Long has “LOVE” been a surrogate term for “SEX”—it’s arguably more palatable and PG-Rated. This Valentine’s Day, we’d like to make a case for calling a spade a spade (or, a heart a heart). If we’re lucky, Love and Sex can be experienced together in one giant, sensual blur, but sometimes sex can stand very well on its own, and that’s alright with us. Sex inspires and fuels the best rock n’ roll—more so than any other one thing there is. We know what the big deal is. It’s good for you, it infuses life into the soul, and it satiates the wild-at-heart (at least temporarily). We recognize that the most powerful aphrodisiac is anything that enhances, adorns, and anoints our natural bodies to our personal environments. Everything that
Jiva-Apoha creates does just that. We believe in true love and pure pleasure, playfulness, and the freedom to do what we’re hard-wired to do in the most fundamental way. Intensity, movement, sweat, flexibility, getting high on skin, warmth, and shivering delights abound—we officially endorse setting our minds and bodies free. Wait, are we talking about yoga or sex? The answer: 


My Spirit has a Thousand Eyes.


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We obviously love our Rockers!  We’re super excited to catch these two on the road!  Be on the look out for their tour dates.
Iggy Pop and Josh Homme performing Gardenia  
from their new
Post Pop Depression
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