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Local Polling from CERC: 2020 San Diego Mayoral Race; Trends in Homelessness, Causes and Policies

CERC recently completed two high profile opinion polls in San Diego, drawing on our 33-year history in the region. The first gathered public opinion on San Diego’s homelessness issues and how to provide services to the city's homeless. The vast majority of voters (84%) feel more should be done to aid the homeless, but most don’t favor a “housing-first” approach. That poll was conducted for the Lucky Duck Foundation. 

The second, conducted in January, shows Assemblyman Todd Gloria as the frontrunner in the 2020 San Diego mayoral race, but most likely voters are unsure who to vote for. City Councilman Scott Sherman, our client for that poll, was tied with fellow Councilmember and businesswoman Barbara Bry despite his having been in the race less than a month. 

The Edgy Interview: CERCs Living Legend 
Frank Nienstedt

CERC's longest-serving employee: Frank Nienstedt
At the age of 89, Frank Nienstedt is CERC’s longest-serving employee and owner John Nienstedt’s dad. Born in and raised in Riverside, Illinois, during the Great Depression, he remembers the iceman coming around, burning coal in the furnace, hearing the news about Pearl Harbor on the radio and the dropping of the A-bomb. Frank has witnessed lots of changes. He gets into his faith, his deep love of classical music (and broccoli!) and more in this month's interview, but somehow neglected to touch on his biggest highlight: serving as John’s Best Man. We hope you enjoy turning back the clock with us.
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CERC Research on Padres Fan Preferences Fuels Selection of New Team Uniforms

Competitive Edge Research is proud to have conducted innovative research with the San Diego Padres in 2019 that helped the club determine what uniform changes would most appeal to its fan base. One round of in-person dial-testing focus groups conducted at Petco Park, CERC was able to provide Padres management and ownership with the bulletproof data they needed to confidently move to brown. A second round provided results to help them decide on incorporating important uniform details and how to proceed with the team’s 2020 Brown is Back marketing campaign.
Experience the new unis live and in-person when the Padres take on the Rockies in their home-opener March 26th and throughout the season. Let us know what you think about the fruits of our research. Contact CERC to learn how you can apply the same research methods and techniques to your next big decision.
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CERC's Jenny Holland, PhD to Serve on AAPOR's Committee on Public Opinion

CERC Research Analyst Jenny Holland is thrilled to serve on AAPOR’s Ad Hoc Committee on Public Opinion. Its goal is to “promote the role of public opinion in American democracy, to defend the central role of public opinion research as a critical means of measuring public opinion, and to defend the good science and legitimacy of public opinion research surveys.” Jenny is a member of the subcommittee tasked with promoting civics education about public opinion polls.

As Jenny explains, "I’m excited to be working with colleagues across the industry to promote a clear understanding of surveys and their importance in our democracy,” and furthermore, "as a former educator—and in an era when we are bombarded with copious amounts of data and information—helping students and young voters sort through all the ‘noise’ to determine quality from not-so-quality public opinion polls is near-and-dear to me.”
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Should you Run? You May Want to Attend the 2020 AAPOR Conference

CERC’s paper titled “Should I Run? Working Towards a Better Way to Know When an Incumbent is Vulnerable” has been accepted for presentation at the 2020 Annual AAPOR Conference. The 75th annual convocation of pollsters and political scientists will be held May 14-17 in Atlanta. John will present CERC’s findings from A/B testing it conducted on two types of poll questions used to predict the re-election prospects of incumbents. If you’ll be attending this year’s AAPOR conference, please shoot an email and we'll connect in Hotlanta.
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