We're so excited we get to see the cubs grow up! Watch Lun Lun care for her two bundles of joy on PandaCam!
Mini Pandas

The cubs are growing so fast! Before you know it, they'll be active balls of fur, playing with mom!

Jen Web, Keeper I, loves spending time watching Lun Lun with her cubs. She couldn't wait to share this with our Cub Confidential subscribers:

"Lun Lun is rather comical when she has cubs. I’m used to her normal no-nonsense, wham-bam-done and thank-you-very-much personality. But when she has cubs, she’s really cute and she does everything slowly. Like any mother, she has her ways of doing things. This includes how she lies down and the method she takes to get into position. For example, if the cub is being fussy she will sometimes sit up, spin around, and then hunch over in the front corner of her nest box, shoving her face in the corner. It doesn’t look very comfortable, but the cub almost always quiets. When we are ready for a cub swap, sometimes Lun is already “in position” – which is facing the bars, either lying down or sitting up.  If she isn’t “in position” and she realizes that we would like to swap her cub for a yummy piece of sugarcane, she always gets “in position” in the same way: this funny forward roll with a spin-kick. It’s hard to describe but super cute to watch. She rolls, spins, pushes off against the wall with her hind feet – whatever is required to move and keep her little one happy at the same time."

Thanks, Jen! We know Lun Lun will do whatever it takes to take care of her cubs – even a spin move off the wall!

With our Veterinary and Animal Management Team in the Panda Nursery 24/7, they take the cutest pictures of our cubs. Take a look at a couple of the pictures Jen snapped for us:

Google+ How-To
Tomorrow, Wednesday, August 7 at 11 a.m., our Curator of Mammals, Rebecca Snyder, PhD, will be answering YOUR cub questions, live, during our Google+ Hangout On Air. Rebecca will tell us everything we want to know about this double dose of cuteness! She'll also tell us why the cubs are so spectacular and what this means for giant panda research and efforts to save this endangered species.

Google+ not your thing? It's very simple!

1. First, make sure you have a reliable internet connection, camera and microphone on your computer or a headset or microphone, and good lighting.
2. Log into Google+ (New to Google+? Create your own account here)
3. Go to Zoo Atlanta's Google+ page and join the Hangout! Send your Hangout questions and comments on Google+ using the hashtag #PandaHOA.

If you can't make the Hangout, use the same hashtag #PandaHOA to ask your question via Twitter!

Panda Wish List

Thank you so much for your ongoing support of our giant pandas! Would you like a hand in helping take care of the panda cubs? We have a new wish list of items our animal care professionals would love to have for the nursery. Here is how you can help. We appreciate your support!


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