HSAS Member Bulletin - Issue 3 - June 2015
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HSAS 2015 Convention Delegate Seat Availability
From :  Karen Wasylenko
             President HSAS
To :      All HSAS members

I would like to thank all members who have agreed to serve as delegates for Convention 2015 and who have submitted their nomination forms. The deadline for nominations for delegate seats for this year’s Convention was on June 8.  However, there are unfilled delegate seats remaining.  If your health region has unfilled delegate seats and you are interested in representing your health region at the Convention, please complete the delegate nomination form, which was previously mailed to you. Upon completion of the form, it may be faxed to 306-955-3396 or emailed to hsasstoon@hsas.ca by September 15, 2015.

When attending as a delegate, HSAS will provide wage replacement for your regular work shift(s) while attending the two days of Convention and expenses will be reimbursed as per the Annual Convention Expense Guidelines.

All members who submit delegate nomination forms between now and September 15, will be confirmed as delegates on a “first come first serve basis” until the seats for their health region are filled.  Hotel accommodations for out of town delegates cannot be guaranteed after September 15, 2015. Pre-registration forms for Convention will be mailed to the delegates.

Click here for Convention Delegates in each Health Region.
From One EMS Member to Another
At first, all I noticed was that I was feeling “off”. Sleep was sporadic, keeping up relationships with my friends felt forced, and my appetite was inconsistent. It really took some self-evaluation to figure out what was going on. When I looked back upon my last month of work, there wasn’t a specific incident that seemed “traumatic” to me. I was experiencing cumulative stress, and it was making my life more difficult then it had to be. I decided to sit down with my partner and explain what I was feeling. He was extremely supportive, ensuring any questions or concerns about my work were answered.
I brought these issues up to my supervisor, who also happened to be my manager, who then directed my to access our EFAP program. Homewood Solutions was easy to use, friendly, and helpful to work through my problems. Why am I sharing this? Some of us have had these issues for a long time, but do not know where to turn.
If I can give you one piece of advice, that would be to talk to someone.
Your spouse, friends, work partner, supervisor, or anyone who you trust. There is nothing wrong with asking for help. We all know the stigma attached to mental health in EMS. People assume they may lose their job, lose their friends, been seen as “weak”, or unable to work effectively. This is false. It shows true strength to be able to talk to someone about a problem. Talk to someone, it will help in more ways than you realize. 

Recent HSAS Arbitration Successes 
Sun Country & HSAS:
Call Back Pay

In May 2015, veteran arbitrator Allan Ponak handed down a decision on a Health Science grievance which will be an important precedent for our members.

Joel Rogers, a paramedic working at the Weyburn Ambulance Service, was on a 24 hour standby shift when he was called in to work at 2:20 AM until 7:25 AM.  He then went home and resumed his on-call status.  At 4:45 PM received another, very lengthy call-in which lasted until 3:55 AM.

The employer – the Sun Country Health Region – refused to pay Joel any overtime after 6:00 PM claiming that the regular 24 hour standby shifts start then and only straight time would be paid.  This was the region’s position even though Joel was not scheduled to be on standby after 6:00 PM.

The Ponak award will see Joel and other staff in similar circumstances paid at overtime rates from the beginning of the second callback. Click here to read the full arbitration decision.
Five Hills & HSAS: 

On May 29, 2015, Arbitrator Phil Johnson issued an Arbitration Award pertaining to a dispute over a reclassification request made by an HSAS member who was a physical therapist. The member and HSAS argued that the member met the criteria for Physical Therapist Senior under Supervision (Article 21.01(A) Senior criteria 1.Supervision). The employer had refused to reclassify the member claiming that the member was not performing formal supervision, but was only providing professional supervision of the therapist assistant.
HSAS had an excellent set of facts, a strong witness, and a well prepared legal counsel. In addition, HSAS used the supporting evidence of the employer’s own policies.
Upon considering the evidence and testimony, the Arbitrator concluded that in practical terms, the member and his assistant have a clear supervisor and subordinate work relationship and ruled in favour of the Union and the member.
The forced vote ballot count was held on Wednesday, May 27, 2015 at the Labour Relations Board Office in Regina.
Of the over 2200 ballots returned:     

1756 HSAS members voted ‘NO’ - rejecting SAHO’s last offer
428  HSAS members voted ‘YES’- accepting SAHO’s last offer

The HSAS Negotiating Committee contacted SAHO on May 29, 2015 with potential meeting dates. HSAS received a response from SAHO on June 1, 2015.  SAHO indicated that they were consulting with their principals, were willing to return to the bargaining table and were considering the offered dates.

To date SAHO has not provided confirmation of any meeting dates. 
HSAS Members Walk in the 2014 Saskatoon Pride Parade

Regina Pride Parade 2015
HSAS is pleased to be participating in this year's Pride Parade in Regina.  We'd love to have you walk in the parade with us and show your support for diversity and equality!  Below are the details of the parade and where to find us. We will walk the Regina parade route with the HSAS Banner (in the picture above).
Regina, SK
June 20, 2015   -  10:30 a.m
Broad Street & 13th Avenue entry point
RED Section
Click here for the parade details
         Thinking of Retiring?

Are you planning for your retirement?

Are you considering your options for extended health benefits coverage after retirement?

If yes, you may want to review 3sHealth's option that is available to health region retirees.

Click below to read the resources posted by 3sHealth on their website.

About the Retiree GMS Health and Dental Plan

Group Medical Services Retiree Benefits Brochure and Application

Group Medical Services Retiree Plan Booklet

         Your Contact Information

HSAS is requesting help in updating our email contact lists and database. If you feel that you have missed any HSAS email communications or know of a fellow member who isnt' receiving any emails from HSAS, please call us toll free at: 
1-888-565-3399 or you can email us at anytime. We are happy to update your information and ensure that you receive all pertinent Union communications such as Bargaining Updates, the eBulletin and Market Supplement information.

We have found that a number of the email addresses we have for members have been bounced for the following reasons:
  • Misspelled address
  • Mail box at capacity
  • Mailbox closed
  • Mailbox denied - Blackberry and Hotmail users

HSAS Union Bulletin Boards
The Collective Agreement provides for a Union bulletin board in each location.  If you do not have these materials in your worksite, please contact HSAS Communications. We will send you the materials for posting. Materials include: a laminated HSAS logo, a picture of your Labour Relations Officer and a description of what they do, and a laminated HSAS contact information sheet.
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