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President 's Report - December 2014

Christmas is a time of goodwill, a time for family and friends, a time when children get excited at the prospect of Santa Claus bringing them much wanted presents.

I would like to take this opportunity to wish our members, staff, families and friends a very merry Christmas and a happy, prosperous and safe New Year in 2015.

It is hoped the goodwill towards others will extend to the golf course, where over the past several weeks we have had some angry behaviour towards fellow golfers.  If anyone has a complaint about other players, there is a process to be followed, that is, inform the Captain or a Board member who will cause your complaint to be investigated.

I wish to thank our senior management group consisting of Vice President Gene Levette, Captain Chris Thomson, Vice-Captain John Honeybrook, Chairman of Finance Barry Ryan, Board members Reg Armstrong, Steve Fletcher, Shawn Singham, Peter Richardson, Owen Madden, Steve Jacobsen and Mike Callaby for their support and contribution during the year to maintaining Carnarvon Golf Club in its current excellent state.

I further wish to thank our members, and all our excellent staff for their wonderful contribution during the year, without everyone's support Carnarvon would not be the great golf club it is.

Thank you to our Ladies' Committee, Captain Catherine Tucker, Vice-Captain Barbara Lynch, committee members Agnes Cho, Michelle Park and Lisa Kim for doing a wonderful job in organising Carnarvon Ladies' golf, social events and supporting the Board of Directors, it is much appreciated.

To Keith Speer and our wonderful 'Vets' for their continued support of our club, a big thank you.  The 'Vets' keep rolling on, playing good golf and afterwards enjoying a celebration of good company in the clubhouse.

We have purchased a defibrillator to use both in the clubhouse and on the course for heart attack emergencies.  The defibrillator will be kept in the clubhouse behind the front counter.  It is to be hoped we never have to use this device, however if the need arises I am told they are foolproof, with the user receiving advice as the device is readied.  The defibrillator also will not operate if there is any indication of a heartbeat.

Just a few of our achievements for the year include:
  • A newly designed and completed 1st green;
  • New folding wall between the bistro and the south eastern corner of the clubhouse;
  • Clubhouse painting;
  • Purchase of on course machine equipment, work shed air-conditioning;
  • New poker machines;
  • Computers;
  • Staff adult education and training;
  • A number of great entertainment nights, band playing, good food and dancing.
After reviewing the number of vacant weekend tee times, the Board has re-assessed our rules concerning golf visitors,   we need to maximise our potential in this area for increasing club revenue.  For full details and statistical data, see Captain Chris Thomson's report.

There are some exciting prospects for Carnarvon in 2015 not the least is we have formed an association with the 'Ray Harrison and Alex Mercer Junior Golf Foundation'.  For about 50 years Ray owned Ray's Airport Golf Driving Range which was situated alongside Bankstown Airport.  Alex Mercer is a well-respected golf professional and a very successful golf coach. 

Ray Harrison has been awarded recognition on two occasions by the NSW PGA for helping and contributing to the success of professional golfers.  Ray has been voted Volunteer of the Year for his work with the Jack Newton Golf Foundation and in 2008 he was nominated for Australian of the Year. Ray is a Life Member of Bankstown Golf Club.

In February 2015 Carnarvon will be hosting the 'Ray Harrison and Alex Mercer Junior Golf Foundation Charity Golf Day'.  Participants will have the opportunity to meet and play with some of our leading junior golfers, have a day of fun golf, partake of a meal and good company afterwards in the clubhouse. Our vision is to contribute more to junior golf, increase our junior membership and secure a strong golfing future for our club. 

Our sincere condolences to all who lost loved ones and friends during the year.  To those persons who are ill or have been ill we wish you a speedy recovery.
Happy golfing.
Happy golfing
Nick Stoves

Captains Report 

Friday 19th December is the last booking in for the year.  On this night we will be booking in for 26th December, 27th December, 28th December and Thursday 1st January (4 sheets).

Booking in for 3rd January and the 4th January will be done from the Pro-shop either in person when you come to golf or by phone on Saturday 27th December.  Booking in online will be available from 12 midday on Saturday 27th December.

Booking in for 10th January and the 11th January will be done from the Po-shop as above on Saturday 3rd January.  Booking in online will be available from 12 midday Saturday 3rd January.

Booking in at the Club will resume on Friday night 9th January 2015.

The Club Champion this year is Brad Lincoln who made it the 19th time he has won this event.  I am sure he will return next year to try to make it the 20th time.
CLUB CHAMPION          A – RESERVE      B - GRADE      C – GRADE
Brad Lincoln                       Stuart Lee              Daniel Kim        Agostino Ragusa
Runner Up
Brett Sweetnam                 James Ji                K. H. Kim          Moon Yang
Net Winner:
Eugene Morozoff               Steve Kim             Tiger Lee           Henry Kim
Match Play: 
Brett Sweetnam                Stuart Lee              K. M. Han          Mark Gibson
Congratulations to all the winners and runners up of all competitions. Commiserations to all who didn’t place.

Following the Championships, the Match play was once again a shambles with eligible players committing to play in the match play and then withdrawing from the competition.  The format had been changed by request from set dates and times to allowing players to choose their own suitable times which appears not to be acceptable either.  It is with regret that this competition is under review whether to be continued.

As of 1st January 2015, Visitors playing in competitions at Carnarvon will have to have played at least 3 of their last 20 games at their home club to be eligible for trophies (ball competition excluded).  Due to the amount of increasing vacancies that are occurring in our Saturday and Sunday competitions, the Board has come to the decision to revamp the conditions of visitors on weekends. Carnarvon can accommodate 288 players on a Saturday and 248 on a Sunday plus 40 social players. Over the past six months we are approximately 50 players down per day, times which are not being used.  This is causing a deficit in the competition fees which in turn is affecting our golfing budget.  To try and combat this problem it has been decided to advertise that visitors are welcome to book in for golf at the Pro-shop after 1.30pm on the Wednesday for the next weekend competitions.   If the Club manages to get 10 extra visitors per day the monetary value would increase by $323.50 per day less G.S.T.  The yearly benefit, taking into account the exclusion of Championships and Major events on 10 players per day = $27,174.00 less G.S.T.
Members may invite 3 partners to play. All visitors must be members of recognised golf clubs and have a current G.A.   Monthly medals and major events are still excluded from this change.  Members will not be disadvantaged by this decision hence the Wednesday booking time being introduced.  By this time members should know whether they will be playing on the weekend.  All visitors will be monitored so as to avoid this privilege being abused. 
I would like to take this opportunity to wish everyone compliments of the season and a successful golfing New Year.

Yours in golf
Chris Thomson

Carnarvon Cup 

Congratulations to Sean Moylan on winning the Carnarvon Cup.  Sean had a great round of 72 included in the round was a hole in one on the 3rd

If members remember where the flag was on that day he obviously did hit a top shot!!!

From the General Managers Desk

 Dear Member,
Well, Christmas is once again upon us and our Christmas Ham Raffles will be on every Wednesday and Friday before Christmas.
Members are encouraged to enjoy a fabulous night out with their family at their club next Saturday night (20th December) when the dynamic 8 piece band MIXED VIBRATIONS are on show from 7pm.
Attendance at our most recent Sunday Band Night was somewhat disappointing, however the outstanding success of our previous Saturday Night Band Nights indicate that many members prefer to come on Saturday nights as opposed to early Sunday evenings. Consequently, a further 9 Saturday Band Nights have been booked in for 2015.
The first cover band for 2015 will be BARNESTORMING- the JIMMY BARNES/COLD CHISEL SHOW, on Saturday 28th February 2015 from 7.30pm. Once again, I have been able to keep ticket prices to a measly $15 per person, so … NO EXCUSES!!
The Club’s function business has continued to go from strength to strength. So much so that the Club’s Function Supervisor, Heidi, has helped Carnarvon Golf Club to secure 3rd Place in the Australian Bridal Industry Awards in the category of Function Venues-Clubs. Well done to Heidi and all the staff involved.
My thanks also go to David, Ruth and Kathy from Administration, who always give their best and adopt a most professional approach to their roles here at the Club, whilst doing a fantastic job of keeping the ship afloat.
The Catering team, led by Malcolm has done a fantastic job of getting great food produced whilst keeping a lid on expenses, ably supported by our front of house staff in making sure our members don’t wait too long for their meals.
Thank you to our Club Supervisors, Sam, Anna, Ryan and Chrissie and of course their hard working staff. It’s sometimes a thankless task working well into the night and weekends and dealing with recalcitrant members of the public. You have all done a great job over the year.
Steve and the greens staff as always have done a marvelous job on the course and continue to be a source of enlightenment for me on course matters. Thank you for your insights!
It would be remiss of me not to extend my congratulations on the exceptional work done by our Wednesday Volunteer Garden Team…the gardens are spectacular.
In closing, I wish President Nick and the Board, Catherine, Barbara and the Ladies Committee, Keith and the Vets and all our members and Club staff and their families a very Merry Christmas and a safe and prosperous New Year. See you at the band nights!!!
Best regards,
Owen Madden. 
Mixed Vibrations 
Saturday 20 December - 7.30pm
Tickets - Adults $10 Children $5

Finance Report 

Every morning Club Director’s receive by email the Clubs NSW Media Report which contains cuttings from publications across the State detailing matters of interest in the club industry. There is almost always news of another bowls or RSL club facing imminent closure or seeking a partner for possible amalgamation. Almost 60% of golf clubs are facing some degree of financial stress. It is then that you offer a silent prayer of thanks that we belong to Carnarvon. We are holding our own and are continuing to present a well prepared golf course and a well maintained clubhouse.

This doesn’t just happen. We have assembled a very efficient staff in all categories both on the course and in the clubhouse and managers with an eye for efficiency and economy. All this will count for nought unless we have the support of the members. Golf Clubs cannot run on subscriptions alone but must have another revenue stream from non golf sources such as bar, catering, poker machines, functions etc. Readers of these pages well know that I rabbit on about this from time to time but I feel obliged to do so because I know what is on the bucket list. We built a new first green this year but there are two more greens on the waiting list. The last dry spell indicated that it would be nice to have more water storage. We are currently replacing two poker machines per annum but four would be better.

Course equipment generally is in excellent condition and replacement of machines is carried out on schedule and not deferred because of cost. It can easily be proved that we save money by having very good machinery. In our case machinery repairs are kept to the minimum, overtime is kept to a minimum as machinery is rarely out of commission and the course mechanic is available to work on the course. Then we have the added bonus of good trade in prices on our machines.

The Board recently reviewed the fee structure and voted to retain the House Voucher system. The house voucher was introduced because it was considered at the time that Carnarvon had an oversupply of car park members who played their golf and went straight home. The house voucher system achieved its purpose with a consequent increase in revenue. The Board feels that the house voucher has now become generally accepted although it is recognised that it is not universally popular. Some members have difficulties using up the house account and approaching 31st August are running around trying to use up their credit. Could I suggest to those members to start using their house account on 1st September and spread the expenditure over the full year not the last few weeks. If you spend $6.00 per week you will have spent $300.00 by the end of the year. There many other suggestions...have a family meal for a birthday or anniversary, have a  business lunch at the club, bring the Minister for Home Affairs to the club for dinner and a bottle of wine. After golf have lunch or dinner at the club, bring a family group or the neighbours to the club for drinks or a meal.

Numerous models were reviewed in an effort to remove the house account component from subscriptions and maintain the existing revenue target but all were discarded as they introduced unacceptable anomalies.

The Board is moving towards monthly direct debits as an option for payment of subscriptions to ease the financial burden on members. The finer details are being worked on and hopefully the scheme will be in place for the next membership year. The issue of the infamous “$99.00”clubs continues to engage our attention along with many other clubs in Zone C. Some clubs have already taken direct action and our response is under review. Our Captain and President will elaborate on this in their reports.

There has been a falling off of patronage of the course by green fee players which naturally impacts on our finances. I have written in previous newsletters of the cut price deals offered by other clubs in our catchment area and we are now offering more competitive deals to reclaim some of the market. Finances also suffer with the late withdrawal of members from week end competitions. Announcements can be expected of moves to make those times available to outsiders.

On a happier note preliminary figures indicate that November was a good trading month with most entities exceeding budget expectations.

A Merry and Holy Christmas and a Happy and Prosperous New Year to all from

Barry Ryan
Chairman, Finance Committee
Christmas Trading
25 Dec - Course & Clubhouse CLOSED
26 Dec - Clubhouse & Halfway open, Bistro Closed
27 Dec - Clubhouse & Halfway open, Bistro Closed
28 Dec - Clubhouse & Halfway open, Bistro open NO breakfast
29 Dec - Clubhouse open, Bistro open for lunch 
30 Dec - Clubhouse open, Bistro open for lunch
31 Dec - Clubhouse open, Bistro open for lunch
1 Jan - Clubhouse & Halfway open, Bistro Closed
2 Jan - back to normal trading 

Ladies Match & General Committee  

How quickly this year has flown!  It has been a year of change for our lady members and our Ladies Match and General Committee would like to thank all who have chosen to support us during our first term in this new format.  We would especially like to thank our Club President, Mr Nick Stoves, our Club Captain, Mr Chris Thomson and all members of our Board of Directors for the great support and encouragement they have extended to us over the period we have been in office.  The support also of our General Manager and all the members of our Office Staff has been invaluable to us and we could not manage without them.
Our Presentation Day and Christmas luncheon was a great success with 81 ladies attending to celebrate our trophy winners and catch up with past members and old friends as we approach the Festive Season.
2014 saw the end of a special era in our club’s history with our longstanding Lady President, Mrs Grace Bryce, and Lady Captain, Mrs Fay Butcher, choosing not to continue in their respective roles thus ending an outstanding contribution to the Carnarvon Golf Club and its Lady Members by both of these ladies.  I am sure everyone joins us in thanking these ladies for a job exceptionally well done.
The draw for the Summer Cup Match Play competition has been completed and is displayed on the noticeboard in the breezeway leading to the locker rooms where in the future all notices from the Ladies Match and General Committee will be found.  We ask that from now on our lady members please take the time check this noticeboard every week to keep up to date with what is happening during our golfing year.
In closing I and our Lady Captain, Catherine, would like to thank all who have represented our Club in the various pennants competitions and gold medal playoffs during 2014.  We wish everyone the Compliments of the Season and look forward to another great year in
Barbara Lynch
For the Ladies Match and General Committee
2014 Ladies Champions
Div 1 - Clara Kim, Div 2 - Michelle Park, Div 3 Donella Wells
 2014 Rose Bowl Matchplay
 Agnes Cho def Michelle Park

Course Managers Report

November only delivered 24mm combined with high temperatures, especially in the last 10 days of the month. There were 7 days over 30ºC with 2 days of 40ºC Year to date rainfall is 625mm and is on track to be well below average for 2014.

The bunker on the 13th is being re-shaped and turned into 2 smaller bunkers to help address the issue of catching a lot of surface water run-off which causes damage regularly. The surrounds of the bunkers will be shaped to direct surface water away from the bunker as well as new drainage being installed to help deal with any water that does end up in the bunkers.

So far on the 14th we have installed the new pipework for the bubbler to be moved to its new location as well as the majority of new stormwater pipe and pits to help catch stormwater run-off in the area as well as the bubbler drainage. The sand has also been removed from the old bunker and re-shaping work can now begin.

The first stage of the chipping green works has been completed with the big hump on the green surface removed (well over 10 tonnes of sand was removed). The next step will be the relocation and re-shaping of the actual bunker to prevent storm water from the creek entering the bunker.
Now that the new 1st green is in play, members may be curious about the volume of materials that are below their feet as they stand on the new green. 
  • We moved close to 500 tonnes of clay onto the new greensite during the construction.
  • There is 400m² of geotextile material under the green and bunkers.
  • We used 86 tonnes of pea gravel as a drainage layer.
  • There is 310 tonnes of 90/10 soil under the surface of the green.
  • We installed 120m of 63mm poly irrigation pipe with 100m of 7 core cable and 4 sprinklers.
  • Over 200m of 90mm and 100mm stormwater pipe was installed around the green.
  • 150m of 300mmand 150mm megaflow drain pipe was installed under the green.
  • 340m² of A1 and A4 bentgrass from Tasmania was laid on the green surface.
  • 90m² of ‘Santa ana’ couch was laid on the collar of the green.
  • 1700m² of kikuyu was laid on the surrounds.
  • 245m² of concrete (59 tonnes) was laid next to the 2nd tee.
  • 35 tonnes of bunker sand was placed in the bunkers.
  • We also re-used about 300 tonnes of the soil out of the existing green and surrounds.
  • About 100 tonnes of waste turf and sand was moved away from the site.
  • Over 70 tonnes of soil from the old green was used on the 4th and 12th green surrounds. 
The amazing part of this work is that most of this occurred in the first 12 days and the turf on the green received its first cut just 24 days after we started ripping up the old green. It was a great learning experience for our greenstaff as no one, apart from me had taken part in building a green before. All the greenstaff took great pleasure in completing the work and look at it with justifiable pride at what we accomplished in a short period of time with a lot of hard work and utilization of their skill set.
I hope the members and visitors of the club get the same enjoyment out of playing the green for many years to come.
Steven Jacobsen

Veterans Report 

We have played seven games since our last report with an average of 40 players per week. The winners of these games are as follows:

16th October       
Winner - Judy Emmett - 16 Points
Runner Up - Russell Spittal - 13 Points
Starr Partners Award - David Le Claire $30
Fred Cherry Award - N/R to jackpot

23rd October     
Winner - Dennis Rickard - 18 Points
Runner Up - Judy Rickard - 18 Points
Starr Partners - Bill Jardine $30           
Fred Cherry Award - Roy McColl

30th October
Winner - Monika Chapman - 22 Points
Runner Up - Dennis Rickard - 20 Points
Starr Partners - Dennis Rickard  $30           
Fred Cherry Award - Roy Dockery  $20

6th November
Winner - Dennis Rickard - 21 Points
Runner Up - Monika Chapman - 20 Points
Starr Partners -Trish Chatfield $30           
Fred Cherry Award - Keith Speer $20

13th November
Winner - Monika Chapman - 18 Points
Runner Up - John Davies - 17 Points
Starr Partners - David Simmons $30           
Fred Cherry Award - Graham Stepto $20

20th November
Winner - Morris Butler - 20 Points
Runner Up - Dennis Rickard - 18 Points
Starr Partners - Martin MacDonald $30           
Fred Cherry Award - Judy Rickard $20

27th November - Washed Out

4th December
Winner - Sammy Choi - 18 Points
Runner Up - Patricia O'Brien - 17 Points
Starr Partners - Mary Brown $30           
Fred Cherry Award - Joan Causely $20

11th December
Winner - Michael Robinson - 14 Points
Runner Up - Michael Fisher - 13 Points
Starr Partners - Michael Robinson $30           
Fred Cherry Award - Jack McKendrick $20

The committee and I wish everyone a happy Christmas and New Year and extend our best wishes to the committee and members our parent golf club and the wonderful staff who  have looked  after us so well during the year.

Thanks also to Michael Callaby and his staff as well as Steve Jacobson and his staff for looking after the admin side of handicaps and hit off and the high standard of the course that we play upon.

Thanks to our members for their support during the year and we look forward to a successful  2015.

I look forward to seeing you on the golf course.

Keith Speer

A History Moment

This month I have delved again into the past with another extract from Jack Fisher’s “Carnarvon Story””.
.                                       PART FOUR - WORLD WAR II
Part three ended with the commencement of World War II.  After the first shock, the period of the “phoney war” prior to the invasion of France settled quietly on the Club; recruiting went along briskly, and the Carnarvon Comforts Fund was organised. The associates enthusiastically ran the fund, raised money from various activities and dispensed comforts to those on service right throughout the war years.  The comforts to those on service right throughout the war years.  The comforts in the early part of the war consisted of parcels, but later they became monetary benefits.  Mrs. Alice Leach cheerfully embraced the tremendous task of writing letters to members on services, and towards the closing stages of the war she was assisted in this noble work by other associates.

The Club’s Honour Roll contains the names of those who gave their services and included are those of two associates, Mrs.Win Granter and the late Mrs. George Kemp. Jack Pegg and Charlie Lakeman (whose widow is our present Assistant Secretary) made the supreme sacrifice and the club has sought to honour them in the Pegg-Lakeman Memorial Shield, which occupies pride of place over the fireplace in the main lounge.  This memorial was provided from the undisbursed residue of the Comforts Fund, assisted by other contributions, and it will always stand, whilst Carnarvon remains, as a monument to those two fine members.

The Honour Roll bears the name of Jack Lattimore, who left a leg behind in New Guinea and came back to a world in which, to him, active golf was henceforth largely barred.  Many names on the roll are now only names to most, as their owners, either because of the private disruption of their lives caused by the war, or cultivation of fresh interests arising thereafter, did not return to the club after being discharged from their war service.

The acceptance of membership of many ex-servicemen in the post-war years had added greatly to the strength and influence of those “Digger” members who returned to the Club after their war service ended, and Carnarvon Ex-Servicemen’s Association is to-day a most important part of the Club.

This instalment is concerned, however, with the impact of the war on the club rather than on its individual members.  The hardships and privations endured by some on service must have made comparison by them of their lot with that of the members at home, playing golf on an unkempt course with “rebuilt” or “repaint” balls, really odious.  “Rebuilts”, by the way, were used balls with a new cover, and they replaced the new golf ball, the manufacture of which was expressly prohibited by law, along with other luxuries.   To be able to buy one “rebuilt” one was obliged to deposit a dozen old balls.   Some “rebuilts” were satisfactory, but most had no life and quickly lost their shape.  They were just better than no ball at all.

Very soon after Japan entered the war - namely, about Christmas, 1941 - the club was given short notice that its Clubhouse was required to house American naval personnel, there being a naval arsenal in the immediate neighbourhood, and half the course was involved in this acquisition.

Virtual panic ensued for a few weeks, during which various methods of housing the club were considered by the committee of the time, including one suggestion to go under canvas. Fortunately, at the last minute, a small cottage close to one of the streets bounding the nine holes remaining to the club and some land adjoining the cottage were purchased and quickly made over into some semblance to a small Clubhouse, and this cottage, with a number of extensions and additions made from time to time, continued to be the club’s home from early 1942 until we transferred to the present Clubhouse at the end of 1949.   It was always so distressingly small that everyone present was in the one big party.   Under such circumstances a wonderful spirit of good fellowship and club bonhomie was always in evidence, and so emerged Charlie Phillips’ expression, “The Carnarvon spirit”.

The course consisted at this time of the nine holes left to the club from the naval acquisition, and ground staff to care for it was in those days of manpower control hard to come by.   On some of the vacant land adjoining the Clubhouse it became necessary to put down a putting green-cum-nursery, and I remember working one week-end to assist Charlie Phillips and other equally active and muscular labourers to bake the soil on a flat piece of iron over an open fire to rid it of impurities before it was spread on the site of the green preliminary to seeding.  It was on this putting green, by the way, that bowls was first played in Carnarvon.

The late Dave Halliburton was the Club’s Secretary for some time prior to the war, having graduated to the position by way of the honorary treasurership, and he continued in office when we retreated to the cottage and our last nine holes.  His services to the club and the long association with it he enjoyed, dating way back to its inception, are commemorated in the “Dave Halliburton” Cup, one of the club’s present trophies.  His widow and son, Jack, carry on the Halliburton association, which originated not only with Dave, but also his father and brother Jack.

From the time the club opened up in its temporary war home the committee commenced to plan for a new 18-hole course and clubhouse. Nothing practical towards this end was possible in the years of war, and when hostilities finally ended, a rigid building control operated for several years, making the construction of a luxury building such as a golf clubhouse possible only with permits which were difficult to obtain.  A controversy within the club arose as to whether the club should seek ground along the Parramatta River for its new 18-hole course, or, alternatively, at its present site, and at times the controversy became quite heated.  Those who favoured the river site at the time should now entertain no doubts that the club is in the better area, for both the developmental as well as the security of tenure angles.

The Club Championship was contested annually throughout the war years and regular competitions were conducted on the “business as usual” basis to keep things going until the boys came home, and many a serviceman will remember the welcome he received when he came to the club on leave.

Dr. Noel Charlton, who joined Carnarvon for the time being when his club, Oatlands, was taken over by the Army for the duration, brought along with him a box of dominoes, and from the date of his arrival until recently, when euchre commenced to oust it a little, dominoes has been an integral part of Carnarvon - so much so, in fact, that many a Sunday afternoon four-ball has been arranged with an eye to the domino ability of the participants than to their golfing prowess.

In conclusion, therefore, it will be seen that the war caused its usual havoc in Carnarvon, in that  it brought about the loss overnight of a commodious and attractive clubhouse and half the course, in the getting of which the early Carnarvonites worked hard for years; but this loss brought with it the grim determination to start again and build something even better still, and  the club to-day can quite modestly boast that this purpose has been richly realised by the establishment of the Carnarvon Golf Club as it is to-day - a truly happy aftermath of World War II.
Barry Ryan 
Club Historian
Best wishes for a happy & safe Christmas and New Year!
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