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Let us
reflect, renew & give thanks 

Let us find joy in our mistakes and take comfort in the not knowing. Let us take the time we need to reflect on this past year, to celebrate our victories and setbacks, while giving thanks to our body and mind for showing up and living this beautiful life.

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Five of the Well Scent Girl's Must Have Wellness Treats, Reads + Products

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FIve winter wellness essentials

something beautiful, uplifting, nurturing, delicious + practical 

They made be small. They may be simple. They may be seemingly unimportant to the world around you, but if they make you smile, or have the power to turn a stressful "I'd rather not do that day" into a good one, then that's all that should matter.

Here's to the beautiful, the uplifting, the nurturing, the practical, and the delicious... 

1. Something Beautiful
  • Stacy: Handcrafted journals and crystals.
  • Candice: Pocketed Snow Quartz and Moss Agate.
  • Chloe: A small bag of trinkets; gifts from people I love. 
2. Something Uplifting
  • Stacy: I love reading our Facebook posts from Candice or the Instagram shares from Chloe. 
  • Candice: Each season I change the background of my phone to an image of my favorite quote. This season- "Maybe the journey isn't about becoming anything. Maybe it's about unbecoming everything that isn't you so you can be who you were meant to be in the first place."
  • Chloe: A small book of collected quotes, reminders that simple reminders can be the most nurturing. 
3. Something Nurturing
4. Something Practical 
  • Stacy: Hand sanitizer (Protect), raw almonds, Corkcicle canteen thermos for coffee.
  • CandicePeppermint Oil, Quercetin and Benadryl. Candice's antihistamine cocktail. 
  • Chloe: Lavender Oil mixed with calendula oil, and our Protect Blend to dab on my scarf. 
5. Something Delicious
  • Stacy: Green apples, blueberries, celery and nut butter.
  • Candice: Sprouted Pumpkin Seeds and Fresh Dates.
  • Chloe: Carrots, sweet peas, and a little container of hummus. 
Endless love and light,
The Well Scent Team 


Wellness Mantra: 

My Body is a Forest

So, stand as tall as a redwood. Sprout roots as deep as the wild fig tree. Embody the resilience of the wildflower, dancing in the wind. Blossom boundlessly as the willful passionflower, and like the marigold, always turn toward the sun.

Your growth is unending. Your beauty is untarnished, each passing season only adding to its uniqueness and depth. Your strength is ever-expanding, and your soul forever blooms. Your body is not a temple; your body is a forest of breath and life.


Take all the time you need to nourish and love your body and mind. To fill it up with goodness from the inside out. The kind of goodness that comes in the purest of forms, Renew. This Health + Wellness Blend is the extra support and love that you need to make it through the rest of the winter, to breath in spring, and to embrace the warmth of summer as it moves into Fall. 

Renew is a blend like no other, one that you can carry with you, no matter the season, no matter the place; it will help you to support and love the person that you already are. 

How To Use It:

  • Daily Support: Can be used as an aroma to filter the air + support the immune system, on the bottom of your feet, or in your belly button for systematic immune support, chronic infection, and flu prevention. 
  • For Children and Infants: Rub a few drops on the bottom of their feet before bed or on their way to school for extra immune support and flu prevention.

Made With Love:

  • Blood Orange oil: a reminder to the circulatory system to flow like a river.
  • Clove: a reminder to the immune system to regenerate with the wisdom and grace of a timeless tree.
  • Myrrh: a reminder to the airways to open as though they are one with the wind.
  • Cinnamon: a reminder to our spirit that we possess the quiet confidence of nature innately in our soul.
  • Combined: To make the Body-Rejuvenating Remedy, Renew.

With Fruit Trees, Fig leaves & Love,
The Well Scent Team


The scent of home
the place your soul exhales, and your spirit breathes

Home is a Feeling

It’s the place you get to take off your shoes and allow your bare feet to touch the floor, where you can shed your coat, your armor, your shield, and your being can finally relax into the safety of your claimed space. It’s where you open the door to be greeted by the aroma of your favorite essential oil, the lingering scent of your shampoo, and the faint smell of last night’s dinner permeating from the kitchen. It’s where the voice of the one you care for hangs familiarly in the air or the sound of your favorite television show fills the room. Home is the place that envelopes you in the grounding energy of security, the scent of comfort, and the sound of love.

“Home” isn’t the structure itself. It isn’t what a house looks like. It isn’t where it falls on a map. It isn’t how new it is, how clean it is, how big or how small it is. It doesn’t matter if you’ve been there for 20 years or a mere 20 minutes. Home is something that you bring with you.

A home is something you create with energy and intention. It’s the place your spirit decides it belongs. In the end, wherever you find your heart, that is the place you call home.

Look around you at the safe and sacred space you have created. Look at this beautiful moment on your path, and how much you have accomplished and overcome to be in this moment and in this space, here and now. Tell your soul that in this moment, this is enough. Ground in this space, and rather than projecting into the future, welcome your spirit home.

Welcome home,
The Well Scent Team

Candice’s Scent of “Home”: Peppermint
Chloe’s Scent of “Home”: Protect
Stacy’s Scent of “Home”: Under The Stars

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on the path to full body wellness with
 a cruetly free
dental care routine

A Natural Teeth Whitening + Full Mouth Herbal Detox

Rather than using toxins to whiten, Sparkle takes all natural products such as activated charcoal, myrrh, plantain, banking soda, red root, neem, and echinacea, to create a whitener that supports immunity and whole mouth health with it's many anti-viral ingredients. 

Mineral Rich Dental Brightener + Polish
An exfoliant, tooth brightener and polish that supports locally and systemically, and it's through the gums that the ingredients of Shine go directly into your bloodstream, supporting wellness starting at the mouth. Ingredients include, banking soda, MSM, green living clay, neem, and peppermint. 

Watch Your Mouth
Extreme Clean Toothpaste Replacement + Mouthwash
Simple yet extremely beneficial, Watch Your Mouth is filled with ingredients that you know and love: cinnamon, peppermint, buckthorn oil, thyme, clove, neem, and jojoba oil. 
More about our cruelty free products at the Beauty Desk, The Organic Bunny + Logical Harmony
Be sure to take a look at our Q/A for any further questions...
Claire Ragozzino




1. How as living with intention changed the way you think of yourself and others? 
I used to live by hard and fast rules, and took a rather dogmatic approach to how I ate, how I practiced yoga, and how I viewed others in their lifestyle choices (ie. I am raw vegan, I am an ashtangi of the Jois lineage, things are done this way in this method…). When I decided to ditch the dogma and embrace my fluid feminine nature, I began to soften and approach life in a more fluid way, a sattvic way. Rather than forcing myself to adhere to strict external definitions of health, I began to tune into my own rhythmic nature and needs. When I observe my own body in a constant dance of contraction and expansion, I find beauty in how I move in harmony with the cycle of moon and the seasons. To me, living with intention means to step outside of the external noise and tap into the true wisdom within you.
2. What are your most treasured and beneficial rituals during the changing of seasons, and what tools do you incorporate into them? 
Abhyanga is one of my most treasured daily rituals that I take with me through the seasons. I use a variety of herbal oils dependent on the season, a more warming sesame-based oil in winter and a lighter almond or coconut-based in summer.  Sometimes I add a drop or two of essential oils to the mix. 
There’s something profound about slowing down a few minutes (or more!) each day to nurture and give thanks to your body. I find by taking this time to observe and listen, what’s needed in the seasonal transitions becomes more intuitive and easier to stay in balance.
3. Since beginning this journey with Vidya Living, has your idea of community changed at all? Do you feel more connected to the people around you? 
Absolutely. First off, I get to connect with incredible conscious creators, like yourselves, from all around the globe. Since beginning blogging and leading the global cleanse programs, my community has expanded beyond the boundaries of local lines. And what’s most amazing is that by sharing what you love, you authentically attract people who appreciate and live in the same way. I’ve found such an incredible tribe of kindred spirits this way.  Most of all, the way I interact with women has completely shifted. More than anything, I have learned how important it is to have a community of sisters who mutually support, inspire and uplift each other in this wild world we live in.  I’m eternally grateful for all the women at Spirit Weaver’s Gathering who have inspired this profound shift in my community and connections. 
4. If you were to carry just one little gem of advice and encouragement with you everywhere you go, what would that be and why? 
“Living in the sacred is a choice, the chance to create every moment is an opportunity for awakening.” –Matthew Engelhart 
This quote always reminds me to come back to the intention of my everyday. Never forget that your daily choices shape the course of your life. If something isn’t nurturing your vitality, ask yourself what is needed to align with what makes you feel truly alive.
5. We were curious if you have tried our moon-inspired blends, and if so, do you use essential oils in your cleansing rituals?
I adore the Over the Moon blend and carry it in a little pouch of oils and stones I keep in my purse. I anoint my self with this oil daily and love its very grounding effects. I also love to add a few drops into hot bath or diffuse in my stone/candle diffuser while I do my practice.

Find out more from the wonderful Claire at 

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We have fallen in love with Andie's Green Lifestyle blog. From the way she approaches healing from multiple chronic illness, to the enthusiasm and love for nature and all of it's beautiful gifts. 

What You Can Expect From Visiting Andie's Green Lifestyle:
Natural Vegan Cruetly Free tips through her widely popular YoutTube channel TheGreenQueen, as well as product reviews, and honest words filled with endless love and light. 

Read her review of some of the Well Scent Products Here



Is an invitation to dig deeper, find out more about your body and mind by cultivating effective techniques on how to overcome chronic illness beyond the latest herbal and medical protocols.

We are reminded that we didn't get "bad" bodies and our sensitivities don't make us weak. They show us we are ALIVE. - Brett Martin + Diana Walsh
What you expect when visiting Lyme Less Live More:
A warm and uplifting community that will encourage you to seek health through whole body wellness. Not just that, but they will provide you with the tools that you need to get there; to achieve long-lasting health. These tools are through information videos, interviews, cleansing programs, and endless knowledge. 

Find out more at
celebrity blogger + customer

The Well Scent blends are founded in science but what I love most about them is that they feel so magical. My current favorite is Balance which I am using for Lyme and co-infections. I had intended to take it internally, but it just smelled far too amazing not to use externally too. I massaged it on my neck and clavicle before bed and drifted off amidst the warmest, woodiest most decadent blend of orange, wood and plant resins imaginable. The next morning I slept through my friend talking to me, asking if I wanted coffee. I am the lightest sleeper, so I knew this was a very special product right then.

While it’s made as an antimicrobial, I’m actually even more impressed by the deep deep sleep – I can’t imagine anything more healing. Next I’m trying Under the Stars, I’ve heard such remarkable things about it!
nicholas Kowalski
CELEBRITY BLOGGEr+ customer: nicksfit

My gums started bleeding two weeks ago when flossing and I was showing some early signs of gingivitis. I received the Well Scent Dental Care Line and, no joke, my persistent bleeding and really inflamed gums healed in days. I was astounded. Typically I’m a mind over matter being, but throw these incredible quality oils and herbs into the mix and the healing was rapid.

Even more, my teeth are better than they were before! They’re super white again. And my gums are super healthy. The receding that happened from the inflammation totally reversed and then some. Feeling super grateful for these the beautiful ms Stacy at @well_scent and the body’s incredible ability to heal itself when we do what it needs.

View More Here...

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