There is nothing as precious as the stuff of which Spirit is made. Energy, balance, consciousness, beauty… it takes on numerous forms, yet is as uncomplicated as it gets. Spirit is what generations carry from one to the next, and it is what drives us to seek connection to the Earth and to one another. Regardless of religion, everyone honors Spirit in their own way, and our ATMAN (SPIRIT) BODY blend is how Jiva shows it to the world. The cross-culturally soul-healing combination of Sandalwood, Frankincense, Palo Santo, Tulsi, and Neroli is a tribute to the deepest facets of beauty, from the sub-molecular to the stellar. Everything that inspires us to let our inner light and compassion flourish is important, even if it’s a simple bottle of body oil. The power of touch and scent can be revelatory. We’ll bring the oil; you just need to be there. That is one of our greatest blessings. We wish everyone a peaceful Passover, Easter and blessings for our Earth Day.

Jiva Rocks


IGGY is known for his outrageous stage antics! His LUST for LIFE and true WILD ONE image makes a great celebration for his April 21st birthday.


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