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We love because He first loved us.       
1 John 4:19

Mr. Palacio

To Our Donors

Mr. Palacio was the first recipient of a partial teacher scholarship in 2014.  He worked hard to achieve his Bachelors Degree while continuing to work as a Standard 5 teacher at St. Alphonsus School.

Mr. Palacio is a great example of how helping the teacher receive their higher education can impact the village.  He continues to teach at St. Alphonsus as well as steps in as the interim principal when needed.  He is a positive male role model for the young boys in the village.  

We work with Mr. Palacio with scholarship applicants, Skyping from classrooms in the states to the Belize classroom and sharing penpal letters.   His love for his students and his village are evident to all who know him.

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We Continue to Support

Special Food Bank Distribution

The Belize Mission Society in conjunction with Chairman Jose, Miss Maretha and Miss Harriet initiated a Special Food Bank Distribution on Christmas Eve.  The feeding program participants and community membrs who are most in need are being cared for through this collaboration.  

The need for these families continues.  The BMS will be sharing the love of Jesus through a Valentine's Day distribution.  The distribution list is being reviewed by community leaders prior to each distribution to make adjustment for change in circumstance. The most in need from all demographics of the feeding program and the village are the priority of the distribution.

We are so thankful for the relationship of mutual respect that has grown during this time of distance and for your continued support to make this possible.   



Following up with Students
Miss Harriet has taken over the responsibility of being our in country Scholarship Administrator.  She has been able to follow up with all of the scholarship students at Independence High School (IHS).  She  scheduled a time for the students and a parent to meet at her home.  We then conducted a Facebook Messenger Video Chat for the students to personally interact with the BMS.  From these conversations we learned that many of our students were struggling with remote learning.  Some students did not have a device and a few were able to borrow one from a family member.  We await the grades as the report cards will be issued in the first week of February.  

The BMS contacted IHS and shared the procedure parents needed to follow to get a device through the school.  Miss Harriet has followed up with the families and has offered her internet access to students who are in need. 

I have enjoyed this opportunity to visit with the students, get to know them better and to pray for them and their families.  This may be a semester of grace and patience for all of us.  
  • 13 current enrolled Independence High School (IHS) Form 1- 4
  • 5 current enrolled for college (Form 6 and higher)

Daily Devotions

Our Facebook Group has  723 members!  What a great way for all of us to stay in fellowship.  Did you know that 441 members of this group are in Belize?  Here is where we can continue to talk about our love of Jesus, His grace, our faith and our friendship.

Not in the group?  No problem!!  Ask to join by visiting this link  JOIN

This Facebook Group shares devotions daily 'Live" at 9:00 am CST.  It is a private group, therefore only those in the group can view the devotions.  

HELP! Will you share a devotion on a topic of your choosing that is 5 - 10 minutes in length in this private group?  Contact Miss Sue or Miss Cathy.

Ways You Can Partner

Did you know that you can direct your Thrivent Choice Dollars to the Belize Mission Society?  Thrivent sets aside money to donate on your behalf.  Take advantage of this benefit that can also support the mission field you are passionate about that costs you nothing but your time.

Not sure how to direct your Choice Dollars?  Check out this link:
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A Note from the Executive Director

Hi Friends of Belize Mission Society,

I'm writing this newsletter from the home of our dear friend Miss Sue.  What a gracious host and friend she is to me and all of you.  I have had the fun opportunity to learn more about the history of the BMS, see pictures and hear wonderful stories on how VBS is the cornerstone of this mission field.  Thank you to all who have served on a VBS team and has pioneered the way for all of us who have a heart for Belize.

I just wanted to say a big "THANK YOU" to all of you!  Our year-end fundraising campaign has reflected the love you all have for the mercy work the BMS is able to continue.  Your generosity has humbled me.  The BMS would not be able to sustain without all of you!  What a blessing you are  . .  thank you for loving our friends in Belize. 

I am sharing a letter I sent to all of the mission trip team leaders:

The BMS Board of Directors made some necessary decisions regarding sending mission teams to Belize.  The original plan to send a small recon team at the end of February as been postponed.  We have a tentative plan to send this team in April, but realize that this could be postponed as well. 

The CDC is now requiring a negative Covid test result from all international passengers entering the United States.    Here are few links to the CDC website with the information:
 CDC Covid Travelers FAQ
      CDC Covid Notice Belize

The Board of Directors made the necessary but difficult decision to protect our short term missionaries and our friends in Belize by postponing all mission trips through August 2021.  We have hope that a few small returning teams could visit our friends in Seine Bight in the fall.  I know that this is not the news everyone has been hoping for but it is the right decision. 

Here are a few things that I encourage you to do:
  • Pray for the Belize Mission Society and her Board as we navigate through this uncertain time.
  • Pray for our friends in Seine Bight and the missionaries on the ground in Belize.
  • Get together as a team and consider serving a local community outreach project.    
  • Fundraise amongst yourselves to support the BMS.
  • Reflect on the joyous reunion you will have with our friends in Belize when you reunite.  What an amazing day that will be.
Our hearts beat for Belize!

With much love,
His humble servant,

1 John 4:19.   We love because He first loved us.
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