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Monash Youth Music Festival entries close very soon!
Here's the bumper issue of the Monash Youth Music Festival e-Newsletter with everything you need to know and special tips on performing at your very best.  This issue features sheet music preparation, how to arrange an accompanist, what to bring on the day, and what to do when it's your turn to perform. Please forward this newsletter to everyone you think might be interested!
Last week to register for the 2019 Monash Youth Music Festival! 
Time Limits
You are welcome to perform just about any type of music you like, except where the SCHEDULE  clearly states the type of music to be performed; for example, "Baroque or Classical Period" music, or "Contemporary or Theatre Music".  The one thing you must ensure is that your performance must finish within the time limit as specified on the SCHEDULE. You may perform one, two or even three pieces, but the total performance time cannot exceed the time limit. Of course, if your piece is well short of the time limit, that's perfectly fine - you don't have to play to the limit!

According to Rule 12 of our Rules and Conditions of Entry, "Performance selections must be chosen to finish within time limits prescribed. A bell or signal will indicate the expiration of the time and the point at which adjudication ceases. Performers have 20 seconds to cease playing without penalty. Performers exceeding the 20 second overtime limit may be disqualified." So, if you hear a bell while you are performing, you don't have to stop immediately, just find a spot in the next few bars to come to a close.

If you are not sure what the time limits for your sections are, you may download the entire Monash Youth Music Festival Schedule with time limits from our website.

If your chosen piece is likely to go over the time limit, but you really want to perform it, you can always trim it down - for example, leave out the repeats, and delete some sections so that the piece still sounds balanced. Otherwise, you must choose a shorter piece. Don't try to play the piece any faster - most pieces have a metronome mark, and your Adjudicator will mark you on how well you keep to it!

If you do decide to change your piece, make sure you return to STARDOM and click    to change the title and composer.

Read more about Sheet Music below.
Download our Schedule for more information
Notice of Appearance

Watch your inbox!

A few weeks before the Festival starts, you will receive your "Notice of Appearance" so you will know where and when to perform.

Make sure you return to STARDOM to add or update your music pieces by clicking  . Please check the spelling too, as this is exactly how it will appear in your Adjudicator's Report!

What to do on the day

On the day of your performance, arrive 20 minutes before the section starts. Find your friendly Registrar at the desk, and register by stating your name and handing in your copy of your sheet music (to be used by the Adjudicator). If your performance is accompanied, please find your Accompanist and give him or her the Accompanist's copy of your sheet music. When you have registered, feel free to enter the venue and sit down. Just relax and enjoy the experience! If you arrive and register before the previous section has ended, you are welcome to enter the venue between performances and listen to the competitors. You can take this opportunity to see how the section runs.

The Compere will give you plenty of guidance as to when to perform. Do buy a programme, as this lists all the performers and their order of appearance, so you will know when it will be your turn.As you are introduced, simply walk to the stage, turn to the audience, smile and bow from the waist (a bow of 2-3 seconds is perfect). Then take your position, and, if necessary, adjust your seat. Make sure you stand while you adjust the seat, as trying to adjust it while sitting on it can break the mechanism.

Take a moment to relax, think about the tempo of the piece, and then perform! When you are done, smile again, bow again, and walk back to your seat. You should feel proud that you did it!

No matter how your performance goes, always remain positive - try not to show frustration or disappointment if something doesn't go quite right. Keep in mind that the audience won’t know the piece as well as you do, and may not even notice! No performance is perfect, and Adjudicators also judge your performance on how well you recover and maintain a steady tempo. At the end, regardless of how well (or otherwise) you played, stand up, SMILE at the audience and bow as before – long enough to think the words, “Thank you for listening”, smile when you hear the clapping, then walk proudly off the stage. After all, you performed to the end, and even that is something to be proud of.

Remember: everyone makes errors occasionally, so relax! This is only an opportunity to performNOT AN EXAM, so there are no consequences if things don't quite go to plan.

Stay until the end of the section - and make sure you pick up your Adjudicator's Critique Sheet to see how you went! These sheets are collected from the Registration Desk after the end of the section. It is always worth staying (apart from being the polite thing to do), as the Adjudicator's summation is always inspirational and offers valuable advice to all competitors. Furthermore, even if you think you have missed out on a prize or Honourable Mention, the Adjudicator might have a different view of your performance!

Go to our website for more information
The Monash Youth Music Festival offers you a professional Accompanist for your discipline. This service is included in your entry fee. You can, however, use your own accompanist if you prefer.

While rehearsals are not compulsory, even a single rehearsal with the Official Accompanist is highly beneficial to sort out phrasing, tempo and other details, and gives your performance greater musicality. Please contact your Official Accompanist (listed in the column on the right) for an appointment as soon as possible, and no later than 2 weeks before the Festival. (Please note that the cost of the rehearsal is not covered by the Festival.)

If you are unable to arrange a rehearsal time, then at the very least, please send a copy of the music you will be playing complete with the accompaniment to the Official Accompanist no later than 2 weeks before the Festival so that the Accompanist has time to prepare.
Click here for more information
Sheet Music

To comply with copyright, you should have purchased the sheet music you will perform, unless you are performing music that is:

  • Your own composition, or
  • In the public domain  

Most performers in the Monash Youth Music Festival will be performing copyright protected music. 
Before your performance day, check that you have sufficient copies of your sheet music. You will need:

  • One copy for the Adjudicator with all bars numbered, and 
  • One copy with accompaniment part for the Accompanist,
  • The original sheet music for yourself (unless you are playing from memory). You should not perform using a photocopy.

On the day of your performance, go to the Registration Desk and hand the Adjudicator's copy of your music to the Registrar. The bars should be numbered so that the Adjudicator can provide valuable and precise feedback for you. If the bars are not numbered, the Adjudicator will find it difficult to count the bars quickly to make reference to a specific bar, and may either skip the comment altogether, or miss an important part of your performance. 

Please note that the Adjudicator's copy will not be handed back to you, but will be shredded afterwards to comply with copyright laws. So please don't ask us to give your photocopies back! 

If you had handed in your original sheet music for use by the Adjudicator, this will be returned to the Registration Desk at the conclusion of the section for collection. Please label your property clearly on the cover to minimise likelihood of sheet music going to the wrong home! If your sheet music is particularly valuable to you, please  hand in a photocopy, as there is always a risk that your original is accidentally lost or picked up by someone else. The Monash Youth Music Festival cannot be held responsible for lost property.

What to wear on the day
Dress like you really want to be there! You can never go wrong with "Concert Dress." A white shirt and black pants look great with a black jacket. While a tie is not essential, either a bow tie or a simple narrow tie is fine.

Girls can wear a wide variety of formal or semi formal dresses or tops with skirts or smart pants. Medium to low heel shoes are best, as long as you are comfortable while performing.

Google "Concert dress" to get some ideas.

DO NOT look like you would rather be skateboarding! NO SPORTS SHOES, NO TRACK SUITS, NO JEANS, AND DEFINITELY NO HOODIES!
Thought of volunteering?
Every section requires a minimum of seven volunteers:
Supervisor (committee member or volunteer)
Adjudicator’s Assistant (volunteer)
Compere / MC (volunteer)
Registrar (Committee member)
Registrar’s Assistant (committee member or volunteer)
Ticket Sales / Programme Sales staff (volunteer) 
Usher (volunteer)

All the above are easy to do, and are essential for the running of our music Festival. A section usually only takes 1 - 3 hours, and we offer unlimited tea, coffee and biscuits to keep up your energy!

To register your interest for a position as a committee member or a volunteer for the 2019 Festival, please contact us!
Do you have any questions? Contact us.
Sponsor the biggest youth music festival in Monash!
The Waverley Music Eisteddfod Inc Committee, the organisers of the Monash Youth Music Festival is proud of our 41 year history!

Our efforts have helped provide a stage for many young musicians who have gone on to highly successful careers such as: vocalist Eddie Perfect, pianists Amir Farid, David Tong, Dr Julie Haskell, Ian Munro, Louisa Breen, Majella Drew, Oliver Ng, Rebecca Chambers, Richard Jackson and William Soo; guitarist Slava Grigoryan; cellists Ewen Bamble and Jonathan Hines, violinists Andrew Hines, Brian Campbell, Erica Kennedy and Joanne Wallwork, and opera singers Danielle De Niese, Elena Xanthoudakis, Siobhan Stagg, Christopher Busietta, Susan Gamble, Nathan Lay, Suzanne Shakespeare, and Jenna Roubos, as well as many ensemble musicians in major symphony orchestras and elite ensembles across Australia and overseas.

This major youth music festival in the City of Monash draws over 600 elite musicians from all over Melbourne over 10 - 15 days each August  to compete in forty music competitions, while young musicians new to competitions and eisteddfods can also enjoy the thrill of performing to a live audience in the new non-competitive “Mini Recital” sections.

Why don't you become a supporter the Monash Youth Music Festival?

Entries Open
April 22, 2019
Entries Close
June 22, 2019
(or earlier, if section reaches capacity before the closing date)
First day
Saturday August 3, 2019
Last day
Monday August 19, 2019

Enter via STARDOM

Entries via STARDOM only.
No late entries accepted!

Contact us if you need help
Robert Blackwood Hall and Huntingtower

Adults (16 and over) $5
Multi Session Ticket $15
Children under 16 FREE
Competitors FREE

Audience Tickets on sale via
Important Notice!
We desperately need at least three new Committee members!

Without your help, we will be UNABLE to continue to offer all the following disciplines:
♪ Choral
♪ Ensembles
♪ Mini Recitals
♪ Piano Solos
♪ Recorder Solos and Ensembles
♪ String Solos
♪ Vocal Solos
♪ Woodwind and Brass Solos

If you don't want to see any of these disappear from our Festival, PLEASE join the Committee!

It's deeply rewarding and easy to pick up. We meet only once a month at the High Street Road Uniting Church. Just come along to a meeting or two to see what it's all about! More information HERE.
Contact us today!
Food Stall
The Huntingtower Community will again provide delicious refreshments and sausage sizzles during Ensembles Day on

Saturday August 17

for your convenience, so bring your loose change.
There will also be a coffee cart selling fresh, hot barista quality coffee!
This year's Music Festival is honoured to have engaged the services of the following Adjudicators:


Jenny Mathers


Joannes Roose

Mini Recitals

Joannes Roose


Kristian Chong
Peter Hurley


Ryan Williams


George Vi


Carole McKenzie

Woodwind & Brass

Jason Xanthoudakis

Students are not eligible to enter sections adjudicated by their music teacher. Please note that entrants must not communicate with the Adjudicator until after their final section is completed.
Selling your property?

List with a leading real estate network!

List with Jellis Craig Mount Waverley, and Jellis Craig will support your child's music journey through a generous donation to the Monash Youth Music Festival

Contact Jellis Craig today to enquire about selling your property
Official Accompanists
We are delighted to have the following Official Accompanists for this year's Music Festival.

Mini Recitals
Melanie Lee
M: 0412 664 044

Elisabeth Middleton,
M: 0452 211 840,

Anne Lewitzka,
M: 0455 848 209,

Linda O’Brien,
P: 03 9380 8800,
M: 0409 130 789

Woodwind & Brass
Anne Lewitzka,
M: 0455 848 209,

Please indicate whether you require the Official Accompanist on your entry.Contact the Accompanist at least 2 weeks prior to your performance. Private rehearsals may be arranged directly with the Accompanist. Please note that rehearsals are not included in your entry fee.
Mr Gordon Pyke
M: 0408 597 086

Mr. John Wise
M: 0412 596 299

Mrs. Judy Serelis

Sue Lyons
M:  0438 821 889

Mrs Rae Kum

Miss Majella Drew

Contact us if you are interested!

Be part of the audience

Parents, friends, and the general public are welcome to come and watch all the performances at the Monash Youth Music Festival. Do come and support our young musicians, and enjoy a musical treat!

We are a not-for-profit volunteer organisation, and proceeds from all ticket sales go towards the cost of running of our Festival.
You can purchase tickets to any of our events via Trybooking!
Our E-News
Issue No 1 - President's Welcome and introduction to the Monash Youth Music Festival, with messages to teachers, musicians, first-time entrants, parents and friends.

Issue No 2 - News on our Instrumental Ensembles and Choral  sections, and the Mini Recital series.

Issue No 3 - News on our Piano, Recorder, Strings, Vocal and Wind competitions.

Issue No 4 - Bumper issue including special tips on performing at your best in our Festival.

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Thank you to our Generous Sponsors

Platinum, Gold, Silver and Bronze Sponsorship opportunities for the 2019 Monash Youth Music Festival close very soon. See Your Company Logo on our website, in our next e-newsletter, on our foyer and stage banners and in our Festival Programme! 

The Monash Youth Music Festival is is entirely not for profit and is organised and run by the Waverley Music Eisteddfod Inc. Committee, a group of dedicated volunteers. Join us today!
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