New Single: A Pleasure to Burn

Hello from Seattle

Nothing says Seattle like a grungy basement rehearsal photo (this one courtesy of Sydney's cell phone).  Hope you are enjoying the beginnings of Spring. We've got a few news worthy items to mention including a resurgence of radio airplay, a new book by illustrator Keith Negely and a new(er) single releasing!


Radio Resurgence

I'm pleased to announce that BELOVED is getting placement on the following:
KRUI Iowa City, IA, WLFR Galloway, NJ, KKCR Hanalei, HI, WXAC Reading, PA, and KZMU Moab, UT. WMSE Milwaukee, RADIOPHOENIX, AZ, KBVR, Corvallis OR, KMUD, Northern California, RLC and WVPH Picastaway, NJ, WWSU in Dayton, OH, WITR in Rochester Ny, WMXM in Lake Forest, IL, and WMUH in Allentown, PA, WXAV Chicago, IL, WLOY Baltimore, MD, WXOU Rochester, MI, KAMP Tucson, AZ, KAOS Olympia, WA, WMUL Huntington, WV, WNSU Fort Lauderdale, FL, WMTS Murfreesboro, TN, WRMC Middlebury, VT, KXUA Fayetteville, AR, WEGL Auburn, AL and we have debuted at #10 for two continuous weeks at KZMU.  
If you are a listener to any of these stations please take a moment to request a song and thank them for adding us.


A New(er) Single -A Pleasure to Burn

As a band we have been playing this song out a lot recently as its lyrical content (originally inspired by the book Fahrenheit 451) seems to have struck a chord with people politically.  As part of a clean-up year of publishing missed songs to distribution cycles, we just released this acoustic version of the song.  It is now available on Spotify and all streaming formats.


Mary Wears What She Wants


Our illustrator for BELOVED, Keith Negly, is not only an award winning artist featured in The New York Times and The New Yorker - he is also a wonderful author of children's books. My daughter and I loved reading his book "My Dad Used To Be So Cool" but I jokingly commented to Keith at the time, that he needed to publishing one about a girl so I didn't have to keep changing the gender of his books (at my daughter's request). Well he delivered! Keith's new book is a totally charming account of the true story of Mary Edwards Walker; physician and trailblazing woman's rights activist who was arrested on multiple occasion for wearing pants. Here is a trailer.





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