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The Edgy Interview: San Diego Civic Champion & Former Cox CEO Bill Geppert

Bill Geppert
It takes a certain kind of guy to serve as interim CEO multiple times and ride 3,500 miles coast to coast to raise money for charity. Bill Geppert is just that kind of guy, always stepping up to the plate in some way to help San Diego grow into a better version of itself. We asked Bill to take measure of his famous can-do attitude in this edition of the Edgy Interview, and he didn't disappoint...
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Why Do Polling Costs Keep Increasing?

Public opinion firms are often asked why it costs so much to conduct a poll these days. We Asked the Guru about this in our last CERC newsletter, and learned that two primary trends account for higher polling costs: the American public’s growing tendency to no longer answer unsolicited phone calls, and the switch from landlines to cell phones.

We promised to explain these trends in more detail in a blog post, and share how CERC is controlling costs while innovating for quality. So please click the link below and have a read.
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John Nienstedt Named Pollster of the Year at San Diego's Lincoln Reagan Dinner

Cubs owner Pete Ricketts (middle) with Cubs fan Frank Nienstedt and Padres fan John Nienstedt, Sr.
This year's Lincoln Reagan Dinner was a another big success, with many of San Diego's leading business and political personalities in attendance. As one of California's largest annual political events, it routinely attracts 800+ local leaders. Nebraska Governor Pete Ricketts delivered the keynote address and spoke about how he’s making government work for the people of the Cornhusker state. CERC President John Nienstedt was also honored to receive the company’s 6th Pollster of the Year Award.

Ask the Guru
Q. "
What are the 6 Links of the Research Chain?”
A. As many wise men have said: A chain is only as strong as its weakest link. This maxim holds true, metaphorically, when it comes to survey research. Good research – defined as research that helps a client be successful – begins with 1) Goal-Setting, for if we are unclear on the destination, how will we ever forge ahead on the correct path? Next we 2) Design a Questionnaire (leveraging focus group research, if necessary). Then we 3) Collect and Tabulate the Data, ensuring that it is held to the highest objective standards. This provides us the raw fuel to 4) statistically Analyze the Data and 5) Compile a Report that answers all the research questions. Only then can we move to the last link of the chain 6) Presenting Clear and Concise Results.  

Only if all six links in the chain are strong will the client get the top quality research they paid for. If one link fails, the entire project is in jeopardy. 

Look for a blog article next month that drills deep into each link of the research chain. It will explain how we make sure that each link of our chain fits the next, and how the complete chain works together to generate maximum value for our clients.
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San Diego Business Optimism Remains Steady – and Heady – through the Spring

The San Diego Business Forecast
Business optimism in San Diego County has been holding steady. The Business Outlook Index, a forward-looking assessment of business conditions, sat at an upbeat 22.5 in April's Business Forecast sponsored by CalPrivate Bank.

April's Business Forecast also polled regional businesses about California’s recently approved rules to bring driverless autonomous vehicles to the state. Businesses show no consensus when it comes to how prepared they are. Thirty percent claim they are ready for self-driving automobiles to join the roadways, but 41 percent admit they are unprepared. Another 31 percent are either unsure or have not thought about it.

See the full report at the: The San Diego Business Forecast

Wanna Catch a Padres Game with CERC?

Few things outrank a Padres game for CERC President John Nienstedt. Once again, John is sitting on some prime Toyota Terrace seats, not too far from home plate and nicely in line for a foul ball. If you'd like to catch a game one afternoon, just give John a shout or email him at He'd love to set something up and have you join him!

CERC is Proud to Sponsor the Voice of San Diego for a Second Year

CERC has been proud to sponsor the voice of independent journalism in San Diego. This year we are again sponsoring the Voice of San Diego, with a little help from our friends. Our digital ads feature Republican Strategist Jason Roe and Democratic Strategist Rachel Laing. They may not agree on much, but they agree on Competitive Edge! If you aren't a VOSD reader, have a look, and consider sponsoring them as well!

Cambridge Analytica Shuts Its Doors

As the world works to understand the role Cambridge Analytica has played in American political life, the British firm has filed for bankruptcy and shut its doors. Videos of the principals touting their shady dealings were evidently too much for the firm’s prospective clients. While we don’t know whether Cambridge Analytica sold real stuff or BS or a bit of both, the undercover videos make one doubt its main stock in trade was the former. British regulators have ordered the firm to hand over all user data. 

Although Cambridge Analytica is coming to an end, nominally at least, the use of social media to target voters and change their minds is still in its infancy. Smart consultants will work to develop techniques that are more precise, effective and lucrative. 

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