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User Onboarding

Hi, friends!

Holy cow, was this week's teardown a weird adventure. Lots of people have been asking for a review of a two-sided marketplace, so I decided to finally take the plunge by taking on Kickstarter:

I had to pick one of the two "sides" and decided to go with the "Project Creator" role, without realizing that would require me to actually have a, you know... project.

Things quickly got pretty "meta" and there is now a completely real Kickstarter campaign for a super tricked out Kickstarter teardown currently live... on Kickstarter:

If you've ever wanted to support what I'm doing with the teardowns in a fun way, this is a really odd and unlikely opportunity to do so! Either way, thanks for being you!

Keep doing your thing,


p.s. On another front, the Beta software product is VERY close to going live to its first private batch! If you haven't signed up for the early access list yet, get on it while you still have the chance!