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Edgy Interview: San Diego County Supervisor Bill Horn 

Bill Horn in country, 1968
A wonderful thing about the Edgy Interview is that it often offers readers a side of the interviewee that not many are aware of. That's definitely the case in our interview with Bill Horn - in which we learned about his service during the Vietnam War and the school in Uganda that he has worked tirelessly to build and support. Have a read to learn about these and other aspects of Bill's remarkable life.
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CERC’s Jenny Holland PhD Serves as Panelist at East County Chamber's Economic Roundtable

Jenny Holland, PhD, with San Diego Regional Chamber of Commerce President and CEO Jerry Sanders, who also spoke at the Roundtable.
CERC is proud to have been represented at the East County Strategic Summit by Jenny Holland, PhD, who served as a panelist. The summit provided business leaders with a better understanding of the opportunities and threats facing their region, and how to incorporate these macro trends into their business planning. The panel shared diverse views of the region's business forecast next year and beyond.

Other panelists included Arkan Somo, of Arkan Somo & Associates; Jo Marie Diamond, President/CEO, San Diego East County Economic Development Council; and Susan Davis, Congresswoman Representing California’s 53rd District.

CERC President John Nienstedt Addresses the San Diego County Federation of Republican Women

CERC President John Nienstedt spoke at the post-election luncheon meeting for the San Diego County Federation of Republican Women this past November 12th. He provided a post-mortem on the mid-term election, as well as his thoughts on the future of the Republican Party in California. Characterized as “tough-love” by some in the audience of 100, Nienstedt’s speech touched on the many issues where California Republicans need to modernize their approach and message.

NPR Article: Boatload of Ballots - Midterm Voter Turnout Hits 50-Year High

We wanted to share a great article by Camila Domonske about this year's historic midterm election turnouts. In short, voter turnout was massive - more than 47 percent of the voting-eligible population cast a ballot. It's the highest turnout for a midterm election since 1966, when 49% showed up to vote. Have a read for a complete rundown of polls, graphs and analysis. 

In some San Diego County jurisdictions, as much as half the electorate was comprised of voters who registered since the last mid-term elections in November 2014. That reflects a staggering amount of interest in the election and makes for a lot of new voters. Incumbents in these situations cannot rely on their previous appearance on the ballot to create familiarity with many voters. Challengers in these situations were presented with a golden opportunity to connect with the electorate on a more or less even playing field. This huge turnout was part of the reason so many incumbents were bounced out of office on election night.
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Q. I thought people hated the gas tax. What happened with California’s Proposition 6?

Hate is the strong term. We should not hate anything without a soul. But yes, voters generally dislike the gas tax the legislature adopted in 2017. So what happened? As the Roman poet Ovid wrote 2000 years ago “Skilled in every trick… he would make black look white, and white look black.”  If he were alive today, Ovid could be referring to those who wrote Proposition 6’s ballot subtitle: “Eliminates certain road repair and transportation funding. Requires certain fuel taxes and vehicle fees be approved by the electorate.” 

With this wording, a deception was perpetrated on voters. Our pre-election polling showed the ballot measure based on this wording easily losing, and, indeed it went down by 13%. Our polling also shows the ballot measure heavily supported if the wording had been clear: “Would repeal the gas tax and repeal the vehicle fees that were previously enacted by the state legislature to fund road repairs and public transportation” would have produced a 10% win for proponents.
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San Diego Business Forecast: Steadily Positive

The San Diego Business Forecast
The Business Outlook Index in San Diego County Business Forecast, sponsored by CalPrivate Bank and produced by the San Diego Regional Chamber of Commerce, remained comfortably in positive territory at 18.9, unchanged from the previous month. All four index components – expectations about the number of employees, hours offered to workers, revenue, and business conditions – held steady.

The survey also looked at Proposition 13, California’s voter-approved law limiting the tax on home and commercial property to 1 percent of the property's assessed value and capping property tax increases at 2 percent per year.

See the full report at: The San Diego Business Forecast
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