Let's go Glamping!

Let's Go Glamping...

For my friends in the Northwest..  want to go glamping? I am booked May 30th at Sou’Wester with a string section. Sou'Wester is an artist collective of vintage travel trailers, suites, cabins, RV spaces and campsites on the Long Beach Peninsula. They host live music along with camping, spa treatments, artist residencies and all sorts of stuff.  They are about 2 hours + from either Seattle or Portland and it would be really fun to see some of you there. We will be playing in their artist lodge (mention the show and get 20% pff lodging).
May 30th * 8 pm • all ages
Robert Deeble, acoustic w/ strings
Sou'Wester:  3728 J Place Seaview, WA 98644
More info at:  |  Book lodging Now

Reserve a campsite, cabin, or trailer for 20% off  by mentioning the show.


From the Archives...

"Boots of Spanish Leather" lives again

Back in 2003 Mandy Troxel and I recorded a cover of Bob Dylan's classic "Boots of Spanish Leather." We utilized Dylan's conversational lyrics as a duet and the results were stunning. The tune got picked up by BMG Europe for a Dylan compilation with folks like Rick Danko of The Band featured on it. The tune resurfaced again on a 7" vinyl on the Pete Records label. All and all I'd say this little recording got a pretty good ride but that  was before digital - so here we are again re-release it for streaming. 

I have always taken a lot of pride in this cover as one of the purest folk recordings I've done. Recorded by Matt Wignall, Mandy's wonderlust vocal leads the track against a simple guitar arrangement. I join her with a troubled call and response vocal until Beth Balmer's distant accordion carries the two of us to the saddest of all conclusions.

You can enjoy the tune now on Spotify, Youtube, Apple Music and all other steaming platforms.  And for vinyl lovers we have just a few remaining copies of the original 7" vinyl (mastered by Capital Records) in the store below!

Steam "Boots of Spanish Leather" on Spotify   •   Order the 7" Vinyl





Beloved (CD & Vinyl)

12" Vinyl ($20), CD ($10), & Download ($10)

7" Vinyl : "Boots of Spanish Leather" $7
Almost extinct... "Boots of Spanish Leather."

7" Vinyl Combo $10
Almost extinct... "Boots of Spanish Leather" & "Bad Time for Love."

THE BOX SET (only three copies left)
Almost extinct - includes ALL CD's (including out-of-print releases).


Heart Like Feathers (CD/DVD/Book) $10
This Limited Edition BOOK/CD/DVD is the most beautiful record we ever made.

Thirteen Stories (CD) $10
Limited Edition digi-pack & letterpress book designed by Grady McFerrin.

This Bar Has No One Left (CD)
SOLD OUT (out of print except in box sets).

EarthSide Down (CD)
SOLD OUT (out of print except in box sets).

Days Like These (CD)
SOLD OUT (out of print except in box sets).


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