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Today we're featuring the artwork of the 11 artists who have created the 11 largest recipe collections on They Draw & Cook. These artists have a love for food that really sings throughout their fantastic artwork.

51 Recipes by Salli Swindell from Hudson, Ohio

The largest recipe collection was created by TDAC co-founder Salli Swindell. All but 2 of Salli's recipes are vegetarian and we've even published a book of her 30 favorites called The Colorful Vegetarian. Click on the image above to see Salli's recipe collection.

40 Recipes by María Belén De Rienzo from Argentina

María's recipe collection is like going on a grand culinary tour of Argentina! Her illustrations are always set within beautiful landscapes and her recipes are all traditional and local Argentinian favorites. Click on the image above to see María's recipe collection.

36 Recipes by Koosje Koene from Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Not only has Koosje created an awesome collection of illustrated recipes but she also teaches an online class on how to draw food and the next course starts in June! Click on the image above to see Koosje's recipe collection.

31 Recipes by Brooke Albrecht from Columbus, Ohio

Brooke's illustration style is fresh and festive and her recipes are usually super light and fruity! Her artwork has a slightly retro feel but is super hip at the same time. Just looking at Brooke's recipes makes us smile. Click on the image above to see Brooke's recipe collection.

25 Recipes by Nate Padavick from Boston, Massachusetts

This is the very first illustrated recipe in the TDAC collection! It was created by TDAC co-founder Nate Padavick (Salli's brother) and, ironically, it isn't even a recipe! But who doesn't love a good taco truck! Click on the image above to see Nate's recipe collection.

24 Recipes by James Orndorf from Durango, Colorado

James has been contributing to TDAC since almost day one. We can always count on James for a great cocktail recipe (one of which is featured in our book The Best Illustrated Cocktails)! James diverged from his usual illustration style to create 2 recipes with this amazing little hand-made elf named Cortez - the craftsmanship is fantastic. Click on the image above to see James' recipe collection.

23 Recipes by Olga Oilikki from Moscow, Russia

Olga submitted her first illustrated recipe to TDAC about 2 years ago and her illustration style has evolved beautifully. Each new recipe she creates is a better than the last. At this point we don't know how she can get any better, but she always surprises us! Click on the image above to see Olga's recipe collection.

22 Recipes by Alena Sweetpirat from Izhevsk, Russia

Many of Alena's recipes are written in Russian and we love that! We have many friends and followers in Russia and when we post one of her recipes to our Facebook page, it always gets hundreds and hundreds of "likes" (yay!). Click on the above to see Alena's recipe collection.

18 Recipes by Deborah Davidson from Sapporo, Japan

Deborah's collection of Japanese-inspired recipes definitely wins the award for most consistent illustration style! Deborah is a master at the Japanese illustration technique called etegami. Her blog is full of similar artwork and she even wrote a how-to book called a beginner's guide to etegami. Click on the image above to see Deborah's recipe collection.

18 Recipes by Nathalie Beauvois from Uruguay

Nathalie's delightful and delicious recipe illustrations have been inspiring us for years. Her characters are super sweet and many of her recipes are even sweeter! Click on the image above to see Nathalie's recipe collection.

18 Recipes by Charrow from Brooklyn, New York

Last but not least, we want to give a big shout-out to Charrow because we love her recipe theme - almost all of her recipe illustrations take place in her wonderful kitchen that is full of messy kids, cute kittens, pretty plants and yummy vegetarian goodness! Click on the image above to see Charrow's recipe collection.
If you're still hungry for more hop over to the TDAC website and learn how to submit your own illustrated recipe or find a recipe to try today!

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