space to support a mindful approach to whole body wellness.

and the Central Wellness Team
Yoga Day Retreat Day
for Self Care

Yoga Day Retreat Day for Self Care Retreat Day
with Grace Bowker
Saturday 11th November 10-3pm

A day to unwind and relax before the Festive Season begins. Most of us have forgotten how to listen, we are so caught up in the doing or getting to the next thing. 
“Retreat” implies that taking time for yourself is a treat but self care and nurturing are vital to our health physically mentally and emotionally. 
A lot can happen in a day, when we slow down and invite in inner awareness. Vinyasa Yoga, Restorative Yoga and Meditation.
Open to all levels.
£40 Light Vegetarian lunch Provided
6 hours Yoga Alliance CPD

Yin Yoga Workshop
Yin Yoga Workshop
3rd November 7-9pm
With Jo Davey

Bring balance to autumn days with an evening of quietening Yin yoga.
Shortening days invite us to turn inward, reflect and nourish ourselves, and Yin is the perfect means of doing this.
Yin yoga is a quiet meditative practice, consisting of mainly floor-based poses held for between two and five minutes. Once in a pose we can soften and relax, both physically and mentally.
During the evening we aim to release long-held tension around the joints, improving range of motion and encouraging joint health.
This autumn sequence will include poses which support digestion, and poses to gently open the chest to stimulate the lungs. An evening to help find ease and freedom of movement in the body, calmness in the mind.
£14 or £12 for series pass holders

Sacred Word and Song Circle

Sacred Word and Song Circle
Saturday November 25th 7 -9 pm
With Iza Moon
A deeply peaceful, yet profoundly inspirational evening awaits you. Join Iza Moon for a beautiful candlelit Sacred Circle, where Iza will weave together an enchanting, peaceful, heart opening journey of soul-full songs, magical spoken word, empowering visualisations and healing sounds.
Let your body relax, let your mind settle, let your imagination ignite and let your Spirit fly!
Through the use of Voice, Acoustic guitar, Shamanic Drum, Steel Drum, Chimes, Singing Bowls and Native American Flute, Iza will guide you to that inner pace of stillness and serenity, that inner place where we can realise our true selves, recognise our infinite being and remember who we really are! Magnificent, radiant, eternal! 
When we gather in Circle, in common union, we generate such strength, power and wisdom. This energy can then be channelled, not only for the greater good of ourselves, but for the greater good of the whole...for we are all sparks from the same flame!
£12 or £10 series pass members

Ayurveda Workshops
Ayurvedic Nutrition Workshop
With Veronica Layunta Maurel
Sunday 12th November  10-1pm

“When diet is wrong, medicine is of no use. When diet is correct, medicine is of no need.” ~Ayurvedic proverb
Ayurvedic nutrition creates harmony and balance inside and outside our bodies as it doesn’t respond to imposed rules or regulations, but nature’s own laws. When we align to nature, health, vitality and integrity is just an effortless by-product.

Learn about the doshas (constitutions) and gunas (qualities) of both human beings and plants and how this knowledge can help you make the right choices about what to eat.
Discover what foods balance your unique constitution and what foods produce imbalances.
Digestion: How to strengthen your agni (digestive fire).
Natural detoxification processes.
Ayurveda, the doshas and the seasons.
Food as medicine.

All Ayurveda workshops will include talks, group dynamics and activities, movement, meditation and relaxation in order to integrate and embody the wisdom of this ancient science.
Open to Everyone, no experience of yoga needed.
All Ayurveda workshops will include talks, group dynamics and activities, movement, meditation and relaxation in order to integrate and embody the wisdom of this ancient science. 

Individual consultations available in the afternoon 
Full consultation (1 hour 30 minutes) £95
Ayurvedic Treatments available pre-booked, please contact the stuiod 07428259002
List and description of treatments here:
(Please, scroll down, they are at the bottom of the page).

"Remember that sometimes not getting what you want is a wonderful stroke of luck."  – Dalai Lama
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Yoga for Anxiety and Stress Relief Workshop

Yoga for Anxiety and Stress Relief
with Liz Underwood
Friday 20th October 6.15-8.15pm

Through the practise of movement, breathing and meditation yoga teaches us how to be at rest and at ease in every moment, how to stay calm and relaxed despite the events and circumstances that are unfolding.
These methods are an invitation to learn techniques which will empower when you are going through times of anxiety, overwhelm and stress. 
Suitable for all abilities.
£16 or £14 for series membership
Please book online to secure your place.

Yoga For Runners Workshop
Yoga for Sports Workshop
Saturday 28th October 10-12.30pm
With Jo Davey

A workshop for all athletes, but with a particular focus on swimming, running and cycling…calling all triathletes! With yoga we seek to improve performance, assist recovery and avoid injury. As we start the winter season it’s the ideal time to strengthen and condition. 
Open to all levels  (no experience to advanced).
Jo is a tri-athlete and a very experienced yoga teacher who loves to teach the benefits of combining both.
Handouts included
£14 or £12 for series pass members
Handout included.
Family Yoga and Mindfulness Workshop

Family Yoga and Family Mindfulness Class
Sunday, November 26, 2017
With Stevi Pullen
Expect fun, laughter, yoga adventures, playful stories, yoga, dance, uplifting and relaxing music, simple mantras, breathing, mindfulness and relaxation.

In our busy schedules it’s hard to find time to actually interact with our children between school, work, clubs, laundry and parties. Families can be disconnected and this session is the perfect way to reconnect as a family within a safe and joyful group.

We hope to run more of these sessions depending on the demand. 
Stevi is an experienced Yogi, Yogadance® Kids Teacher, and Theraplay Coach.

Yoga as Way of Life Course

Yoga as a way of Life Professional Course
A Four Workshop Series - Sundays 10-4pm
21st January, 25th February, 18th March, 22nd April
with Grace Bowker

This course will explore the ancient science of Raja Yoga and the 8 Fold path of Yoga of Patanjali's Yoga Sutra’s. Each of these steps on the path of yoga gives us guidance in a systematic way to live a meaningful and purposeful life.

This is a 30 hour course with 24 contact hours and 6 hours of personal study.
Investment - £140 all four workshops. Limited numbers

Chakra Dance
Chakra Dance
Sunday 19th Novemeber 10-11.30pm
With Beth Hardwick

Chakra Dancing is a beautiful heart centred workout for your mind, body and soul for anyone who wants to see more freedom and flow in all areas of their lives. 
Music and movement have played an integral part in the well-being of the human psyche, and Chakra Dancing brings us home to our roots honouring ourselves in self-expression, self- awareness, self-empowerment.
No co-ordination needed, no set movements to follow. Just the willingness to have some fun by letting yourself flow with the music. 
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