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Edgy Interview: Grossmont Healthcare District CEO and Local Wonk Barry Jantz

Barry Jantz, Drinking something
Barry Jantz is CEO of the Grossmont Healthcare District, a former La Mesa City Councilmember and a definite Renaissance Man. One of the things that makes Barry especially cool is that he was blogging – and in a big way on San Diego’s Rostra and California’s Flash Report – way before blogging was cool. He’s been at the forefront of the revolution that is “the blogs” (kids, that’s a corruption of “web logs” as they were originally known) and Barry is still pushing the envelope today.

We got Barry’s take on what's truly great about American society and some of his highlights of US history. We also received some considered and thoughtful opinions as to what he identifies as our most pressing community problems. And don’t miss his tame-by-today’s-standards Steve Baldwin story.
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Blog Post: Dial Testing - A
Breakthrough Research Method 

We're excited about dial-testing here at CERC. We use it to help clients win --from political campaigns to regional public affairs issues to new uniform possibilities for the San Diego Padres. This blog post explains the nature of dial-testing as a research methodology, and then discusses some key benefits that dial testing could provide your next research project.
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Blog Post: A Bright Future - Careers in Public Opinion Research

If you're a newly minted college graduate or the parent of one, you've probably been contemplating the range of careers open to young professionals today. What fields offer the most stable and exciting opportunities? John Nienstedt is here to tout opinion research as a career that is both stable and exciting. The research field can give a person starting out a range of skills that will serve them for the rest of their lives. Have a read and if you have an opinion about opinion research careers, leave a comment!
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Q. What's "balance" in a survey research question?
Ahhh, as in yoga, so must we be in our questioning of the subject. Every question we ask must be free of bias, which can take many forms. One is the unbalanced question. The full range of response options must be made clear to the respondent, lest they be led astray. Is the question, “When it comes to imposing tariffs on China, do agree with the President?” balanced? It is not. You must state both response choices in the question lest you “push” your respondent towards agreement. 

Here’s another, possibly tougher example. Is the question, “Is the issue of homelessness  very important, somewhat important, not that important or not at all important to you?” balanced?  It is not. The “somewhat important” response is the conceptual mid-point here, but not the literal mid-point. While we offer two response choices that are less important than “somewhat important,” we only offer one choice that is more important. The imbalance will tend to lead to fewer respondents choosing the top response. We correct this imbalance by adding a response choice of “extremely important.”
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San Diego Business Forecast: Business Outlook Index Remains in Comfortably Positive Territory in August 2018  

The San Diego Business Forecast
The San Diego County Business Forecast, sponsored by CalPrivate Bank, reports that the August Business Outlook Index (BOI) remains comfortably in positive territory at 14.9. While not significantly lower than last month's 19.1, optimism about the number of hours companies will be offering their employees has dipped as businesses anticipate transitioning from the busy summer season into fall. Aside from that seasonal shift, the business community’s expectations about hiring, company revenue, and general industry conditions have held steady.

Also, this month's poll looked at hiring issues and found that retention remains a problem for a quarter of the region's businesses.

See the full August report at the: The San Diego Business Forecast
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