Ring Them Bells

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Ring Them Bells (remastered)

It was a magic night in Seattle at one of our premier venues, The Triple Door. The Fremont Abbey had pulled together one of it's largest Christmas variety shows on record. The line up was a who's who in Seattle's music scene but the atmosphere was one of goodwill and collaboration.

The Round Christmas show 2009 at The Triple Door, Seattle (photo: Robertsen Ashman)

Amongst my set of songs I chose a Dylan tune on piano that I had always admired; "Ring Them Bells" off his Oh Mercy release (produced by Daniel Lanois). I was fortunate to be in the company of Kate Tucker, a dear friend and an accomplished songwriter, who joined me on vocals along with bandmate Lacey Brown on drums and the ever talented Scott Teske on acoustic bass.

As best as I can remember we never rehearsed, we just interpreted each other in the moment and the moment was forever memorable. As I got lost in the grand piano, Lacey's drums came in strong on the 2nd verse, Kate harmonized beautifully and the tune took off on its own course with Scot gradually playing upper register notes that echo'd Van Morrison's "Astral Weeks."
Matt Bishop, Kate Tucker & Robert Deeble perform a song circle from that same night (photo: Robertsen Ashman)


Some of you may remember the tune from a B side single released years ago, it didn't get much traction at the time and had not been fully mastered. So with much of this year spent remastering my archives, I thought it fitting to do this recording some justice. Ed Brooks provided some stellar mastering, Deyo Glines provided an art concept (based off Dylan's mention of St. Catherine) and Dead Letter Records rose to the occasion to re-release the single on its own accord.

I hope this "little blast from the past" will stir your spirits and ignite some joy as it has done for me.
And from my tradition to yours, Merry Christmas!





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