Imagine a lover of your choosing reclining nearby. When you fix your gaze on them hastily, hurriedly, what part of them do your senses gravitate towards first? Perhaps it’s the wicked arch of an eyebrow, the clavicle’s warm hollow… or maybe the recessed shadow of a breast’s curve, disappearing underneath an arm. It’s your lover, so we won’t force you to choose. You can love any part or the whole. We envision our KAMA BODY as our love—always. Blue Lotus and Blue Water Lily are like optimistic but slightly strange sisters obsessed with the element of water. They’re from the same family, after all—nymphaeaceae. Yes, they are nymphs by definition. Aphrodisia runs a blue streak in this family, while healing skin and psyche alike. Ylang Ylang is literally “the flower of flowers”. It’s a good life for this beauty- she is adored, revered and her presence cannot be substituted for another’s. Her devotees find her in every ashram in India, and she has a tale or two to tell. It’s said that her soul mates are drawn to her, and she to them. They seek one another out in dreams. Loving her is a bit of a complex endeavor, but she indefatigably sweet and has rich rewards to share: physical arousal and soothing of the emotions. There is a reason the flowers of these fragrant blooms are spread over the beds of newlyweds in India. The Black Musk in KAMA (LOVE) BODY could very well claim diva status and never have to share the title. She’s a rich concoction originally created out of a need to heal troubled skin and relieve pain, but bloomed into something even more fascinating--an antiseptic  that[s also an aphrodisiac. Our Black Musk has an irreplaceable “what-exactly- is- in -that?” factor, and she knows it. She is the grounding force for all of our KAMA BODY elements. Smooth before smooth was smooth. If you combine all of these players into one body, you will hold KAMA (LOVE) in your hands. And we hope that in your life, you’ll never have to choose just one part of a lover, or even have to choose a lover (if picking one just isn’t your bag). But if you want it all, you can get it from us. No strings, just scents. In the spirit of Valentine’s Day Fun, we’re celebrating by having a special sale! Enjoy 10% off all oils for February 1, 2 and 3. Our last ship out date is February 10th for Valentine’s Day
We wish you a Whole Lotta Love!
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Women’s Rights at the Women’s March in D.C.
A clip from our RISE at the Women’s March in D.C. History was made on January 21st, 2017 when millions around the World came together as one to stand up for our Women’s Rights and basic Human Rights.
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