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April 4, 2021

Hello <<First Name>>!

Parenting is the ultimate social experiment, isn’t it? Maybe it's more like art: a reflection of us as parents, our personalities, experiences, resources, and surroundings. Such a personal experience!

We won't know the results from our parenting choices until our children become adults, and even then, it will be hard to pinpoint the REAL CAUSE of all the problems in their lives. Kidding! I mean all the SUCCESSES in their lives. No, seriously, we won't know. We can only do the best.

It is the highest stakes experiment of our lives! However, in order to do it well, we must REFRAIN from giving ourselves a hard time. You heard me! We need to back off a little and not expect to control this experiment or the results we care so much about!

Parenting Is a Constant Source of Humble Pie

In order to empower ourselves to parent the way our children deserve, we have to... let it go!

This brings me to Sandwich Parenting's podcast for the week with Elen Ghulam. She tells us about how, in the beginning, she believed she was going to be the best parent in the world. Instead, she learned how to constantly eat humble pie! We laughed through a lot of the podcast because she is just so joyous to be around, and she shared much wisdom as someone who has been there, done that.

Canadian author Elen Ghulam was born to a Czech mother and an Iraqi father. She spent her youth going back and forth between the two cultures and languages. Mother to three grown children, she is also a flamenco dancer, an artist, and a hostess-chef extraordinaire.

Young People Lead the Way for Us to Be Racially Literate

Along the lines of feeling humble, I know that I am just learning more about racial literacy. I'm struggling to understand it from a global perspective as well as a personal perspective.

I am truly humbled by how much I do not know. If you are also exploring this part of our human experience, take a look at this TED Talk. Here are two social activists who are using storytelling to make the statistics come alive. They are asking us to make racial literacy a THING. Watch their inspiring TED Talk! Priya Vulchi and Winona Guo: What it takes to be racially literate | TED Talk. How inspiring are the young people of today?

Parenting Changes Lives All Over the World

My classmate Daisy runs a virtual "I Am Safe" Parenting Boot Camp in Nigeria. She is passionate about helping parents in her community rethink the way they parent, doing her part to turn around intergenerational trauma through Peaceful Parenting.

This isn't about shaming parents. It's about showing them that there is a better way to support the development and success of their children. I am so proud of her! Feel free to take a peek at my session from Day 4 or visit her website Daisy Parenting for more information and resources.

Thank you for joining me in doing the important work of raising children so we can make this world a better, safer, and healthier place!

Yours truly,

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