Meet Liquid Music. 

VST & AU. Your next song is now a sketch away.

Liquid Music is a powerful VST and AU plug-in that helps you quickly create unique song ideas and harmonies in your favourite DAW. It's a natural extension to Liquid Music for Live that was released last fall. Liquid Music lets you create inspiring music using a revolutionary visual workflow – the best way to get inspiration and conquer writer's block. 

All trial periods have been reset, if you tried Liquid Music for Live in the past and want to now try Liquid Music free for 30 days, go for it!

If you currently own Liquid Music for Live update here for free.

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Paint melodies, harmonies and chords using the revolutionary Sketch tool

Imagine your favorite melody—the rises, the drops and every detail in between. What if you could create that melody simply by sketching its shape? Well, now you can. 
Make unique beats instantly using a collection of Rhythm tools.

Provide a heartbeat for your track by adding an intricate, interesting beat. Liquid Music lets you make beats using note clusters and patterns instead of individual notes.
Tweak and evolve song ideas using five layers of musical control.

Sometimes to build it up, you have to break it down. Liquid Music separates music into different parts or “layers” that you can tweak and customize to build the perfect track: Sketch, Key, Chords, Voices, Rhythm.

What you get when you purchase 
Liquid Music

- Liquid Music VST / AU (MIDI FX) / Max for Live
- Liquid Rhythm Standalone
- Liquid Rhythm VST / AU

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Liquid Music is here, and it's changing the way 
you shape your music.

Special Price until April 30th, 2016!

Liquid Music $149.99

Upgrade from Liquid Rhythm to Liquid Music $79.99

Current owners of Liquid Music for Live receive a free upgrade

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