October is a colorful month for change. A season
to awaken our mind, body, and spirit too. Those who are Vata-dominant as their Ayurvedic dosha gain more energy by balancing with root vegetables, fleshy fruits, leafy greens, hearty soups made with ghee (or without), and warming spices. As we prepare for cooler temperatures, Jiva-Apoha is also preparing this month and featuring our Baby Jiva Body as a 'Give Back' promotion to the Somaly Mam Foundation. This streamlined blend is all about the finest quality of All Natural Sweet Almond oil with 100% Pure Essential Roman Chamomile & Lavender oils. The texture is silky, and the scent swiftly banishes headaches, unease, irritability while promoting a sense of peace. We’re obsessed with the purity of all the ingredients we use, never has it been more important than when we created Baby Jiva Body, with our little ones in mind. Who is Somaly Mam? She is a force of nature when it comes to inspiring change and lifting up current sufferers and survivors of human trafficking and sex trafficking. Her smile has been known to part the darkest clouds to let the sun shine down on everyone’s lives she has touched. It is difficult work that is never ending, but she has inspired many others to help in whatever way they can. We celebrate children everywhere this month by donating a percentage of proceeds from every Baby Jiva Body oil sale on our website to The Somaly Mam Foundation ( Jiva-Apoha’s founder, Angela Shore will be attending The Somaly Mam Foundation’s 2013 Gala this month in NYC. The annual fundraising gala helps to provide a variety of life-saving, hope-creating services for so many women and children who desperately need it. Give back, it's easy.

Jiva Rocks


Enjoy Mazzy Star's Seasons of Your Day from their first LP since 1996. Recorded by the original Mazzy Star lineup, co-written and co-produced by Hope Sandoval and David Roback in California and Norway. We are excited by your long over due return!

Jiva-Apoha is
thrilled about the collaboration with MOON JUICE. Selected blends are now available at their new location in Silver Lake (2839
W. Sunset Blvd.) CA.
A healthy juice makes a happy body. A perfect combination @
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