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Jackie's update / Winter horseless workshop schedule / Summer success / Special thanks / Volunteers needed
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Hello horse lovers,
Its been a while since my last newsletter and time has been flying by as you can imagine with a little one demanding most of my time.  Motherhood is a fantastic new journey and I'm enjoying every moment (apart from the sleepless nights) and every new milestone.   Since Cooper was born at the end of October I've been learning so much about myself, my new job as a mum, my horses and how to fit in some teaching as well as precious 'me' time to enjoy my horses all around Coopers feeds & sleep times, which are ever changing!   I am so incredibly impressed with how adaptable my horses have been to all the changes and just how much Rocky tries when we get a chance to play.  After almost a year off from any consistent play time,  Rocky continues to impress me with his solid foundation, how he loves to learn new stuff and how much he is willing to please me.  They really are short, sweet and successful sessions and no matter how many days it was since our last session, we always just carry on from where we left off!  My time with Rocky is a chance to recharge my batteries, clear my head and enjoy living in the moment with a language I know so well - The Seven games in all 4 savvy's. 

Pat Parelli speaks about the 3 laws of Parelli and how it sets us up for success:
  1. Putting the relationship first - don't put your goals before your principals.
  2. Foundation before specialisation - Using four distinct areas of learning (Savvy's) Online, liberty, freestyle and finesse. Level 4 in all 4 Savvy's bakes a great cake.  Then you can specialise in a sport such as dressage, jumping, reining, racing, driving, endurance....etc which will put the icing and candles on that great cake!
  3. Commitment to never ending self improvement!
My goal of competition in the dressage arena is still very much in my mind and when the time is right, I can't wait to go and enjoy that next phase of our relationship. 
Good, better, best, never let it rest. Get your good better and your better best!


Horseless Workshops this winter
22nd June - Natural riding dynamics
6th July - Imagination at Liberty 
20th July - Rider fluidity and posture
17th Aug - Learn to read a horse with Horsenalities explained
14th Sept - Free Introduction to Parelli

Venue: West Melton Community Hall (except for Learning at Liberty workshop which will be held at the Chant Ranch as I will be demonstrating with Rocky)
Time: 10am - 1pm 
ONLY $55  Limited spaces available and bookings are essential so please make your online bookings today to ensure your place is secured. 

These workshops will include theory, dvd viewing, simulations and question and answer sessions.  This is the perfect way to keep progressing over the chilly months.  Click on the link button below for more information and bookings on my website.
Scheduled Winter Horseless Workshop info and bookings

Summer fun & success

Over the summer months, I returned to teaching with Focus Groups, Topic Specific Workshops and Educational/Problem Solving Demonstrations.  It was a great to see those of you who attended to further your education and increase your savvy on your horsemanship journey.  The feedback has been fantastic and we had some really great demo's with horses for solving tying up issues to float loading and general daily ground manners - which of course is just all about leadership.  I loved the opportunity to help each horse gain confidence and to show how using the Seven GamesTM, imagination and the ability to break things down into learn-able chunks helped both the horses and students to see a clear pathway to success.   Thank you for all the great feedback on how much you enjoyed these Educational/Problem Solving Demonstrations.  I will definitely run them again next summer by popular request! 

Special thanks
I'd like to take this opportunity to say a HUGE thank you to Tanya Coles for the wonderful service and support she has provided as my events coordinator over the past 3 years.  Unfortunately she is no longer able to continue in this role and will be sorely missed.  All the best for your new adventures.

I am looking to put a volunteers list together for those times when I need a few extra hands to help out at events I'm running.  If you are a confident Level 2 or above student who would like to help out from time to time, please email me on

Help spread the word
Please feel free to print off a Horseless Workshop poster (click either link below) to display in your local feed store or tack shop or even give to a friend or neighbour who might be interested.  Any help to advertise these workshops is much appreciated! 

Invercargill Horseless Workshop poster
Christchurch Horseless Workshops poster

Stay warm and have fun keeping it natural,

Jackie Chant
4* Senior Licensed Parelli Professional
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