HSAS Member Bulletin - Issue 7 - May 2016
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President's Message
Spring 2016
Understaffing Hurts Everyone
During the past number of months you may have noticed our HSAS 'Understaffing' awareness commercial airing on television, at the theatre or on social media. This is a message from the members of HSAS to the public.  The current understaffing in all of our HSAS disciplines is real, and the understaffing affects not only the patient or client we serve directly, but also impacts their family members and the communities in which they live. Read More
Understaffing Hurts Everyone
A message from Health Sciences Association of Saskatchewan. 

Blue/Green Campaign Update 
Your Communications Committee is happy to report that over 300,000 Saskatchewan people have seen this campaign. HSAS encourages you to print HSAS profession posters and add them to the HSAS union board in your workplace. 
HSAS Members Helping Each Other
The following story describes how a special provision in the HSAS Collective Agreement can allow HSAS members to help another HSAS member who is in need.  Letter of Understanding #14  (2.)  Special Arrangements For Sharing of Leave is that provision.

My name is Sheldon Revoy and I am a physical therapist employed by RQHR. In April 2014 my 21 year old son was diagnosed with leukemia. He quickly went into remission after treatment began. Unfortunately he relapsed in October of the same year. I was working with Homecare in Regina at the time. He really struggled with his second admission to the Pasqua Hospital, and as a result I booked off work to be with him on a daily basis. At that time, I was not concerned about how I would manage it, but I knew I had to be with my son.

Unbeknownst to me, some of my colleagues organized a campaign to donate their allotted holiday time to me, so I continued to have an income while going through a very challenging time with my boy. The kindness of the HSAS members out of 4211 Albert Street and other facilities within the RQHR enabled me to spend my days with him, with far less worries regarding my financial situation. As a result of their kindness, I was able to put my concern where it belonged, with my son Erik.  The generosity and support of my colleagues was a gift which I am so grateful for. I will never be able to personally return the generosity to each individual, but I am doing my best to pay that generosity and compassion forward. The kindness of all the people in that organization was overwhelming. People whom I barely knew were organizing fundraisers and sharing in our journey. I am eternally grateful and I can easily say I love them all. Erik was quite overwhelmed as well and was extremely grateful for the support and love which was shown to and for him.
 Sadly my boy didn't make it through that experience. He died January 14, 2015. He is missed terribly by all who knew him. He would tell me that cancer improved his life. When I asked him how, his reply was simply, "he was able to appreciate life so much more as a result of his disease" He taught me a lot in his short life. I will always remember his strength and integrity throughout his illness. I cannot say I could have gone through what he did with that much dignity and faith.

But with the support of my colleagues, we were able to spend some amazing time together as father and son....I cannot adequately express my gratitude for the support we received.

Respectfully and humbly yours,

Sheldon and Erik Revoy and family <3
HSAS News Feed
The HSAS is pleased to announce the addition of the HSAS News Feed to the website. This will allow HSAS members and the public direct access to health care news stories that are trending across Saskatchewan and Canada. Click here to view the HSAS News Feed


Enterprise Resource Planning System or ERP

Q:  What is it? What does it mean?

A:  Not entirely sure.  3SHealth and the health regions are exploring options for updating the current payroll and staff scheduling systems. (Click here to read more) This is being referred to as ERP.

3SHealth has provided some information about this portion of ERP to the unions and has planned a pilot to trial a potential system with associated technology for 6 weeks in part of May/June of 2016.  The pilot will run in a select number of workplaces in three health regions – Regina Qu’Appelle HR, Saskatoon HR and Prairie North HR and it is expected that members of HSAS who are employed in those select workplaces will be asked to participate in the pilot.

As more information is received, we will be sharing. 
From the HSAS News Feed
The passing of legislation presuming that post-traumatic stress disorder among Ontario’s first responders is work-related points to a growing recognition across Canada that occupational injuries are not just physical.
From: OH&S Magazine - Online - Author: Carmelle Wolfson - April 19, 2016

Ontario passes legislation to give first responders WSIB coverage for PTSD 
Under the old rules, first responders had to prove their PTSD was related to their job to be eligible for coverage under the Workplace Safety and Insurance Act. Labour Minister Kevin Flynn beamed as legislation that assumes PTSD is work-related for first responders passed third and final reading by a vote of 96-to-0.
From: The Canadian Press - Online - Author: Keith Leslie - April 12, 2016

New Brunswick introduces compensation legislation for first responders with PTSD
The amendments to the Workers' Compensation Act mean that when first responders such as police officers and firefighters are diagnosed with PTSD, it will be presumed that the condition is the result of events they experienced in their job. 
From: The Canadian Press - Online - Author: Unknown - April 6, 2016
Are You Planning for Retirement?

Are you considering your options for extended health benefits coverage after retirement?

If yes, you may want to review 3sHealth's option that is available to health region retirees. Click below to read the resources posted by 3sHealth on their website.

About the Retiree GMS Health and Dental Plan

Group Medical Services Retiree Benefits Brochure and Application

Group Medical Services Retiree Plan Booklet
Funds, Scholarships & Awards
HSAS maintains several funds to assist HSAS members and their families.

Click here to learn more about each fund.  

Education Fund
Emergency Fund
Labour Relations Fund
Silver Anniversary Scholarship
Warren Chykowski Memorial Award

Complete application guidelines for each fund/award are found on the application form.


Collective Agreement

Mail out of the printed HSAS & SAHO Collective Agreement - April 1, 2013 - March 31, 2018 has begun. Your copy will be mailed to your home address. You can also view the agreement here on the website. 

HSAS Union Bulletin Boards
Your Communications Committee is in the process of updating the materials for all HSAS Union Boards in each health region. Look for more information in the next HSAS eBulletin. 
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