We're so excited about the twin BOYS! Watch Lun Lun care for her two bundles of joy on PandaCam!

Panda cubs have such long tails! Keeper Jennifer Andrew helps us understand why:

"Newborn pandas have long tails relative to their body length. As a panda cub grows, the rest of the body will grow at a faster rate than the tail does. This means that the tail becomes proportionally smaller as the rest of the body gets larger. Over time, the proportion changes, and the tail length compared to the body size will be normal. In other words, they just need some time to 'grow into' their tails!"

Thanks, Jennifer! Can't wait to see the cubs grow into their tails!
Rebecca Snyder, PhD, Curator of Mammals, has been monitoring Lun Lun’s behavior:

“Lun Lun started putting the cubs down two nights ago. The smaller cub let his mom know that he wasn’t ready for that and called loudly until she picked him back up. The larger cub was okay with this next step in his development. He was quiet when Lun Lun put him down and she was able to leave him briefly. This is a sign to us that Lun Lun is ready to leave the cubs for short periods of time to eat. Today we started putting her food in the adjacent den. She now has access to this den and can choose to go over there to eat whenever she is hungry. We have done this when Lun Lun was caring for her previous cubs, and it works quite well. The cubs will get used to being put down and left for short periods. Then Lun Lun will gradually increase the time that she spends away from the cubs. This is normal giant panda maternal behavior. This makes cub swapping easier, too.”

Thanks, Rebecca! It’s good to hear that Lun Lun and the cubs are doing well.

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