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Spring 2015

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From Certified Aromatherapist and Well Scent Founder
Stacy Shuman

After two weeks of grey and cold, the sun popped out one afternoon last week in Austin. We were lifted up in those few hours, all living things, reaching for the sky and the sun and the heat. But in the cold and grey days, we burrowed into our nests and drank tea. 

I love that nature somehow can still fundamentally change how we are moving in our environment. When it is cold, wet and rainy, we just naturally slow down and rest more. I also love that the overcast days help us to appreciate the sunshine. And I appreciate the metaphor of seasons as a gentle reminder to relax into the seasons of our own lives with a little more grace. 

Recent Press

Did you know that the Well Scent Social Media Pages are managed by inspiring women healing from Lyme Disease? 
As we step into our own light and healing, we hope that Well Scent will encourage you to step into yours. 
Meet the Well Scent Girls. 

A Well Scent & Yoga Vibes Post

Candice Mitchell

Candice Mitchell, Well Scent Social Media Manager, partnered with online yoga mecca, Yoga Vibes, to talk about the profound healing potential of marrying your #Yoga practice with #Aromatherapy blends. Whether you place a dab of a blend with Rose oil on your sternum before meditation, or a few drops of a blend with Bergamot on your yoga mat before you begin, the healing properties of essential oils combined with the restorative practice of yoga can balance the nervous system, clear the fourth chakra, and lay the foundation for unwavering peace. Read more.

Bringing Nature into Your Medicine Cabinet

Candice Mitchell

Here at Well Scent, we believe that true healing is rooted in nature. We believe in reducing the body's toxic burden rather than adding to it with pharmaceuticals. We believe in focusing on releasing all that is not naturally a part of our being, in order to make space to welcome back our innate vitality. We are grateful for the advances in Western medicine and their ability to save a human body in acute times of trouble, but we find immense value in nature's age-old, patient ability to heal it.

So today, we'd like to offer a little inspiration in revamping your medicine cabinet. Rather than masking the body's symptoms with pharmaceutical symptom relief, we want to offer a way to naturally support the body in addressing the cause of the symptoms. We believe that utilizing natural ways to uproot the cause of an ailment or illness is the true definition of healing. Read more.

Top Tweets

Candice Mitchell

Slow breathing is an anchor in the midst of an emotional storm; it won't make the storm go away, but it'll hold you steady til it passes.

Breathing Break: Dab on Marjoram & Chamomile, inhale for 10 counts. Pause. Exhale tension and welcome peace.

Recent Instagram Shares

Kayla Denny

New Products

Dental Whitener + Herbal Mouth Detox
Barely launched two months ago and already a best-seller, meet the newest addition to the Well Scent Dental Care Line.

Sparkle is a natural and systemically supportive alternative to toxic mainstream teeth whitening treatments. Rather than adding to the body’s toxic burden while whitening your smile, Sparkle utilizes earth’s gifts to detox the mouth, eliminate plaque and naturally brighten and strengthen dental enamel. Use as needed to whiten teeth. Includes: Activated coconut charcoal, baking soda, sea salt, myrrh, plantain, neem and red root.

Product Page
Tonsil and Lymph Tissue Treatment 
Leading experts researching and treating complex chronic illness believe that there is a strong connection between the mouth, teeth, tonsils and the brain. This blend was created to support the clearance of oral infections while synergistically enhancing neurological health. By clearing tonsil toxicity, the brain may be less burdened by secondary/transferred infection and toxicity which may result in better clarity and cognitive function. Includes: rosemary, thyme, mandarin, hyssop, mastic, manuka, frankincense, rose, peppermint and helichrysum.

Physician Testimonial 
I tested Crystal Clear on a close friend and a family member.  Both have kidney disorders for which I had tried several kidney treatments with limited success.   I remembered that according to interference field theory, kidney disorders can sometimes be related to the tonsils.  I tried a number of remedies that were supposed to help the tonsils but I saw no effect.  When I held Crystal Clear over the tonsils, the interference fields over the kidneys cleared in both cases.  I was very excited about what I saw energetically and feel that Crystal Clear should be an essential item in the tool box for those who work with tonsillar foci.  

Dave Ou, M.D., Bridges to Health

Product Page

Apothecary News

Congratulations to Betthany who has recently been promoted at our little apothecary! Betthany is now managing communications, new accounts and marketing. She has already successfully collaborated on partnerships with celebrity bloggers and new venders. She is a gifted communicator and we are very excited to have her on our team. 

Betthany is also a Lyme-Survivor and Wellness Warrior and is very knowledgeable about holistic health. 
In our next newsletter, Klinghardt-trained and Lyme Literate Holistic Physician Dr. Katie Dahlgren shares her invaluable wisdom and an innovative approach to whole-body healing.

Dr. Katie Dahlgren is a board certified naturopathic physician. She earned her bachelor’s degree in biology/pre-med with a minor in psychology at Gonzaga University in 2003. She then completed the vigorous 4 year doctorate program in naturopathic medicine at Bastyr University, graduating in 2007. Dr. Dahlgren trained extensively with Dietrich Klinghardt, MD, PhD where she completed a 3 year residency prior to working alongside him as an associate and senior clinician in his medical practice for an additional 4 years.

Her practice specializes in the treatment of chronic infections and neurological disorders. Many of her patients seek out her specialized skills using alternative approaches to diagnosing and treating complex chronic illnesses. She looks beyond the labels often associated with long term illness to identify the physiological, structural and neurological factors that allowed illness to manifest. She works cooperatively with her patients and colleagues to create custom treatment plans that largely focus on integrative treatment modalities including neural therapy techniques, intravenous therapies, botanical medicine and functional nutrition.

Dr. Dahlgren has had several opportunities to be a guest lecturer and instructor for the Klinghardt Academy. She loves sharing information with patients and colleagues regarding preconception health care, botanical treatments for Lyme disease, neural therapy techniques, Autonomic Response Testing, environmental toxicity and the physiological impact of electromagnetic field stresses.

As a mother of three young boys, she is particularly passionate about caring for children and families. She treats people of all ages with health goals varying from optimizing nutrition in high functioning individuals to restoring vitality and functionality to severely compromised patients. She designs protocols that are tailored to the patient’s health goals and lifestyle by fostering a therapeutic relationship of mutual respect where patients can feel heard and valued.

She is committed to lifelong learning and makes it a priority to frequently attend conferences and lectures that benefit her patients through exposure to experts in the rapidly growing and evolving field of integrative medicine.

To make an appointment with Dr. Katie Dahlgren:
Holistic Healing Arts(425) 582-7678

Please see our newsletter archive for past interviews.

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I highly recommend the Well Scent Dental Care line to my friends, family and patients. The results are impressive. Using these products is a simple option to assist in improving and maintaing one’d dental health. Many thanks for such a fantastic product.
Dr. Alireza Panahpour, Systemic Dentist, Bellevue, WA.

I have been very intrigued with your product line, most specifically the dental products and Glow - Radiant Serum. I definitely respond to unique companies like yours that use such pure ingredients, it goes right along with what Living Earth Beauty is all about! I have started using the dental care line recently and the main thing I notice with the potent combination of Shine Dental Exfoliant and Watch Your Mouth was that my teeth felt extra clean and smooth all day. You can tell its creating an environment in your mouth that is difficult for plaque and other germs to grow. The other thing I really like is that the products have a great taste! Can't beat that! Alicia Freed, CEO of Living Earth Beauty

The biggest thing that our readers appreciate about our reviews and articles are that they know we wouldn't even waste our time talking about a product if we didn't believe in it. We carefully pick who we work with for that reason.  With that in mind, we mean what we have a good product and people need to know about it.
Conor, Founder of Modern Day Dads
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