September month within the world seems to be in sharper focus, the senses are heightened with electricity in the air. The first couple weeks in September have traditionally been filled with excitement and anticipation—Back to School (the shopping that accompanies it), the last stretch of Labor Day holiday into the hustle of New York Fashion Week. As we inhale and exhale, the exchange is our Indian Summer making it's way.
A wonderful ecological annual gift that is thought to have been first identified by the early Algonquin Indians. They held the belief that the returning surge of golden warmth to the earth was the result of a mild and pleasing gust of wind sent from the court of their Southwestern god, Cautantowwit. During New York Fashion Week, we especially appreciate the work that collectives and businesses like CLEANSE One Body One Planet and Sakara Life does. There is a current groundswell of support available to models in terms of nutritional education and guidance. Back to that vibe of positivity that September seems to be healing—nothing says ‘I LOVE YOU’ to your body like fresh organic foods, pressed juices and raw veggies to snack on while running the hectic schedule from show to show. There is so much beauty in balance, and good nutrition that is easily available, an integral part of truth for all people. This is a perfect time to fortify the foundation of our bodies. We hope you enjoy everything fabulous that September brings your way. Have a safe holiday, and WINGS OVER. 

Jiva-Apoha’s PARUTKA (JOINTS) blend makes every day a little easier as you work hard, and it has the added bonus of keeping the mind clear, and your mood lifted.

Parutka (Joints) Body oil. All Natural Sweet Almond oil. 100% Pure Essential Turmeric, Lemongrass, Eucalyptus and Marjoram oils.


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When it comes to fashion, all of Team Jiva identifies (and swoons over) the timeless, authentic style of Patti Smith and the figure that a really great leather jacket cuts. We highlight the "Godmother of Punk" for her fusion of rock and poetry works. Thank you Patti for making the journey to NYC in 1967!

Watch Patti Smith Group perform Horses & Hey Joe - 1976.

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