Bird on The Wire - New Single

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New Year Greetings

I thought I would let the prior year settle down a bit and the new one settle in before sending out a new year's greeting. It has been a tumultuous season and one I suspect few will forget. I pray that the coming years will give us a chance to heal in a lot of different ways... politically, spiritually and physically. As I consider that thought an ancient phrase comes to mind "Whatever is true, whatever is honorable, whatever is just, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely... think on these things." I'll take that as my resolution for 2021.

Bird on The Wire (single) out now

To celebrate I am releasing an old song. This recording of a Leonard Cohen classic was tracked 4 years ago, just following his death, but was not made widely available (beyond my elist). My thinking at the time was that the world had become too chaotic to release a single that, for me, represented more of a calming reflection. Cohen, who often wrote about the vulnerability of a democracy, wrote in the liner notes of his re-release of Songs From A Room that Bird on The Wire was “simultaneously a prayer and an anthem."  With that in mind, I feel this year comes with a more hopeful context in which to release this cover. I hope that you will enjoy it and I invite you to add it to some of your playlists.

This recording features Sydney Metcalf on cello along with myself on piano & vocals. It was produced by Nathan Yanccino (Soundgarden/Noah Gundersen), mastered by Ed Brooks (Pearl Jam/REM), with the cover photography by Nyree Watts (Innocence Mission/Mark Kozelek).




Not On Your Team Video

Not on Your Team Available for download and streaming on all major platforms.
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In case you missed it...
"Not on Your Team" released October of 2020.
This new composition features a string arrangement by Ric Hordinski and is available on all major platforms. Here is the official video (please subscribe to our video channel).





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