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The Edgy Interview: Public Relations
Pro and Former State Assemblyman
Jeff Marston

a version of Jeff Marston
It was a lot of fun this month to catch up with Jeff Marston and hear some of his views about the problems facing California, his opinions on the nature of post-secondary education and some formative political experiences. But these topics don't do justice to the color of his Edgy Interview - did you know his mother sang the national anthem at Madison Square Garden before prize fights, and was once bumped by Frank Sinatra before a Rocky Marciano heavyweight title fight? Whaaaaat?! Check out the interview for more.....
Read the Edgy Interview with Jeff Marston

On The Move at CERC: Chad Harris To Lead Programming; Olivia Perry Promoted to Assistant Call Center Manager

Chad Harris (left) and Olivia Perry (right) 
Olivia Perry moved from San Diego to CERC’s beautiful new El Paso call center and has really showed her management stripes in this short amount of time. Moving forward, she will be working with David Ferree to oversee CERC's call center operations as our Assistant Call Center Manager. She’ll be responsible for the Quality Assurance Coaches, scheduling interviewers and serve as David’s back-up. Meanwhile, with Ronald Zavala becoming CERC’s Director of Operations, Chad Harris will now be dedicated to directing all our survey programming to further grow our online and phone survey capabilities. Chad will be responsible for ensuring that quick and flawless execution remains a CERC hallmark.
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Ask the Guru
Q. "
Why Is Good Polling So Expensive?”
A. Let me help resolve this quandary. Price increases in phone survey polling stem from one dominant factor: people are harder to reach. There was a time, call it the Golden Age of Polling, when folks would happily pick up their phones to answer a call from an unknown number. An interviewer would connect with a respondent once out of every five attempts. But that number has increased dramatically, to where it takes 30 to 40 attempts to conduct an interview with one individual. Extrapolate that out, and you see that, even at a rate of 30 per, it takes 10,000 phone numbers, and a lot of interviewer hours, to conduct a 300-person poll. Add regulations that require call centers to manually dial cell-phone numbers, and you can see the time and labor costs involved in running a great call center have increased, and so has the price that high quality polling firms must charge.

Look for a blog article next month that shares new ways we are working to control costs at Competitive Edge, ensure compliance and innovate for quality results!
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San Diego Regional Businesses
Remain Confident As We Move
Further into 2018

The San Diego Business Forecast
Overall optimism within San Diego’s business community remains unchanged since December, scoring 19.7 on the Business Outlook Index in this month’s San Diego County Business Forecast, produced by the San Diego Regional Chamber of Commerce and sponsored by San Diego Private Bank. However, optimism in the financial and retail sectors has dipped since the end of last year, with retail facing uncertainty in the months ahead after the busy holiday shopping season.

This month’s survey asked businesses what issue they would like California’s legislature to address. Keeping a lid on taxes is at the top, with nearly 30 percent believing Sacramento should focus its attention there.

See the full report at the: The San Diego Business Forecast

John Nienstedt's Brewers Baseball
Team Claims They're Gonna "Kill It"
This Season

Having come off last season's Fall Championship in the San Diego Adult Baseball League and sporting new uniforms, CERC President John Nienstedt is bullish on his Brewers this Spring season. In fact, the Brewers are currently 1 and 0 after defeating the Blue Jays in the opener.

Though no one can predict what twists a new season holds, we are confident, however, that there will be twists aplenty. The Brewers are a great bunch of guys, so just e-mail John if you'd like to catch a game. He'll be happy to have you out one Sunday to one of San Diego's many fine baseball fields.

And for those who want a real treat, drop John a note about a Padres game you'd like to see. He'd be happy to share a game with you in CERC's season box seats, not too far from home plate and lined up to catch a foul tip.
Check out the San Diego Business Forecast
at the San Diego Regional Chamber of Commerce!
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