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Presidents Report

After 24 years working at Carnarvon, our Course Superintendent Steve Jacobsen is moving on.  Steve is currently on leave, however he will finish up on 1 July 2015.  Steve has decided to to take up a position as a sales rep with a reputable firm selling golf course machinery.  I have the highest praise for all the good work Steve has done during his 11 years as Course Superintendent.  Steve implemented many changes and the course has prospered due to his efforts.  Thank you Steve and we wish you all the very best in your new job. 

The Board has appointed Shay Tasker to the interim position of Course Superintendent.  Shay has worked for Carnarvon for the past 6 years during which he has been second in charge on the course, relieving Steve when he was away on leave.  Shay is highly qualified, he knows the course and its requirements extremely well.  The Board has every expectation that Shay will do an excellent job in maintaining the high quality of the golf course.  The position will be reviewed at the end of January 2016.

In her 64th year with Carnarvon Patricia O'Brien (pictured) is our longest serving playing lady member.  Recently Patricia was awarded our Carnarvon Medal celebrating her longtime membership. Patricia is still playing in the ladies' and vets' comps.  We congratulate and thank Patricia for her valued loyalty to Carnarvon. Patricia is a joy to speak with, full of life and vigour.  Like many veteran golfers she finds it difficult to play 18 holes during the summer months.  I have spoken with our Ladies' Captain Catherine Tucker who has mentioned trialling a 9 hole ladies' competition in the summer season.  I support this initiative, as we strive to provide our longtime members with an opportuniy to continue playing.  With the introduction of 'MiClub', we may somehow be able to cater for a 9 hole competition.

Friday the 19 June 2015 we will be booking in for our game through a new golf computer system MiClub.  We will be going 'online' with the new system from 25 June when members will have access.  MiClub I am told provides a wider, quicker and better variety of options open to the club than the old Micropower system.  Both Ruth McKinnon and our pro-shop staff are looking forward to using MiClub.

Carnarvon's policy, should any person collapse either on the course or in the clubhouse particularly where a heart attack or stroke is suspected, is to immediately phone for an ambulance. Mobile phones are certainly permitted on the course for emergencies of this nature, so don't hesitate, phone for an ambulance as time wasted in getting a pro-shop staff member or club staff to phone may be the difference in saving a life.

Recently we had the sad passing of life member Dudley Davies, former President David Le Claire, members Ray McColl, Dennis Donovan and Ted Stanley.  Our sincere condolences go out to their families for the loss of their loved ones. Dudley Davies was a member who did a lot of work with other early members including our Patron George Middleton during the 1950's and beyond to ensure we now have such an excellent golf course.  Thank you to Dudley and all our previous 'old time' members for their hard work.  To those who are ill, either in hospital or at home I hope you have a speedy recovery.

With all the rain we have experienced during the past several months it has become very obvious that some of our golfers have no sense of responsibility, in that, carts and bikes are being driven right up to the edge of our greens leaving deep wheel tracks damaging the green surrounds. Ladies and gentlemen, the Board has made a decision that golf carts and bikes are no longer permitted within 10 metres of our greens' surrounds, (with the exception where a specific man made pathway may be provided for golf carts either now or in the future). Signage to this effect will be posted on our local rules board, in all of our golf carts and also on the pro-shop counter.  Because the problem has become so serious, please take heed of this local rule, members who disobey the rule may be brought before the Committee to show cause as to why they should not be given 'time out' from playing golf.

Our 45th Annual General Meeting (AGM) was held at the Club on 12 May 2015, thank you to those who attended. For those who were unable to be at the meeting, I take this opportunity to explain several important changes to our Constitution at the AGM.

They included:
  • Amending Rule 40 by deleting the words 'half yearly' in respect of half yearly fee payments. The Constitution was changed to give the Board the power to approve fee payments in advance by direct debit monthly instalments.
  • The change provides members, should they so desire, with a more convenient and less financially difficult option for payment of annual subscriptions.
  •  Amending Rule 22 b (IV) dealing with Midweek Playing Members by deleting the words 'with no further transfers to, or admissions to this class of membership'.  To now read 'Existing Midweek Playing Members will be transferred to the class of Restricted Playing Member'.
  • Amending Rule 24 (d) (ii) by deleting the words 'This class of membership is closed to any further entrants'. To now read ‘(ii) to play in organised competitions except: (a) Saturdays and Sundays; and (b) Gender specific events where the member is not the gender specified in the event.  On other days the entitlement to play in organised competitions will be in accordance with any by-laws passed from time to time by the Board and gender requirements of the events.
Changes were made to Rules 22 b (IV) and 24 (d) (ii) due to continuing inquiries received from prospective members wanting to join our club, with a restricted class of membership.
Further notification of these changes will be forwarded to members when subscription fee notices are sent out.

Happy golfing
Nick Stoves

Captains Report 

Course Staff changes
I would like to take this opportunity to thank Steve Jacobsen for all his tireless efforts regarding course improvements and the everyday upkeep of the golf course over the past 24 years. I wish Steve every success in the new direction he is undertaking.
Shay Tasker will now take over the position of Course Superintendent.
Congratulations to Carnarvon’s Masters Pennant team on winning their division this year even though suffering a narrow defeat  in their final game against Beverley Park (4 – 3 1/2). The team won 5 of their 6 matches.  As there are several games still to be played due to the wet weather at the start of the competition, the make-up of the final sixteen is yet to be decided. Though the competition has not finished as yet it is to be hoped that Carnarvon can progress to the finals.  Thanks to the players who made themselves available this year to represent Carnarvon, they were:  Brad Lincoln, Glenn Osborne, Paul Merrigan, Nick Sadgic, Phil Lalor, Sid Sadgic, Jeff Mitchell, Mick Evans and John Kindred also a special mention to our emergency reserve David Gainsford.  I would also like to thank the caddies and spectators who came to the games to give their support and thanks to John Honeybrook for managing the team.
Once again slow play is becoming a problem, maybe because the bundy clock is out of action and there can’t be any check on the time taken to play a round of golf.  As we are now in the winter months and the days are shorter, the afternoon players are struggling to finish their round in the daylight.  I hope everyone takes notice of this reminder and shows consideration to their fellow golfers.
Yours in golf
Chris Thomson

From the General Managers Desk

Dear Member,
With the winter months upon us, members will be pleased to note some changes to both our dinner menu and also our lunch menu. We now have 11 new items on the dinner menu with some winter favorites such as lamb shank.
Unfortunately, members’ attendances at the club’s recent concert nights has been somewhat less than expected and as a result, I have cancelled a number of the concerts that were scheduled for later in the year. However, we still have Danny and the DGEES scheduled for Saturday 4th July and Cash-Only scheduled for Saturday 29th August.
The night with Physic Mitchell Coombes was an outstanding success with the room fully booked and glowing reports on both the entertainment and the 3 course meal. Due to its popularity, I have re-booked Mitchell for a similar date next year, however this time on a Saturday night.
Recently the Club hosted an Art Show of the Top 10 Australian Artists. The exhibition was extremely popular as voiced by both the organisers and more importantly the patrons who viewed the exhibition. I wish to thank member Richard Kyong Lee for his initial interest last year in organizing an art exhibition (mainly of Korean and aboriginal art work) here at the club which resulted in our recent exhibition by Mr Kevin Hill.
Members are reminded that club subscriptions are due soon and members will be receiving their renewal notices. As mentioned by Treasurer Barry, members will now have the option of paying via direct debit from their bank accounts, although not through their credit cards at this time. More information can be down loaded from the club web-site. Also a reminder that once again, the Club will offer cash incentives through our ‘’Early-Bird”” membership draws. We will once again have 3 draws for $500 on each of the following Friday nights 31st July; 7th August; 14th August. Terms and conditions will be sent with members’ renewal notices.
I would also like to remind members of our new Friday Night Members Draw. We now have 2 Major Draws of $500 each and every month on the second Friday of the month. Draws are from the ticket barrel located in reception. Members can enter the draws once a week from 5pm on Friday afternoons. Minor weekly draws are conducted every Friday night.
On Sunday 7th June we once again hosted the Regional Final of the Australian Poker League Championships. It was well attended by 106 eager poker players during the day and early evening. To capitalize on the influx of visitors to the Regional Final, the Club arranged a ‘’pot guarantee’’ of $2,000 for a special Public Holiday Monday Poker Game. It was very encouraging to see 67 players play off and enjoy the club facilities for the day. Due to the success of the week-end, similar arrangements are being made for the second half of the year.
I offer a big warm welcome to our most recent Sign Sponsor at the club, Korean BBQ at Lidcombe and suggest members show their support for our Club sponsor by dropping in for a meal.
In closing, most members are no doubt aware that our Course Supervisor, Steve Jacobsen, has moved on after a very impressive 23 years at the Club. I wish to take this opportunity to wish Steve all the best in his new career path and thank him for his support over my time here at Carnarvon. 

Best regards,
Owen Madden. 

Finance Report 

Welcome to another finance report. The news is not so good this month due mainly to the prolonged spells of wet weather and the need to close the course to bikes and carts for extended periods. The ground staff are to be congratulated for returning the course to pristine condition after the damage caused by the weather. The decision to keep bikes and carts off the course was wise as the damage from that source was kept to a minimum even though some members were deprived of their regular golf. When I was able to get back on the course I felt like a beginner. Some people may say what has changed. The income from the course was, naturally, well below budget but fortunately poker machines and catering performed above expectations and the losses on the course were generally contained. I have been known, on occasion,  to exhort members to patronise their own Club for functions, weddings, parties and particularly for wakes. Over recent weeks I have attended a number of funerals and wakes, some at Carnarvon and, others at some well publicised locations and have to say that our presentation leaves the others for dead.

At the last Finance Meeting the Board considered the fees for the next year (1st September, 2015 to 31st August, 2016). The current years fees (2014-2015) were left unchanged from the previous year in an effort to maintain our membership and were not increased by the customary 3% CPI. After much discussion it was determined that the 2015 -2016 fees would have to be increased by 3%. An exception was made for intermediate and junior members to both maintain our present players and, perhaps, make Carnarvon more attractive to new members. The fees were pegged at $270 for intermediates and $100 for juniors. The full fee for a male full playing member is $1990 which is below the magic mark of $2000. Our full fee structure ie competitive with our neighbouring clubs.

As foreshadowed at the AGM fees for 2015-2016  may be payable by monthly direct debit. The conditions and application forms for this facility will be available for download from the Club website in conjunction with the issue of fee notices. The Early Bird draws will be continued.

Our financial situation is in line with our  budget and forecasts despite the loss of trade due to bad weather. This can be considered a good result when compared with the financial stress being experienced by a reported 68% of registered clubs (not just golf clubs).  Falling membership is the bugbear of golf clubs along with difficult economic circumstances. Four nearby clubs have found it necessary to sell parts of their courses for economic reasons. We do not have that fall back solution so we have to rely, particularly, on non golf income to maintain our standards so once again I implore you all to patronise your own club. Remember we can help you with weddings, wakes, parties, anniversaries, trade days, room hire etc. If you have friends contemplating golf membership bring them to Carnarvon for a game. We all have to contribute to keeping Carnarvon really....where else would you want to play golf.

Barry Ryan
Chairman, Finance Committee


Carnarvon Cup


Grace Kim (74)  Avondale


Ladies Match & General Committee  

The second quarter of our golfing year has been a busy and enjoyable one for our lady members.  Our representative players have been travelling far and wide to compete in the various competitions and have been a credit to Carnarvon Golf Club.  Their enthusiasm and demeanour is a delight to witness and new friendships have been formed both within our own club and amongst the participating players of our regional opponents.  Well done ladies!
The Ladies Match and General Committee has recently been investigating and addressing the imbalance of numbers with our ladies daily handicap divisions.  It has come to our notice that our 1st and 2nd division handicap ranges have become overloaded whilst our 3rd division handicap range has slipped in numbers of competing players each week.  A month-by-month survey has been undertaken over a three-month period to help set up a more equitable handicap system over the whole field of competitors each week.  It is planned to bring the new handicap ranges into play as from 1 August 2015 to enable our new computer software system to be well and truly up and running and familiar to our members.  The new daily handicap ranges will be as follows –
DIVISION 1  -           0 – 18
DIVISION 2  -           19 – 27
DIVISION 3  -           28 – 45

It is also planned to monitor these handicap divisions on a month by month basis with a view to addressing this imbalance in our Ladies Championships daily handicap range.  As we are approaching the end of our subscribed year and renewal of subscriptions will shortly take place, this monitoring will commence after all renewals have been received and our membership numbers for 2015/2016 become available.  Please note that only Full Playing Lady members are eligible to compete in the Ladies Championships.
This is an exciting time for our club with the introduction of the new MiClub computer software and your Committee is particularly looking forward to working with this system as it will allow greater flexibility in the various events which can be offered to our members to compete in.
Further to our March Charity Day which raised $670.00 in aid of Auburn Hospital, I would like to pass on the appreciation and many thanks expressed to me by Ms Yvonne Dickeson, Voluntary Services Co‑ordinator of Auburn Hospital.  The money raised will be used to help to provide either a much needed item of equipment and/or programme which will benefit the patients of our local community.
In closing, we congratulate our 2015 Ladies Foursomes Champions, Angela Cho and Agnes You who won this event with a most impressive score of 167.

Barbara Lynch
For the Ladies Match and General Committee
2015 Ladies Western District II Team
Donella Wells, Kathy Knevitt, Judy Rickard, Chris Ashworth (caddy), Yoon Hong, Grace J Lee, Jessica Nam

A History Moment

Our Course Manager, Steve Jacobsen, is leaving on 1st July to further his career in a related industry and he will be replaced by our Assistant Course Manager Shay Tasker. After bringing the club history up to date it seemed like a good idea to use the history of Carnarvon Course Superintendents/Managers as the subject of this month’s article.


The  history  and  succession of Course  Superintendents at  Carnarvon  is  not  as  clear-cut as that  of  the  Secretaries  and  Professionals.

It  can only  be  assumed  that  the  members  built  and  maintained  the  first  course. In his  "Carnarvon Story"  Jack  Fisher  relates  that  "A tall, rangy,  middle-aged  Scot, golf professional,  had been engaged  as  greenkeeper  to design  and  build the new course (2nd  course  - At  Silverwater  Ed.)".

 The Committee  Meeting of 22nd  October,  1935,  approved  the  appointment  of  an "Acting  foreman-greenkeeper on three months  trial at  4  pounds  per  week".   No  names were  mentioned  in  this  regard.

Over  the  next  10-15  years  there  are occasional references in  the  Minutes  to  "Course Foreman",  "Foreman/Greenkeeper" etc.  It would  seem that  the  Committee generally and the  Captain and Green  Committee  in particular  directed  work  on  the course  and a  senior  member of  the  course  staff  was responsible  for day-to-day supervision. During  the  war  years staff was difficult  to  obtain  and  only  essential maintenance  was  carried out.

From  1947-1949  the present  course  was under construction to  the  design  and  supervision  of Arthur East.  A foreman/greenkeeper  from  the  "Old  Course",  a  certain Mr.  Smith,  had  returned  from  the  war and resumed  his old position.

At some  time  in  the  early  1950s  Mr.  E. C.  Bolger  was  appointed Course  Manager in addition  to  his  position as Club  Professional.   Up  to  this  stage  the Minutes  of Committee  Meetings  have  been  extremely vague  regarding  names  and positions of ground  staff.   So, for want of  another  starting  point,  Mr.  E.  C.  Bolger will  be  assumed  to  be the first  real Course  Superintendent.  Ted  continued  in this position until  his retirement  on  30th  March,  1966.

Ted  Bolger  was  followed  by  Ray Strachan  from  31st March,  1966.

Ray  Strachan  left  the  Club  to  take  up  another  position  in April/May 1975.  The Minutes  do  no record  his leaving or  his replacement.  This information  was  located in payroll  records.

Ray's replacement  was Mr.  R. (Bobby)  Dransfield  sometime in  April/May  1975.  The omission of  significant  matters regarding  course  staff in the minutes may  reflect  the  social  mores of  the  era.

Bobby  was  with  the  Club  for  some  seven years  and  implemented what  must  have been  an extensive  drainage  project  (Phases  A-B  and  E-7) of  which  virtually nothing is recorded for  posterity.

Bobby's stay  with  the Club ended  with  his resignation  on  16th  February,  1982.

He  was  succeeded  in  turn  by Shane  Bissaker  who  stayed  until 27th  May,  1984 when  he  too resigned.

As  an economy  measure  the Club  operated  without  a  Course Superintendent until 16th  February,  1985.  During  this  time  the Course Superintendent from  North  Ryde Golf Club,  Mr.  Gordon Latham  worked  one  day per week  as a Course Consultant , Laurie Reid  was Course  Foreman  for  the  other  four  days.

Wayne  Pounsberry  was appointed  Course Superintendent  on 16th  February,  1985. Wayne was involved in  the  update  of  course equipment and  Stage 1  of  the  Automatic Watering Project.  Wayne  left  Carnarvon  on  20th  August, 1989.

The  new Course  Superintendent  was Craig  Easton a  member  of  the  Club then working as Assistant Course  Superintendent  at Muirfield.

Craig  was  a  member of a Carnarvon  Junior  Pennant  winning team. He  completed  the  automatic  watering  system  and  a  number  of green reconstructions and  tee  re-builds. In March 2005 he left us to pursue a career change.

The succession remained within the Club as his deputy Steve Jacobsen took over the reins. Steve was with the Club for 24 years including his apprenticeship until 1st July, 2015 when he left to further his career in a related industry. Steve’s deputy, Shay Tasker the Assistant Course Manager, After took over the position from 2nd July, 2015.

Barry Ryan 
Club Historian
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