Healing Hands Global Review Fall 2013
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We are thrilled that you have decided to receive our quarterly Review updates. We hope our recount of the work God is doing at the Jungle Hospital will be an encouragement to you in your walk with Christ, and that in reading them your measure of faith would be increased. For God is the same yesterday, today and tomorrow!

- Dr. Martin and Wendy Williams
From the desk of Martin G. Williams, MD
Millie is short for Milagro, which in Spanish means miracle. It's an appropriate name for our beautiful little Millie. The story began back in December 2008 when her mother Belkys had shown up for pre-natal consult towards the beginning of the month. The ultrasound, previously done, had confirmed that there were twins in that belly. This was an accomplishment for me, it was the first time that I had been able to detect twins' heartbeats with my stethoscope around the 24-26 gestational week mark. I was proud of myself. 
So I was surprised when on the 31st of December Belkys went into early labour. I quickly drove her to La Ceiba and we hurriedly admitted her into the L&D ward in Atlantida's hospital. There the ultrasound showed that both twins were without a heartbeat, essentially dead. The Ob/Gyn  doctor at the hospital had been one of my professors and we had kept in touch since my graduation. It was because of this ongoing relationship that I felt comfortable in insisting adamantly that we should C-section her ASAP. She was quickly rolled into the OR and soon prepped for the surgery. When the first baby was delivered, she looked like she had been dead for more than an hour, without any signs of life. When the second baby was delivered, I noticed she was significantly smaller and equally blue and flaccid as the first twin. My heart was broken, these babies meant so much to me.
As we were concluding the surgery, the anesthesiologist, exclaimed that the second baby was twitching. We quickly attended her and within minutes she was breathing on her own. Both babies had passed away but for some reason, Millie, the smaller and more feeble of the two, had come back to life.
Each year for her birthday we shower her with gifts. This year she had a special request, a backpack. Our little Millie just turned five and will start kindergarten next month! We serve a God who still performs miracles, and each year we get a very big hug from one of them. 
We have had another incredible year at the Jungle Hospital! We wanted to share some of the amazing things God has done:
  • gave health care to 3,300+ patients
  • hosted 16 missions teams and practitioners
  • rebuilt latrines for 100+ students
  • gave 1000+ Christmas gifts
  • received the Project Cure container
  • resourced 60+ teachers
  • taught health classes to 1000+ students
  • transformed 7 classrooms in 2 village schools
  • mentored 4 missions interns
Click on the photo above to watch our 2013 Update Video, and celebrate with us the goodness of God.
It has been long time dream for HHGlobal to have a consistent, clean water source for the hospital, all of our patients, volunteers and visitors. Many of our teams have had the good missionary experience of hauling buckets of water for washing dishes and taking baths in the river when the village water supply would unexpectedly fail. Or those of our guests who are lucky enough to land a room with an incredible view from the second floor only to realize that they can’t actually take showers up there. The ugly truth of opening the Labor & Delivery and Surgical Wards of the hospital without a clean and reliable water source was quickly becoming a reality, and one that we did not want to come into fruition. Our long term staff members still remember the emergency delivery of Baby Wendy during a water outage that occurred after a particularly devastating storm. Well, thanks to Mission Firefly that moment in history won’t repeat itself! - Click Here to Read More
We had a wonderful bunch of J-Teamers during the summer of 2013! Their passion for the people of Honduras was evident as they served alongside us hosting teams, medical brigades, delivering health education and remodeling 4 school classrooms. We wanted to give a BIG shout out to the J-Teamers of 2013. Thank you all so much for the sacrifices you made to be in Honduras and help us bring health, hope and healing to people of the Third World. The summer wouldn’t have been the same without you!  - Click Here to Read More
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