What’s your animal totem? This August, we embrace our solar animal, the HAWK. Our recent visit and stay on The Kahnawake Mohawk Territory gave us fresh inspiration. The gracious-ness of the Mohawk elders allowed us to focus on Hawk Medicine. Fire and Sun are kin to Hawk attributes, a messenger to the Creator, the Great Spirit. Hawk encourages vigilance and awareness. In dreams, they represent the desire for freedom and clarity of consciousness. The next time you see a hawk soaring above, meditate on visions, humility, unity, and compassion. The gifts of our Spirit Animals will guide YOU, like an extended family, in the old Mohawk tradition, all share the same space with respect.

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Mr. Robert Plant 'Rock God' celebrates his 66th birthday this month. Kisses to the LEO's heart on August 20th. Enjoy Bron-Yr-Aur Stomp live with Led Zeppelin in 1975.



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Our new BODY blend is in the works, inspired by our Native American culture.
Stay tune for our announcement, in the meantime, dream with us!
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