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Presidents Report

We have concluded our financial year ended 31 January 2015 on a good note, having made a small annual profit.  Congratulations to Owen Madden, Steve Jacobsen, Mike Callaby, all of our staff and the Board who work so hard to keep Carnarvon a successful golf club.

Particular thanks go to Barry Ryan, Chairman of Finance and David Lai who do a sterling job all year and who have been working tirelessly preparing for our annual audit and this year's budget papers.  Details of our final annual figures will be presented for the AGM to be held on 12 May 2015.

The Board strives to keep running and managing costs of our golf club to a minimum. Reducing golf memberships is a problem we have to deal with every year.  Our funding by virtue of fees is affected, we are always looking to supplement this shortfall by encouraging visitors to use the course along with more use of the bistro, bar and function rooms. 

Our old friend Ray Harrison who was for many years, the proprietor of Ray's Airport Golf Driving Range recently held a fund raising golf day for the Ray Harrison and Alex Mercer Junior Golf Foundation which Carnarvon has agreed to partner. The weather was good, the course was great (thanks to Steve Jacobsen and our ground staff) and later in the clubhouse everyone participated in socialising and a good meal.  Congratulations to Owen, Heidi, James and his kitchen staff along with Mike Callaby and all other staff who catered for this wonderful day.  Proceeds from the event go to the Junior Golf Foundation to be spent on introducing juniors to golf and the furthering of their golfing knowledge and skills.  A number of Ray's young protégés have already joined Carnarvon.

The Board has approved the development of a new electronic LED sign on the corner of Joseph and Amy Streets. DA approval is being sought through Auburn Council and Roads and Maritime Services.  The sign, if approved will enable us to have paid sponsorship advertising along with the advertising of forthcoming events at Carnarvon. It is envisaged the majority of development and ongoing costs will be covered by these sponsorships. Without naming them at this time, sponsors who were approached showed enthusiasm at the opportunity to be involved.

Our Ladies' Committee continue to do a good job, for which the Board is extremely grateful.  The Ladies' Captain Catherine Tucker and Vice-Captain Barbara Lynch have, since last year attended and contributed greatly at Match meetings. I am pleased Catherine and Barbara have now accepted an invitation to participate in both Match and Greens meetings in the future.  Their enthusiasm and knowledge has been appreciated since taking up their respective roles on the Ladies' Committee.  Catherine and Barbara are ably assisted on committee by Lisa Kim, Michelle Park and Agnes Cho, a sincere thank you is extended to these ladies.

We have been fortunate over recent months to have new people join Carnarvon.  They are very welcome at our club.  I am sure everyone will enjoy the company of our new members as we play golf and get to socialise with them.  Please introduce yourself to any new members you see about the club.

My sincere condolences are extended to those members and friends who have recently lost loved ones.  To those people who are ill or injured I hope you recover good health quickly and return to Carnarvon fit and ready to enjoy our amenities.

For goodness sake be kind to each other, treat others as you would like to be treated yourself.  It is a simple and good philosophy in life. I am hopeful, although the thought is extended to all, in particular it is extended to people who although remaining nameless, know who they are.

Happy golfing
Nick Stoves

Captains Report 

The Major Pennants commenced on the 8th February and a good win was recorded by team Carnarvon.  7 to 0 at home against Camden Lakeside.

15th February the team played Camden Lakeside at Camden and were beaten 4 ½ – 2 ½.

22st February Carnarvon played Cromer at Cromer and came away with a draw (3 ½ - 3 ½) which is not a bad result for playing away.

Next Sunday, 1st March Carnarvon play Cromer at Carnarvon.  We are hoping for a home victory.  It is hoped that members will not be inconvenienced by slow play.  The next home game will be played on 15th March.  Morning times will be limited.

Master pennants start this year on the 26th April.  Members who are interested in playing in this event and who have a handicap of 7 or less and who are 50 years of age or over are welcome to submit their names on the list in the golfer’s nook.
The teams in Carnarvon’s section this year are:   The Coast, Chatswood and Beverley ParkIf anyone is interested in making themselves available to manage the team don’t hesitate to apply.

There has been some concern about the length of time it is taking to complete the work behind the 13th green, 14th tee area. This project was delayed for several reasons, mainly due to the weather and the lack of staff.  As this didn’t effect play to a great extent, the resources were utilised on other parts of the course such as cutting fairways, roughs and preparing the course for club competitions.  Work has now been re-started and weather permitting should be completed soon.  A grassed bunker will replace the original sand bunker behind the 13th green and new drainage will be installed.  The area adjacent to the 14th tee will be covered in mulch and planted out.
            Net Winner- Fred Song 
            Scr. Winner- Brad Lincoln

            Net Winner- Ian Calvert
            Runner Up - Warwick Georgeson
            Scr. Winner – Michael Lee

When first introduced the idea was for members to come to the club, put their name down and wait until there number was drawn out and then book in.  Lately certain members are leaving lists on the booking in table, leaving the club and expecting those operating the computers to book them in.  This practice will no longer be acceptable.
Yours in golf
Chris Thomson

From the General Managers Desk

Dear Member,
We are already well into the New Year and the Club is moving along at a good pace with an ever-filling event schedule. This includes our increasing trade from functions, business seminars, and corporate training days and also the usual weekly trade.
For 2015, I have booked in 9 Saturday night concert nights….one a month from February to October (excluding April due to Easter and ANZAC Day). Feedback last year indicated that although some members preferred a Sunday afternoon/night concert, the numbers just did not stack up compared to the Saturday night events.The next concert will be Mixed Vibrations on 28th March. Members’ attendance at these concerts will ensure their continuation.
A new Dinner Menu has started which has already received praise from many members and visitors. For those not up for a big meal at a great price, we have a number of smaller servings available on our Specials Board.
Recently, the Federal Governments excise increase was passed along to us, which occurs every 6 months. Fortunately, this time around, the increase has not been passed on to members in the way of increased beverage prices. The added costs of your favourite amber product has been absorbed into our running costs. Unfortunately, given the need to keep our margins at a profitable level, we will probably need to pass on the next expected increase later on in the year.
I would also like to remind members of our new Friday Night Members Draw. We now have 2 Major Draws of $500 each and every month on the second Friday of the month. Draws are from the ticket barrel located in reception. Members can enter the draws once a week from 5pm on Friday afternoons. Minor weekly draws are conducted every Friday night.
On Sunday 18th January we hosted the Regional Final of the Australian Poker League Championships. It was well attended by 96 eager poker players during the day and early evening.
For those who have an astrological tendency, the well renowned physic and Who Magazine columnist, Mitchell Coombes is performing here at Carnarvon on Friday 29th May. This is a dinner show, which includes a sumptuous 3 course meal. Tickets can be purchased via Club Reception.
Although availability is limited, we still have some Saturday’s available for those looking for a wedding venue. So, for any further bookings in 2015 only, we are offering the very special discounted price of $55 per person, which includes room hire, room set-up and a sumptuous 2 course meal.
Finally, thanks once again to all the great staff here at Carnarvon for your hard work and efforts. You are a great support and do a fantastic job!
So, with all the new and exciting events happening here at Carnarvon, I hope to see even more members come and support their Club,
Best regards,
Owen Madden. 

Finance Report 

This report covers the period to 31st January, 2015 which the end of the Club financial year so final figures are not settled as they are subject to audit and Board review. Without pre-empting the Annual Report I can advise that the Club will bring in a modest profit after depreciation and some provisions against the following year’s expenses. Poker machines and catering performed well above budget while bar trading was disappointing due in part to members discounts and absorption of excise increases. Subscriptions were down reflecting the fall in membership. All clubs in our area are experiencing difficulties in maintaining numbers and in fact a recent extensive article in The Economist identified this as a worldwide problem. The burgeoning growth in remote club membership is also a matter for concern. Fees for the 2014/15 year were maintained at the previous year’s rate in an effort to stem the membership drift but with little or no avail. The decline in membership is reflected in a fall in competition fees. Some initiatives have been introduced by the Board to attract more visitors and early indications are promising.

A full review of the Club’s financial activities will be presented in the Club Annual Report.

Barry Ryan
Chairman, Finance Committee

Introducing  Kevin Hills Top Ten Artists to Carnarvon Golf Club.

Kevin and Cheryl have been bringing Australian Art to the people for over 35 years locally, Nationally and Internationally
His Art Shows are unique where you meet the Exhibiting Artists, have the opportunity to buy from them and take your chosen works home for your enjoyment.

On May 1st – 3rd This will be the case here at Carnarvon Golf Club with Free Entry

Opening on Friday Night 1st May at  7pm with drinks and nibbles, everyone’s welcome (Preview for Club Patrons from 12pm Friday).

Then continuing over the weekend Sat 9-6 and Sun 9-4 Come along and meet the artists, purchase their works and have them personally signed.

Exhibiting Artists: Max Mannix, Werner Filipich, Otto Kuster, John Vander, Paul Margocsy, Gary Myers, Ian Hansen, Jim Hough, David Brayshaw, Ramon Ward-Thompson, John Bradley. With selected works by Richard Bogusz, Pro Hart, Bill Ambagtsheer and Eric Minchin.

Most exhibiting Artists will be available all weekend.
Enquiries and RSVP: or 0402 130 000

To learn more about Kevin Hills Top Ten Australian Artists visit our website

Ladies Match & General Committee  

On behalf of our Lady Captain Catherine, and the members of the Ladies Match and General Committee, welcome to our 2015 golfing year.  Our year has started exceptionally well for Carnarvon’s ladies representative teams competing in the Western District I Shield and Grade 3 Pennant competitions with great results obtained in the matches played so far.  Well done ladies!
Our Summer Cup match play event has concluded with Jude Kirby our winner and Agnes Cho runner up.  This was our inaugural summer match play event and we have been encouraged by the enthusiasm shown by the ladies who nominated to play in this event.  Congratulations Jude from us all.
A most important day is on the horizon and that is Carnarvon’s annual open Charity Day event.  We invite all members to form a team in the form of a mixed or ladies group to play in an Ambrose event on Wednesday 11 March 2015.  The charity to be supported this year is the Auburn Hospital Equipment Wish List which is a program that endeavours to raise money to purchase specialised equipment to assist each Department of the Hospital in providing their patients with optimum care.  The booking in sheet is now available online and we look forward to seeing a great roll up on the day.  
With Easter approaching our next open day event will be our Easter Open Day.  We will again be conducting a Sporté Leisure clothing sale during lunch on this day and we thank Mike Callaby for arranging this for us so efficiently through the Pro Shop.
Finally an invitation is extended to all our lady members to join your Lady Captain and the members of the Ladies Match and General committee for our next ‘get together’ morning tea to be held on Saturday morning 28 March at 10.30 am in the club house.  These get together events are a great avenue for general discussion and sharing of ideas.  We hope to see you there.

Barbara Lynch
For the Ladies Match and General Committee
2015 Ladies Western District Shield 1 - Monday Team
Julia Cramer, Bev West, Annika Ko, Kathy Kim & Grace Kim

Ladies Veterans Report 

Welcome to 2015 and good golfing this year.

Your Subscriptions are still being collected but, your scores are being recorded for the Major Events (Rene Buxton Trophy and the Point Score Trophy) which is run in conjunction with the Medal Days on both Wednesdays and Sundays.  The winners being determined by the best 4 nett scores out of the 6 rounds played during the medal months.

The VWGA Programme of Golf Events is located ion the VWGA Folder outside the Juniors Room.  They incorporate 2015 with some ideas for 2016.   The Newsletter (VETSFLASH) is also in this Folder for your convenience.
The VWGA now has a new Lady President, Lyn Walker, with a new Committee.  The retiring Lady President, Beverley Walker, having served her time.

I would like to welcome New Members for 2015:  Ladies
Sharon Honeybrook, In Ja Kim, Kathy Kim, Michelle Park and Fay Simmonds.

Happy Easter to All

Fay Butcher
Lady Vets Delegate

Veterans Report 

A new year begins and we look forward to one as successful as last year.

Since our last report we have had a wonderful Christmas Party and on the golf course an average of 41 players per week, which is a good result.

We are always looking for new members to join us and we can assure you that you will enjoy 11 holes of golf off Vet handicaps. Win a golf ball loose a shot. Win the event of the day and loses 3, runner up loses 2 shots. We like to share the prises around however you will have the opportunity to win $150.00 in voucher prises per week as well as one 6 bottles of wine.

The winners of prizes during the last 8 weeks are: (one week washed out)

18th December 2014
Winner - Sammy Choe16 Points c/b
Runner Up - Robert Underwood1 6 Points
Starr Partners Award - Michael Robinson $30-00
Fred Cherry Award - Carol Flecknoe $20-00

8th January, 2015
Winner - Joseph Gabrych  17 Points
Runner up - Lance Flecknoe 16 Points
Starr Partners Award - Lance Flecknoe $30-00
Fred Cherry Award - June Clark$20-00

15th January 2015
Winner - Harley Roberts 18 Points
Runner Up - John Davies 17 Points
Starr Partners Award - Len Coghlan $30-00
Fred Cherry Award - Kent Pidgeon $20-00

22nd January, 2015
Winner - Chae Hyan Oh 22 Points
Runner Up - Sammy Choe 17 Points
Starr Partners Award - Len Coghlan $30-00
Fred Cherry Award no result

5th February, 2015
Winner - Harley Roberts  17 Points c/b
Runner Up - John Causley17 Points
Starr Partners Award - Trish Chatfield $30-00
Fred Cherry Award - Graham Stepto $40-00 Jackpot

12th February, 2015
Winner - Lance Flecknoe 15 Points
Runner Up - Graham Stepto14 Points
Starr Partners Award - Robert Hogan $30-00
Fred Cherry Award - Leo Kinch $20-00

19th February, 2015
Winner - Ray McColl17 Points
Runner Up - Bill Lang16 Points c/b
Starr Partners Award - Martin Macdonald $30-00
Fred Cherry Award - Fay Simmonds $20-00

26th February, 2015
Winner - Sammy Choe 17 Points
Runner Up - Leo Kinch16 Points c/b
Starr Partners Award - Harley Roberts $30-00
Fred Cherry Award - Bill Jardine$20-00

Thank you for your support fellow golfers and I will see you on the course.

Good golfing.

Keith Speer

A History Moment

This month I have finally been able to use items from the Club’s first Minute Book. The item chosen is the complete minutes of the first meeting recorded which was called for the purpose of establishing a golf club. The meeting lasted 1 hour.

 March 15th 1928 at 8.00 p.m.
Meeting held at Alderman Atkinson’s Shop, Corner of Station Road and Hill Street.   Mr Atkinson Chair.
Proposed: F. W. Furniss, Esq.
Seconded: Dr Nihill
Motion:     Those present to form themselves into a Golf Club.
Proposed: Miss Simpson
Seconded: A.W. Arnott
Motion:     That the name be “The Carnarvon Golf Club”.
Nominations were called for the position of Honorary Secretary.
Proposed: Dr Nihill
Seconded: F. W. Furniss, Esq.
Motion:     That A. W. Arnott be elected Honorary Secretary.
This being the only nomination A.W. Arnott duly elected.
Proposed: T. Thompson, Esq.
Seconded: N. T. Fraser, Esq.
Motion:    That authority be given to the Honorary Secretary to interview Mr Douglas of “The Intercolonial Investment Company” in regard to permission to play on land owned by his company.
Proposed: W. Hill, Esq.
Seconded: T. Thompson, Esq.
Motion:    That authority be given to Honorary Secretary to interview Mr Walker owner of a dairy for permission to play on his paddock.
The election of officers resulted as follows:
Patron                        Alderman Gollan
President                   Alderman Atkinson
Vice President          Alderman  Keaghery
Vice President          Alderman Peters
Vice President         Alderman Briggs
Vice President         E. Webber, Esq.
Proposed: Dr Nihill
Seconded: A. W. Wedlock, Esq.
Motion:    That the entrance fee be the sum of half guinea (10/6) for gentlemen and ladies free.
Proposed: T. Thompson, Esq.
Carried:   N. T. Fraser, Esq.
Motion:    That a fee of 2/- per week be paid by each member of the Club and the ladies free.
Proposed: L. Heiser, Esq.
Seconded: A. W. Wedlock, Esq.
Motion:     That authority be given to Honorary Secretary to accept a contract from Mr Hill regarding the upkeep of the course.
Proposed: Alderman Dyce
Seconded: N. T. Fraser, Esq.
Motion:    That the officers of the Club act as a Committee until the next meeting.
Proposed: N. T. Fraser, Esq.
Seconded: A. W. Wedlock, Esq.
Motion:    That the membership of the Club be limited to fifty (50) gentlemen.
Proposed: T. Thompson, Esq.
Seconded: Alderman Dyce
Motion:     That future members to be not allowed to play until financial.
Proposed: N. T. Fraser, Esq.
Seconded: Alderman Dyce
Motion:     That W. Hill be elected Captain.
Proposed: Alderman Dyce
Seconded: F. W. Furniss, Esq.
Motion:     That the number of lady members be limited to fifty (50).
Proposed: N. T. Fraser, Esq.
Seconded: F. W. Furniss, Esq.      
Motion:    That Mr Atkinson be thanked for the loan of his premises.
Proposed: T. Thompson, Esq.
Seconded: Alderman Dyce
Motion:    That the Club open an account with “The Rural Bank” and cheques signed by two of The President, The Secretary and The Treasurer.
Meeting declared closed at 9.30 p.m.


Barry Ryan 
Club Historian
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