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It's Been A Year... 


It's been a year since the world started dealing with a global pandemic, something that impacted all of us. Those with privilege have survived it better, while those who had challenges to begin with have suffered disproportionally.

Many topics that did not use to make the front page are now openly discussed and debated. I hope that this continues and that we all keep working to make our corner of the world a better place.

As parents, the most important job we have is to support our children grow into responsible, healthy, and kind adults who will make good decisions that impact the future of planet Earth.

Every week, Sandwich Parenting will send you a note to visit the site for the newest article. This week, I write about my interview with Asian-Australian Michelle Lee Diasinos - we had a lot of fun touching on various topics including the insidiousness of perfectionism. Listen to the latest episode.
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