Radio Update: we are charting on KURI & KZMU.

To my midwest friends (especially Dayton, Ohio)...  You are in our thoughts and prayers as this horrendous weather touches down in your area - please stay safe.


Radio Update - BELOVED is Charting

Sorry for the extra email, but I wanted to let you know that In the last four weeks we've been in rotation in over 20 stations around the country + we are currently charted at #16 at KURI and #10 (folk chart) at KZMU!

The following stations list below have put BELOVED in light to medium rotation. If you live/listen in the area, please consider sending them a thank you for spinning the record!  

KRUI, Iowa City, IA  Currently charting at #16!
WLOY, Baltimore, MD 
WITR, Rochester, NY 
WLFR, Galloway, NJ
WMUC // Digital , College Park, MD
WMUH, Allentown, PA 
WCNI, New London, CT 
RLC / WVPH, Piscataway, NJ 
WWSU // Digital , Dayton, OH
WXAC, Reading , PA
WXAV, Chicago, IL
KDUR, Durango, CO
KAOS, Olympia, WA
KMSC, Moorhead, MN 
KRNU, Lincoln, NE 
KZMU, Moab, UT - Charting at #10 (folk chart)! 
WXOU, Rochester, MI
KXUA, Fayetteville, AR 
KWUR, St. Louis, MO 
KAFM, Grand Junction, CO 
KBLT / KTRU, Houston, TX
WIUX, Bloomington, IN
KKCR, Hanalei, HI
University Pulse / KBSU, Boise, ID
Radio Phoenix, Phoenix, AZ
KBLU / Aggie Radio, Logan, UT
WXCU, Columbus, OH
KBVR, Corvallis, OR
WMSE, Milwaukee, WI
KLPI / Digital Only , Ruston, LA
KAMP, Tucson, AZ
KSLU-1 / Digital Only, St. Louis, MO
WHPK, Chicago, IL 
WPHS, Warren, MI
KMUD, Redway, CA
KTCV, Kennewick, WA 
WTJU, Charlottesville, VA 
WUVT, Blacksburg, VA 
WRMC, Middlebury, VT 
WRTC, Hartford, CT
WSBU, St. Bonaventure, NY
WDCE, Richmond, VA 
WDWN, Auburn, NY
WEGL / Digital Only, Auburn, AL
Black Squirrel Radio, Kent, OH 
WICB, Ithaca, NY 
WIDB, Carbondale, IL 
WFWM, Frostburg, MD 
WMUL, Huntington, WV 
WMXM , Lake Forest, IL 
WMTS, Murfreesboro, TN 
WNSU, Fort Lauderdale, FL
WLTL, LaGrange, IL 
WMHC, South Hadley, MA 

Thanks for listening,
- Robert

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