Periods of growth or challenge in our lives often feel as though they are deliciously or torturously (sometimes both!) slowed to a crawl in the moment, yet seem just like blips on a screen in hindsight. Memories are our landmarks when traveling through the varied atmospheres in our minds. But what if our memories aren’t there anymore to guide us? What if we can only rely on others as our mirror or storytellers of our past? That’s what it’s like for many people living with Alzheimer’s Disease and Dementia. Not everyone with these conditions suffer from memory loss. Some are afflicted with an inability to react or respond to stressors in familiar, appropriate ways. Imagine how it feels to experience full-on trauma over something that others may not even notice. The world inside the mind of someone living with Dementia or Alzheimer’s Disease is fraught with danger—emotional land mines abound. Small challenges can feel like mountains to climb. We’d like to honor those living with Dementia and Alzheimer’s and their families for staying strong and for soldiering on while forging a new path together. Despite the challenges ahead, love is continually nourished and healed by time, laughter and affection. Beauty lives on and Love defiantly remains in the face of forgetting-- no matter what. 
Soul-Healing is here to stay.

Sometimes you stumble
across a few chords that put
you in a reflective place.

—David Bowie
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David Bowie
AKA  David Robert Jones
(Jan. 8, 1947 - Jan. 10, 2016)
David Bowie
Changes (Live)
One of the greatest inspirations has left the Planet. What a wonderful gift to have been alive during the same time. Thank you David Bowie for sharing your Art, and Heart of Lyrics. Through the Changes, we live in Spirit, and see the shining BOWIE Star forever.
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The High Price of Beauty
- Wall Street Journal

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