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The piano sections will be held on the days as shown in our MYMF Events Diary on our website. Please note that all weekday sessions will commence after 5.30 pm.

The eleven piano sections are as per below. You may enter as many sections as you like, but you must perform a different piece for each section. You can also enter the Mini Recitals sections to gain even more performance experience! 

P01  Piano Solo

8 years & under

P02  Piano Solo

10 years & under

P03  Piano Solo

12 years & under

P04  Piano Solo


P05  Piano Solo

12 to 14 years: ONE piece ONLY from Baroque or Classical period  – the FRANCES FRIEE AWARD

P06  Piano Solo

16 years & under

P07  Piano Solo

18 years & under – the HOWARD FRIEE MEMORIAL AWARD

P08   Piano Solo - Senior


P09  Piano Solo

8 to 16 years –  students studying AMEB Preliminary – Grade 2 (or equivalent standard*)

P10  Piano Solo

8 to 16 years – students studying AMEB Grade 3 – 4 (or equivalent standard*)

P11 Piano Solo

8 to 16 years – restricted to students studying AMEB Grade 5 – 6 (or equivalent standard*)
 *These Sections are open to anyone studying piano, not necessarily in the AMEB program or using the AMEB syllabus. Please consult your piano teacher if you are not sure what level your pieces fit into!

Please ensure that you dress appropriately for your performance! If you are not sure what to wear, check out our website.

If you have any questions, please contact your friendly Piano Registrar, Wendy Wang.

Contact your Registrar for more info

The Recorder Discipline will be held on Wednesday, 11 August. The evening will begin with the Junior Recorder Ensembles, followed by the solo sections, and end with our Senior Recorder Ensembles.

The Senior Recorder Ensemble section is open to both secondary school and non-school groups. We encourage you to not only enter your group, but also to enter your members in the solo sections as well!

And don't forget the non-competitive Mini Recital /Workshops are perfect opportunities for all those who haven't entered eisteddfods before.

Competitions offered this year are:

R01 Recorder Solo

10 years & under 

R02 Recorder Solo

12 years & under 

R03 Recorder Solo

13 to 18 years  –  the DON COWALL MEMORIAL TRUST AWARD 

R04 Junior Recorder Ensemble

12 years & under, 3 – 30 players
(Percussion & other instruments allowed) Min. 6 to Max. 30 players –  the GEOFFREY HUGHES MEMORIAL AWARD

R05 Senior Recorder Ensemble

18 years & under, 3 – 30 players
(Percussion & other instruments allowed) Min. 6 to Max. 30 players –  the VICTORIAN RECORDER GUILD AWARD

If you have any questions, please contact our Recorder Registrar, Sue Lyons.

Contact your Registrar for more info

Our solo Strings Competitions S01 - S07 will be held in the Orchestral Room of Huntingtower School, on the days as shown in our MYMF Events Diary on our website.

This year's Strings sections are as follows.  You may enter multiple sections provided you of the age for that section or younger, but you must perform a different piece for each section. You are also welcome to enter the Mini Recitals. sections! 

S01 Strings Solo

8 years  & under

S02 Strings Solo

10 years  &  under

S03 Strings Solo

12 years  &  under

S04 Strings Solo


S05 Strings Solo

16 years  & under

S06 Strings Solo


S07 Strings Solo

BOWS FOR STRINGS AWARD, 21 years  & under

We also offer an Official Accompanist for this section at no extra cost (private practice sessions may be arranged, however, at your own cost). It is fine, however, to use your own pianist, or you may perform unaccompanied.

Please note that neither pre-recorded backing music, nor amplified instruments is permitted. 

If you have any queries, please contact our Strings Registrar, Myfanwy Bramble.

Contact your Registrar for more info

The V01 Junior Vocal Solo 12 years and under gives very young vocalists a more appropriate age group in which to perform, and of course they can enter the V02 section as well! The Vocal Sections are to be held in the Orchestral Room of Huntingtower School on the days as shown in our MYMF Events Diary on our website

V01 Junior Vocal Solo

12 years & under

V02 Junior Vocal Solo

14 years & under

V03 Vocal Solo

15 years to 18 years

V04 Senior Vocal Solo

Contemporary or Theatre Music - 18 years to 25 years

V05 Vocal Solo

25 years and under

You are very welcome to perform with our Official Piano Accompanist (and indicate your wish when filling out your entry form), or you may perform with your own accompanist (piano or other acoustic instrument, such as guitar), or you may sing unaccompanied. Neither pre-recorded backing music, nor amplified instruments is permitted in these sections. 

If you have any queries, please contact our Vocal Registrar, Rae Kum!

The Wind sections will be held on the days as shown in our MYMF Events Diary on our website in the Orchestral Room of Huntingtower School.

If your school is entering any of the Ensembles sections, then why not have a go at the solo sections?

The Wind sections offered are:

W01 Wind Solo

12 years & under

W02 Wind Solo

14 years & under 

W03 Wind Solo

16 years & under 

W04 Wind Solo

18 years & under

W05 Wind Solo

18 years & under – any piece from Baroque or Classical periods

W06 Wind Solo

21 years & under – Murray Farrell Scholarship Awards

W07 Wind Solo

Restricted to students studying AMEB Grade 1 - 3

W08 Wind Solo

Restricted to students studying AMEB Grade 4 - 6

You are welcome to engage the services of our Official Accompanist at no extra cost to your entry (private practice sessions may be arranged, however, at your own cost).  Select your sections, choose your music, and start practising today!

Any questions? Please don't hesitate to contact our Wind Registrar, Majella Drew.
Entries Open
Monday April 26, 2021
Entries Close
Friday June 11, 2021
NOTE! Entries are strictly limited this year. Ensure you enter early before your chosen section reaches capacity before the closing date.
First day
Saturday July 31, 2021
Last day
Sunday August 15, 2021
How to Enter


All entries are to be done via STARDOM only, which is a dedicated eisteddfod management platform.
No late entries accepted!

Contact us if you need help
Audience Tickets
Audience tickets will go on sale in July 2021.

Please note that numbers may be strictly limited to one or two audience members, plus  competitor.
Please check for updates regularly as these rules may change closer to the Festival.
We are a not-for-profit volunteer organisation, and proceeds from all ticket sales and programmes go towards the cost of running of our Festival.


Adults (16 and over) $5
Multi Session Ticket $15
Children under 16 FREE
Competitors FREE
Audience Tickets on sale JULY!
Food Stall!

The Huntingtower Community P&FA will again put in their Ensembles Day Food Stall with delicious refreshments and their famous sizzling hot sausages in bread throughout the MYMF Ensembles Day on

Saturday August 7

Mouth-watering hot food will be served on the day.
Don't forget to bring your wallet!

Choral Registrar

Mr Gordon Pyke

Ensembles Registrar

Dr Bill Miles

Mini Recitals Registrar 

Mrs Judy Serelis

Piano Registrar

Ms Wendy Wang

Recorder Registrar

Mrs Sue Lyons

Strings Registrar

Ms Myfanwy Bramble

Vocal Registrar

Ms Rae Kum 

Woodwind & Brass Registrar

Miss Majella Drew

We still need Assistant Registrars. Why not join our Committee? It is fun and rewarding!
Contact us if you are interested!
Thinking of joining our Committee?
If you wish to contact us about
- Sponsorship 
- Volunteering 
- Joining our Committee
- Suggestions and feedback
- Any other reason
A rewarding way to give back to the community

1. In the event of changes to Victorian COVID-19 policy – the Committee will respond with their COVID-19 Plan. This plan will outline how the Festival events will be run to help protect the health of everyone.

2. The Committee will ensure that all the measures in their Plan follow the current directives from both the Victorian State and Federal governments that are relevant to this sector. 

3. As State and Federal government directives can change quickly and frequently during a public health crisis, the Plan will also change accordingly. These changes are most likely to include: 

a. entry procedures on arrival at the venue 
b. restrictions to audience numbers; 
c. seating and distancing; 
d. hygiene practices; 
e. use of changing areas; 
f. what to do while warming up or waiting to go on to perform.

Please check our Website regularly for the latest COVID-19 PLAN

Refer to our latest COVID-19 POLICY
E-News Issues
Issue No 1 - News on our VCE Music Recitals, Instrumental Ensembles, Choral sections and Mini Recitals.

Issue No 2 - News on our Piano, Recorder, Strings, Vocal and Wind competitions.

Issue No 3 - bumper issue including special tips on performing at your best in our Festival.


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