Growing Power and UW-Milwaukee: A strong relationship that just keeps growing and educating.
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UW-Milwaukee's first hoop house! We built it together!

Growing Power and UWM:

Building a future together

We've been proud to work with the UW-Milwaukee community for years, but our relationship is growing stronger and more diverse. Just this past weekend, we teamed up with their Food and Garden Club to build the university's first ever hoop house! Now they'll be able to do year-round growing right there on campus. The hoop house was built just south of Sandburg Hall on Maryland Avenue, it will serve as a model for other schools across the country.

A very important project that's now in it's final stages is our aquaponics research we're doing with UWM's School of Freshwater Sciences. We're studying what's the most cost-effective ways of doing aquaponics and what creates the highest production. It's happening in Greenhouse #6 at the urban farm on Silver Spring Drive. More on that project will be announced in the near future.

We're also excited to be part of Wisconsin's first Institute for Urban Agriculture and Nutrition. It's actually a partnership of six universities, including UW-Milwaukee, and Growing Power is one of the community organizations. It's really the "brain child" of our farmer, founder and CEO Will Allen and UWM's Chancellor Mike Lovell. 

And the students we see year after year who are part of the Growing Power Service Learning program have been a huge help for us at the farm. But it also gives them valuable hands-on experience in urban agriculture they can't get anywhere else. Several classes at UWM participate and we hope the partnership continues.
UWM Professor Fred Binkowski
Several Professors at UWM's School of Freshwater Sciences help us conduct extensive aquaponics workshops throughout the year. This is Fred Binkowski who's one of their Senior Scientists, leading the lecture portion of a workshop. We train over 100 people a year in these workshops, and couldn't do it without their help. 

As you can see, the partnership between Growing Power and UW-Milwaukee is very involved and benefits us both. It's a way for both of us to foster education and interest in urban agriculture and we hope to see the relationship grow for years to come.

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