HSAS Member Bulletin - Issue 4 - August 2015
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With ratification of the Tentative Agreement by HSAS members on August 4, 2015 and the signing of the new Collective Agreement on, August 6, 2015, SAHO has received the following payment schedule information from Payroll:
  • New rates of pay for wages and premiums take effect August 9, 2015
  • New rates will appear starting with the earning statement which would be deposited August 28, 2015
  • Adjustments to reflect the increase in the premium rates from July 1, 2015 to August 8, 2015 inclusive, will be deposited August 28, 2015 (i.e. standby, shift premium and weekend premium)
  • The retro on wages, including the amount from July 1, 2015 to August 8, will be paid October 30, 2015 (which is a non-pay week)
  • The lump sum payment will be paid on October 2, 2015 (which is also a non-pay week)  
On behalf of the members of the HSAS Negotiating Committee and the HSAS Executive Council, we wish to thank all HSAS members for their support and their engagement through the past months.  It has been appreciated.
Karen Wasylenko, President
Sheila Kerr, Chair - Negotiating Committee
Look for HSAS Across the Province

Welcome to the Blue/Green 2015 Campaign!
HSAS launched a fresh and exciting new awareness campaign across Saskatchewan. From now until June 2016 we will promote HSAS professions using the posters and buses in the images below. 
We've fully branded four city buses; two in Saskatoon, two in Regina. Two of the buses are fully wrapped, while the back panels of the other two buses feature a profession. The interior of each bus features the HSAS posters. 
Along with the interior of city buses, the posters are scattered throughout the province, showcasing HSAS professionals in restaurants, gyms, Saskatchewan Polytechnic and the Universities (communities are listed on the right). The campaign is divided into quarters - as the campaign progresses the profession posters and panels will be exchanged for a different HSAS profession; eventually representing all HSAS members before the end of the campaign. 

Prince Albert
Swift Current
Candle Lake
Fort Qu'Appelle
North Battleford
Katepwa Lake
Belle Plaine
Moose Jaw
Emerald Park

Click here to see the full campaign
First Quarter Posters - Dietitian, Respiratory Therapist, Hospital Pharmacist, Speech Language Pathologist, Paramedic, Physical Therapist
Full HSAS Branded Bus - Saskatoon
Full HSAS Branded Bus - Regina
HSAS 2015 Convention Delegate Seat Availability
HSAS has extended the deadline for Convention Delegates. If your health region has unfilled delegate seats and you are interested in representing your health region at the Convention, please complete the delegate nomination form, which was previously mailed to you. 
When attending as a delegate, HSAS will provide wage replacement for your regular work shift(s) while attending the two days of Convention and expenses will be reimbursed as per the Annual Convention Expense Guidelines.
All members who submit delegate nomination forms between now and September 15, will be confirmed as delegates on a “first come first serve basis” until the seats for their health region are filled.  Hotel accommodations for out of town delegates cannot be guaranteed after September 15, 2015. Pre-registration forms for Convention will be mailed to the delegates.

Click here for Convention Delegates in each Health Region.
Market Supplement Program Update
HSAS Executive Council has recently established a standing Market Supplement Committee. The Committee will focus on streamlining the process used by HSAS to administer the supplement program for HSAS members.

Moving forward- in addition to the currently market supplemented groups which are already reviewed on an annual basis, the HSAS Market Supplement Committee will be asking SAHO to carry out a review of each current non Market Supplemented classification, every 2 years. The current language of the Market Supplement Program allows either the employer or the Union to request a review at any time. The first classifications for which reviews will be requested are Exercise/Conditioning Therapists, Addictions Counsellors, and Audiologists. These reviews will be requested in September 2015. Subsequently, every three months, reviews will be requested on two to three classifications.  This will ensure that every classification has an opportunity to be reviewed under this program.

Under Review:  We currently have 4 reports received from the SAHO Market Supplement Review Committee under review by the HSAS Market Supplement Committee: Occupational Therapist, PhD Psychologist, Pharmacist, and Advanced Care Paramedic. The SAHO reports for all 4 groups indicated that an increase to the current market supplement was not warranted. The HSAS Market Supplement Committee will send an update out once their review of SAHO’s report has been completed.

Review Completed - No Appeal:  7 reports received from SAHO for:  Public Health inspector, Psychologist Masters, Perfusionist, Physical Therapist, Respiratory Therapist, Dental Therapist, and Infection Control Practitioner, indicating that an increase to the current market supplement was not warranted.  
When reviewed by the HSAS Market Supplement Committee, it was determined that there was insufficient evidence available to support appeals of SAHO’s reports.

Successful Appeal Completed:  Although the EMT/EMT-A classification does not currently receive a market supplement, HSAS had requested a review of this group in 2014.  HSAS received a report from SAHO’s Market Supplement Review Committee in September of 2014, indicating that SAHO’s opinion was that no Market Supplement was required. Based on extensive health region posting information and service information provided by members, HSAS filed an appeal on SAHO’s findings in January 2015. The appeal hearing before the Adjudicator was scheduled for April 2015, but was subsequently postponed by SAHO and then rescheduled to June 8, 2015. On June 8, 2015 Labour Relations Officer Jennifer Bowes and the two EMS Executive Council members met with SAHO for the EMT/EMT-A Market Supplement Adjudication. Following the appeal hearing, the Adjudicator’s decision (click here) was received by HSAS on June 22, 2015. In this report the Adjudicator found that the EMT/EMT-A classification warranted a Market Supplement. The amount of market supplement has not yet been determined. HSAS will send out an update to affected members once this rate is determined.

Reports Due The next report to be received from SAHO is due October 22, 2015 for Dental Therapists.
Renee Honoway, Chair
Market Supplement Committee

Click here to view all HSAS Market Supplement Reports
HSAS Donates Toys to Fire Evacuees
On July 9, 2015 your Executive Council donated almost $1000.00 worth of toys to the children who were evacuated from Northern Saskatchewan due to fire. The donation included skipping ropes, basketballs, soccer balls, mini balls, baby dolls, Barbies, sidewalk chalk, badminton rackets, mini dump trucks for toddlers, and paint. They also donated 9 umbrella strollers, which was identified as a major need by Red Cross staff.

Big thank you to Toys R Us who gave us the last sale price on the umbrella strollers, which allowed us to purchase one more than we would have!
HSAS Executive Council Members Michelle Marud (top left) and Lindsay Freistadt (bottom right) donate toys to the Saskatchewan Red Cross.
Your Questions Answered: The Role of Labour Relation Officers
Planning for Retirement?

Are you planning for your retirement?

Are you considering your options for extended health benefits coverage after retirement?

If yes, you may want to review 3sHealth's option that is available to health region retirees.

Click below to read the resources posted by 3sHealth on their website.

About the Retiree GMS Health and Dental Plan

Group Medical Services Retiree Benefits Brochure and Application

Group Medical Services Retiree Plan Booklet

         Your Contact Information

HSAS is requesting help in updating our email contact lists and database. If you feel that you have missed any HSAS email communications or know of a fellow member who isnt' receiving any emails from HSAS, please call us toll free at: 
1-888-565-3399 or you can email us at anytime. We are happy to update your information and ensure that you receive all pertinent Union communications such as Bargaining Updates, the eBulletin and Market Supplement information.

We have found that a number of the email addresses we have for members have been bounced for the following reasons:
  • Misspelled address
  • Mail box at capacity
  • Mailbox closed
  • Mailbox denied - Blackberry and Hotmail users

HSAS Funds, Scholarships & Awards
HSAS maintains several funds to assist HSAS members and their families. Please click here to learn more about each fund.  

Education Fund
Emergency Fund
Labour Relations Fund
Roberta Ekberg Award
Ron Currie Award
Silver Anniversary Scholarship
Warren Chykowski Memorial Award

Complete application guidelines for each fund/award are found on the application form.
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