Happy New Year!
Happy New Year Friends, it's going to be all right...  

Here is a song from the new album that cellist Sydney Metcalf and I filmed together on a rainy day on the olympic peninsula...

The new album BELOVED is born and I am very pleased with the results. It formally releases March 30th, 2018, but we are pre-releasing it now to friends while sending out to press, radio and keeping our fingers crossed.

Speaking of press, we just received a feature at one of our favorite publications: The Big Takeover. Check out the article on BELOVED and its back story.

It's going to be all right...  
It's been a hard and uncertain year for many of us. We are in a bewildering political climate, one that Dr. Cornel West describes as a "spiritual blackout." But I believe that there are enough people with good hearts (of all political persuasions) that can and will turn things around. That's my hope for 2018. 

Last year I attempted to re-focus on rays of light that flicker in my own neighborhood - light that stems from compassion so sadly missing in the darkness of populist political trends.  

I thought I'd share just a few of these of those lights with you...

The Aurora Commons, started by 4 amazing women, cares for the most downtrodden in our neighborhood. The Commons strives to give dignity to those stuck in addiction, sexual exploitation and destitute poverty.  Below is a heartwarming video shot by Jessica Dobson (of Deep Sea Diver) that highlights the beauty of this place.

Another bright light is The Puget Sound Christian Clinic.  I've worked with them for years and can attest that they have no ulterior motives other than to simply care for underserved people (regardless of their religion, citizenship, gender transition or sexual orientations). PSCC works alongside the Affordable Care Act and social agencies to provide medical, dental and professional mental health counseling to those who either do not have health coverage (or can't afford their deductible to use it). PSCC is especially involved with our immigrant and refugee communities who do not have ACA access.

And lastly, Treehouse for Kids supports foster youth in graduating from high school and to envision a brighter future for their lives.  To give you an idea of how critical this is, The Seattle Times reported last year that the majority of Seattle's homeless population is made up of people who had aged out of foster care. 

And on one more beautiful note to report... 
Today I have the unique honor of officiating the wedding of a former bass player and a dearest friend Jeremy Summer.  Congratulations Jeremy!

Those are just a few rays light that I am enjoying in my neighborhood.
I'd love to hear about yours...





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