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President 's Report - November 2013

 I am pleased to report our overall trading figures have gradually improved since the beginning of our financial year (1 February 2013), when we had three poor months of trading. Recent good weather (although we now need rain) has been encouraging and allowed us to have increased fields, to the extent during August/September/October competition numbers were nearer to budget.  Catering figures have also increased compared to early 2013.
At the time of this report our golfing membership number 730 compared to 822 as at 1 July 13.
It is interesting, of the number of members who did not renew their membership this year, statistics show 43 had one year or less of membership with a total of 77 having less than 3 years membership.  The breakdown of resigned memberships for this year  are as follows:-
Full Playing                      70            Full Playing Corporate          1
Restricted Full Playing    11            Restricted Playing                 0
Playing Member              12             Senior Full Playing                5
Senior Playing                  0               Country                                9
Intermediate                     3                Junior                                 17
Indications are that people are ‘shopping around’ and looking for cheaper golf options, as times are tough.  Carnarvon is continually competing with other clubs, we are trying to keep our members, by providing a quality golf course with good meals and service within the club house.
The Board has set up a number of sub committees, the members of which are reviewing our current course and clubhouse action plans.  They are also researching the following areas for strategic planning considerations including:
  • Fees and membership;
  • Course maintenance and future on-course constructions;
  • Junior membership and after school programs;
  • Club House maintenance/Capital expenditure;
  • Appraisal of land owned by Carnarvon, (3 small blocks of land behind the 8th tee), our lease renewal and potential usage of the vacant area beneath the clubhouse;
  • Club operations including but not limited to promotions, food and alcohol pricing. 
 It is an ongoing problem that we have difficulty encouraging and maintaining our junior membership.
To this end the Board has just passed the following changes relating to young persons fees:
•       12-17 years $100 per annum
•       18-21 years $500 per annum + $300 voucher
•       22-24 years $700 per annum + $300 voucher
There is no joining fee for juniors and young persons. So members, if you have a family member or a young friend of the family please consider joining them up, to play golf at Carnarvon.
Although our lease is not up for renewal until 2017 the Board and Management has communicated with Auburn Council (our landlord) with the view to ascertaining the likelihood of any changes that may occur to the lease.  It would be nice to know if there may be any changes to the length of the lease and of course, as close to possible what the cost of the lease may be.  We would like to know these details to enable us to implement some of our long term strategic plans for the club.  On 5 November, 2013 our GM, Owen Madden spent several hours with employees of a firm contracted by Council to evaluate Carnarvon Golf Club and Course in connection with our lease renewal. 
The broad procedure for the lease renewal is for Council to engage a firm who will evaluate the lease and make their recommendations.  Once this is done and if Council are satisfied with the recommendations along with any other legislative requirements, Council forward the brief to the Minister for Land and Environment for his/her consideration and hopefully signature of approval.
Carnarvon provides the community with a club and golf course for social events, sporting and recreation.  We contribute to school children, social players and members to learn and  play golf whilst maintaining the golf course in an environmentally friendly state.  The land on which Carnarvon Golf Course is built is also a bird sanctuary which we maintain in a careful and responsible manner which is ascetically pleasing to the eye.   
Congratulations to the winners and runners up in all grades relating to our 2013 Club Championships.  Well done also to all members who competed in the Championships. I must congratulate and thank Steve Jacobsen and his staff who continue to present the course in such good condition.  We had very little rain during October but Steve and his ground staff have done a wonderful job in presenting the golf course in good shape.
The Board has recently received complaints that some members are not calling up following players on par threes.  Although there are no compulsory 'call up' holes at Carnarvon, it is etiquette to call following players up on par threes particularly if the group in front of you is still on the next tee.  Obviously if the next tee is vacant, the group putting out on the par three hole needs to keep their group moving. The intent of calling up is to allow the game to flow more quickly and smoothly and not have people waiting unnecessarily on par threes.  There is an adverse flow on effect for not calling up.  
Too often lately the Board has received complaints of poor on-course behaviour.  Some  members become quite volatile over petty incidents and cause concern and worry to fellow members.  PLEASE, BEFORE BECOMING AGGRESSIVE TO A FELLOW MEMBER, THINK ABOUT IT AND 'COOL DOWN'.  REMEMBER TO TREAT OTHERS IN THE SAME MANNER TO THAT WHICH YOU WOULD LIKE TO BE TREATED YOURSELF.   The Board has plenty of work to do, without having to investigate complaints of aggressive behaviour by members.  When a person is called before the committee and given 'time out' from playing golf no one is a winner. 
Don't forget Carnarvon is hosting a qualifying round for the Australian Open Championship on Monday 25 November, 2013.  Everyone is welcome to come along as a spectator and watch some good golf on the day.
To those members who have recently lost a loved one please accept our sincere condolences.  If you have a loved one who is ill, we hope they recover and maintain good health quickly.
Happy golfing
Nick Stoves.

Captains Report 

As everyone is aware the Club Championships were conducted in October and congratulations go to all the winners and Runners up who participated in the various grades.  There were some very good scores recorded in trying conditions on some days.  Perhaps the weather played a part in the time it took most players to complete their rounds.  I would like to thank those winners who stayed back for the Presentation even though it takes time to finalise the competition.

The Club would also like to thank the Veteran’s Committee and members for their sponsorship of the Championships this year.
Winner                    Michael Lee  (303)
Runner Up              Matthew Green  (308)
Nett Winner            David Gainsford  (284)
Winner                     Peter Cramer  (332)
Runner Up               James Ji  (335)
Nett Winner             William Choi  (293)
Winner                      John Park  (346)
Runner Up                Martin Lee (350)
Nett Winner              Murray Sullivan (294)
Winner                      Lewis Lee  (375)
Runner Up                Tiger Lee  (378)
Nett Winner              Peter Prineas  (299)
Those players who qualified for the match play should have completed their 1st round matches and should make sure their 2nd round is completed before the 23rd November on which day the final is to be played over 18 holes at 11.00am not 36 holes as in the fixture book.
Golf Australia last month released the full list of Australian Golf Course ratings.  The ratings are an integral part of the Slope & Handicapping system which will come into effect on 23rd January 2014.
Members no doubt have seen extra coloured markers on the tees.  These markers are an alternative to our usual blue markers for Men and red for Ladies. These markers will be used when the Slope system comes into operation.  Below is a table which shows the course rating and slope rating plus scratch rating for Carnarvon.  This is only a short summary of what is going to take place and more detailed information on the new system may be found on the website.  The Club should be receiving pamphlets to explain the upcoming changes to the handicap system.
COURSE RATINGS    PAR 18          SCR 18           SLOPE 18

BLUE   (Men)                 72                    72                    127
WHITE  (Men)                72                    71                    126
GOLD   (Men)                72                    68                    114
RED  (Ladies)                72                    73                    122
JADE  (Ladies)              72                    72                     118
The course will be closed on Monday 11th November for a mini core.
It is common knowledge that SLOW PLAY detracts from the enjoyment of the game.  Whilst players are not expected to “run” around the course, they should be aware that there are others on the course at the same time and therefore should act with common sense and courtesy towards those players.
Yours in golf
Chris Thomson

From the General Managers Desk

Dear Member,
Congratulations to Michael Lee and Katrina Cho and all the other winners of the Club Championships. Let’s also not forget the talent displayed by Shawn Singham, Paul Merrigan and John Clark in each scoring a hole in one on the last day of the Men’s Championships…a truly outstanding performance.
Well, once again, Melbourne Cup Day is behind us and I am pleased to report that we had 105 guests enjoy the fabulous buffet and an afternoon filled with excitement, both at the track and in our function room. Fashions in the Field was again hotly contested but the star attraction was the Ladies Hat Parade with the winner by 6 lengths being a very original hat topped with a stuffed horse!!!
Recently the Club was able to give away a great travel prize to one of our lucky members who received a 2 day accommodation and meal package at Ettalong Beach. Currently we are running some great promotions every Wednesday, Thursday and Friday nights, including trivia, raffles and members draws with $1,000 available at every draw. So if you haven’t been in the club for some time then why not drop in for dinner?
As some members may be aware, we are maintaining a club Facebook page. The longer term plan is to utilize this social media avenue more fully. Facebook, love it or not, creates a medium that is a 2 way communication tool. Members can add comments and pictures of people and events that are of interest to other club members. The Club itself will also be busy taking photos and writing comments on interesting items. The other benefit of facebook and all social media is that the information and content is immediate and can create a dialogue that is not ‘stale news’. For example, there will be course status and weather reports displayed on a daily basis or restrictions on motorised cart usage displayed each day. As a fail-safe, members can be assured that the Club has administration rights and can delete any comments that are best left off Facebook. So, have a look at the big F at the bottom of this newsletter to access the club’s facebook page. Members are strongly encouraged to use this communication tool as much as possible.
In closing, as we all know, Christmas is fast approaching and to help you keep track of our service times I will forward a copy of the Clubs trading hours to you within the next few weeks.
Until then,
Best regards,
Owen Madden.  

Finance Report 

Newsletters are now being prepared bi-monthly but this issue has been delayed to include the results of both the Men’s and Lady’s Championship which has just concluded. Since the last Finance Report Club membership renewals have been completed but late renewals are still being accepted. Details of non-renewals are covered elsewhere in this Newsletter but I must comment that most Clubs are more than envious of the number of Lady Members at Carnarvon.

The constant theme of too many golf clubs/courses for the active golfer pool continues. We have reluctantly reviewed our fee structure for green fees golfers to regain our share of a dwindling market. Many clubs in our region are facing difficulties with greatly reduced memberships, poor competition fields and diminishing returns from social and public golfers. Reducing fees to attract patronage can only go so far. At least two Golf Clubs in our area have called for expressions of interest for amalgamation while at least one other Club is moving towards re-zoning of its practice area for residential development. Most if not all Bowling Clubs in our general area have been taken over by, or amalgamated with or have come under the umbrella of a large Club.

Carnarvon is fortunate in trading at or near budget while still presenting a well prepared course week after week. This is achieved by good management and strict cost control both within the Clubhouse and on the course by Owen Madden and Steven Jacobsen.

Loyalty is a thing of the past as far as Golf Clubs are concerned. The old days of joining fees are long gone and now that there is no premium involved golfers just shop around for the best deal rather than automatically renewing their membership. As I have frequently mentioned in these columns Golf Clubs cannot survive on subscriptions alone unless the Club is in the silvertail bracket. We have to patronise our own Club. In recent times I have attended functions at many Clubs and have to say that none of them have the outlook of Carnarvon. Another advantage of Carnarvon for a function is the proximity of the kitchen to the function room so that all meals are served hot. I urge all members to consider Carnarvon for weddings, birthdays, parties and other functions

Preparation of the budget for the next financial year is under way and a special effort is being directed towards finding the funds for course improvements. Rebuilding/relocation of the first green and adjoining pathways has been deferred several times and can’t be put off much longer.

Barry Ryan
Chairman, Finance Committee

Lady Presidents Report 

As another year is nearly over and we have successfully held both the Men's and Ladies Championships without any hiccups. To all the Champions, congratulations and may you enjoy your feat for the next 12 months.

Often Clubs are envious of our numbers on our Ladies Days and we look forward to another great year.

To all our Ladies who are on the sick list, we hope you are all back on the golf course in the near future.

The game on Wednesday 13th is Ham's Day Shotgun start and pay for your lunch when you are finished.  Malcolm has promised to have some delightful food.

I have to apologise to the Ladies for my failure to book the function room for our Xmas Luncheon on the 4th December. The Luncheon is now to be held on Wednesday 27th November.  It is to be a sit down lunch at the cost of $15.

To all the staff of at Carnarvon, we wish you a happy and safe Christmas and look forward to good golfing in 2014.

Grace Bryce
Lady President
Congratulations to Monika Chapman on her HOLE IN ONE on the 7th
left to right Daphne Denison, Monika Chapman & Barbara Lynch

Lady Captains Report 

Since our last Newsletter in August, a good start would be to give you some results of past events –
CORONATION MEDAL was won by Concord
BRONZE MEDALLION – was successfully defended by Wakehurst having won it again this year.
INTERCLUB COMPETITION held in September was won “at the last minute” by Cabramatta who only just beat us.   Carnarvon was a clear 2nd. Well done, girls!!!
4-BALL CLASSIC played on 22nd October was Stage 2 of this competition. The successful pairs will then progress to Stage 3 (finals).  We had 3 pairs entered into this competition
Grace Bryce and I attended a Captains’ Meeting at Stonecutters Ridge on 27th September to discuss the Teams for Western Districts Shield No. 1, Bronze II and Interclub for 2014.  It is Carnarvon’s turn to Host the Finals of the Western Districts Shield No. 1 in 2014 which will be on 28th March.
As we are under the auspices of the Northern Districts Interclub Competition, a Captains’ Meeting will be held on 18th November when the Bronze I situation will be discussed. Whether we stay with this Competition or join another Bronze I competition will depend on the outcome of this Meeting.  Whatever the decision, we will still have a Bronze I Competition for our ladies.
The Draw by GOLFNSW has now been released for all Grade Divisions and we will play in Grade 4.with Mona Vale, Camden Lakeside, Cronulla, Moore Park, Muirfield and Carnarvon.

Grade commences early next year – 21st February.
We were outright 2nd in 2013 so hopefully we can improve on that great record in 2014.
Monika Chapman had a Hole-in-One on the 7th in October – Well done Monika!
Lisa Kim had an “Eagle” on the 10th a few weeks ago – indeed, well done Lisa!
Congratulations to both girls.
I am delighted to say that we have now been able to purchase an EAGLE BADGE to reward those very clever people who have had an Eagle during competition at Carnarvon.
We have had the pleasure of interviewing the following ladies since our last Newsletter, and wish to welcome them into our ranks –
            Allison Allen, Berala
            Laura Shin, Dundas Valley
            Lisa Lee, Kenthurst
            Hyeja Chong, Homebush
1st and 10th Tees
Just a Thank You to the Board for giving us the use of the 10th Tee for September, October and November.  The ladies have responded well to this change and we have had good fields each week in the 80s and 90s in spite of School Holidays, HSCs in progress in lots of families, and any other “life” interruptions like sickness or ill health – all during this time.  We will revert back to the 1st Tee only for December and January until our full Programme of Events starts again next year.
Whilst we had some interest in this event the notice was a bit short.  However, this is only the first year and we can see how this competition goes this year and we can look at the prospects the following year.
Division 1
Scratch Winner:     Katrina Cho (1)            315
Runner Up             Jenny Shim (7)             339
Nett Winner:          Grace Kim (17)             292
Division 2
Scratch Winner:     Karen Sheargold (22)  394
Runner Up              Agnes Cho (25)           396
Nett Winner:           Sung Sook Ryu (30)    290
Division 3
Scratch Winner      Donella Wells (31)      411
Runner Up              Katarina Lee (32)        416
Nett Winner:           Donella Wells (31)      287
Premiership Cup Winner:     Donella Wells 141 (Sun and Sun)   
Seniors Champion:               Mi Kang 178 (Wed and Wed) 
Senior Nett Champion:         Yoon Ree Lee 146
Gold Medal Winner:              Grace Kim    
Congratulations to all these worthy Winners!!!
The change in Rounds 3 and 4 was very successful by seeding the best 12 players in each of the 3 Divisions and the result of the field could revert to “choice of partners”.  I am sure it was a popular change also by the players.

Katrina Cho is now booked to play in the CHAMPION OF CHAMPIONS Event at Manly on Monday 11th November. 
Good Luck Katrina!
The date set was Wednesday 4th December.  However, owing to a large Corporate Booking, this Luncheon has been brought forward a week.  So the NEW DATE IS WEDNESDAY   27th November 2013
ROSE BOWL 2013 re-introduced this year
This is a MATCH PLAY event and will commence on the week of 18th November.  Matches generally should be played on “Wednesdays”. However, this is flexible between each pair of players and should be played for each week BY FRIDAY.

The players have been drawn from the best 16 eligible 72 hole nett scores and “available” players from the Ladies Championships just completed.  The Draw Sheet is in the Pro Shop as well as in the Ladies (upstairs).  The Cards are already made out and in the Pro Shop for Round 1.   My apologies to those ladies who already placed their name on the Rose Bowl List in the Pro Shop indicating their interest to participate in this event.

Unfortunately, the Conditions of Play state that the Rose Bowl players are drawn from the 16 best nett players from the Championship.  Whilst the players will give/get strokes on Full Handicap between each pair, I have set the “limit” of no more than 18 strokes be given in any one match.  Good Luck to all qualifiers and don’t forget to have FUN!!!

The Committee will look at widening the scope for next year if they see fit.
Happy Golfing 

Fay Butcher
Lady Captain

                            Congratulations Lady Champions
Katrina Cho (Div1), Karen Sheargold (Div2) and Donella Wells (Div3).

Course Managers Report 

 Weather update.
 Only 11.8mm of rain was recorded for November bringing the average for the past 4 months to less than 20mm which is 30mm below the monthly average.
October was also 3.7°C above average with 11 of the first 23 days of the month over 30°C. The long term average for days over 30°C is only 3.4 days. Again the saving grace is that we are still having cool nights with minimum temperatures very close to average due to the low humidity levels.
The wind has also been very problematic in recent times with strong winds every few days creating a lot more mess than usual for the greenstaff to deal with before we can commence normal operations.
Upcoming works.
 All the greens will be cored with mini-tines this coming Sunday and Monday if the weather allows.
The left hand bunker on the 3rd will have the sand removed so a liner can be installed to stop the problem of clay pushing up through the sand from the base of the bunker. At the same time we will re-shape the back side of the bunker to reduce maintenance times and improve access for golfers.
The ladies tee on the 5th hole will be rebuilt to increase the size of the tee, align it correctly and allow the ageing irrigation to be re-placed.
In the New Year we will be re-shaping the left hand bunker and surrounds on the 16th hole to improve drainage and playability as well as re-shaping the chipping green fairway to address drainage issues and restore the bunker at the chipping green to its original shape.
Course Staff Qualifications.
Contrary (I guess) to popular opinion at times the course staff are fully qualified in a range of skills. The current full-time staff of 7 (including 2 Apprentices part way through training) have the following qualifications:
Adv. Diploma (Cert. 5) Turf Management
Diploma (Cert 4) Turf Management
Trade Cert (Cert 3) Turf Management
Trade Cert (Cert 3) Parks & Gardens
Trade Cert (Cert 3) Automotive Mechanic
Trade Cert (Cert 3) Small Implements
Statement of Attainment in Urban Irrigation
Statement of Attainment in Arboriculture Techniques
Chainsaw Operations Level 1
4 × AQF 3 Chemical Accreditation
2 × Skidsteer Loader License
2 × Excavator Loader License
5 × Training towards Trade Cert (Cert 3) Landscape Construction
2 × Training towards Trade Cert (Cert 3) Turf Management
2 × First Aid Certificates
This may help dispel some of the myths that exist in the graphic below.

Veterans Report 

Since our last report we have played twelve games with an average of 45 members per week. Three week were lost to a washed out game in August, (can you believe it), coring and a corporate day.
The winners were as follows:-

1st August       
Winner                        Marie Cross               19 Points
Runner up                   Dennis Beckwith       18 Points
Fred Cherry Award     Terry Dolan                 $20-00

15th August     
Winner                        Judy Emmett              
Runner up                   Joan Causley
Fred Cherry Award     Robert Underwood     $20-00

29th August     
Winner                        Barry Munro                20 Points
Runner up                   Peter Welzel              19 Points
Fred Cherry Award     Robert Underwood     $20-00

5th September
Winner                        Barry Munro               20 Points
Runner up                   Jeanette Bromley      18 Points
Fred Cherry Award     Barry Ryan                 $20-00

12th September
Winner                         Peter Welzel               21 Points
Runner up                   Judy Emmett               20 Points  c/b
Fred Cherry Award     Yoon Ree Lee              $20-00

19th September
Winner                        John Savage                21 Points  c/b
Runner up                   Grace Bryce                21 Points
Fred Cherry Award     Leo Kinch                     $20-00

26th September
Winner                        Martin Macdonald       20 Points
Runner up                   David Le Claire          18 Points c/b
Fred Cherry Award     Grace Bryce               $20-00
10th October   
Winner                        Daphne Denison         20 Points
Runner up                   Norma Griffiths           19 Points
Fred Cherry Award     Lance Flecknoe          $20-00

17th October   
Winner                          David Simmons        19 Points c/b
Runner Up                   Jin Kang                     19 Points c/b
Fred Cherry Award     Lance Flecknoe          $20-00

It is sad to note that we lost our friend, Allan Stone  during this week and we send our sympathies to his family in their loss.
On a happier note Joe Coombes had his birthday this week and is 93 years young. Well done Joe.

24th October   
Winner                         Ron Kirby                     20 Points
Runner up                   Leo Kinch                     19 Points
Fred Cherry Award     Jeanette Bromley         $20-00

31 October     
Winner                        Jack McKendrick         21 Points
Runner up                   Phil Russo                  20 Points
Fred Cherry Award     No result , to jackpot

7th November 
Winner                         Daphne Penrose          22 Points c/b
Runner up                   Norm Roberts               22 Points
Fred Cherry Award     Bill Lang                        $40-00
We will be having our Christmas party on the 12th December for all eligible members of the Vets’Club.
Thank you for your support and I will see you next Thursday if not before.

Good golfing

Keith Speer

A History Moment

This month I am including another extract from “Living in Liddy” by Les Stafford. This item deals with some of the relief operations carried out in Lidcombe during the Great Depression.

The Depression years produced many organisations and committees that worked extremely hard in an effort to alleviate some of the effects of those harsh economic times. The churches were well to the fore and worked hand in hand with the Council.  The United Christian Endeavour Movement, which had been formed around 1896, introduced Soup Kitchens in 1930 for the benefit of the children of the unemployed and about 350 children participated daily.  The soup was prepared voluntarily by the cooks at the State Hospital (known locally as the Old Men’s Home), the meat being purchased from the Sydney Meat Preserving Co. direct, at 1/2d. per pound, and distributed from the Lidcombe Town Hall by a committee headed by the Mayoress, Mrs. Wilson. There was a depot at the Berala Church of England and another at the Convent school. The distribution continued until 1932.

Several clothing drives were also organised and appeals went out to anyone with surplus clothing, and I can remember my prized polo-necked jumper being donated to the cause.  I have to admit here that it wasn’t my idea – enough said.

The Vegetable Relief Committee was, as its name implied, a Society composed from among the unemployed residents of Liddy to supplement the food supplies (issued under the Government’s relief scheme) with fresh vegetables.  The scheme originated from the Lidcombe Branch of the Unemployed Workers’ Union.  The Lidcombe Municipal Council was asked to convene a public meeting to discuss ways and means of remedying what was considered an omission from the dole rations, that is, the provision of fresh vegetables.  A committee was formed and immediately adopted a system of door to door collections of monies, and the Executive Members attended the City Markets on a weekly basis and made the purchases, which were then distributed to those who had contributed cash.  During the summer months, donations of surplus fruit from the local orchards were also collected and distributed.

The Society had over 200 active members, and when it is considered that each member represented one household with an average of five occupants, it will be seen that over 1,000 persons benefited each week from the operations.
Barry Ryan
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