Lun Lun is such a great mother! Watch mama bear care for her two bundles of joy on PandaCam!

Both cubs now weigh over 2 kilograms!  Cub A weighs 2.213 kilograms and Cub B weighs 2.251 kilograms. This is approximately 4.85 pounds each. Some of the most common cub questions are about the cubs’ weight and size updates. But sometimes we get confused with the cubs’ measurements in metric units. Why are the cubs’ measurements made in metric units? Curator of Mammals, Rebecca Snyder, PhD, shares why they don’t use imperial units:

“We do all of the cubs’ measurements in metric units because giant panda information is shared internationally. Thus, information on the development of the twins can readily be compared to information collected from cubs born in China and other countries. Metric units are also used in scientific publications. There are several metric conversion calculators available on the internet, which can be used by those who prefer measurements in ounces, pounds, etc.”

Thanks for clarifying, Rebecca. Whether it’s grams or pounds, the cubs’ cuteness is universal!

Jennifer Andrews, Keeper I, wanted to update Cub Confidential readers on how our favorite panda mom is doing:

“Over the last several weeks we have watched Lun Lun’s appetite return in full force!  We are currently offering Lun Lun around 12 kilograms (26.46 pounds) of bamboo overnight. Just in the last few nights, we have watched her eat with a gusto that we have not seen since before she gave birth to the cubs! Over the next few months, we will continue to gradually increase the amount of bamboo that we offer in order to meet her needs. With previous cubs, we have offered Lun Lun up to approximately 30 kilograms (66.14 pounds) of bamboo overnight. Even though we did not reach this amount until around when her cub was starting to sample bamboo for himself, we expect that Lun Lun’s needs may reach this amount sooner and eventually surpass it since she is caring for two growing boys instead of just one!”

Thanks, Jennifer. Lun Lun is going to need all the energy she can get so she can keep up with the twins when they start walking! 

We do collect as many of our frequently asked questions as we can in hopes that our giant panda team can address them in future editions of Cub Confidential or on our PandaCam blog page. If you’ve recently sent us a question, you may see it answered in this forum!

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