We’re pleased to let you know that we have a few updates concerning our product packaging and shipping. First, with our 8oz bottles, we realized that it’s a bit inconvenient to hold a large bottle in your hands while using the pump mechanism on the cap. We have upgraded our bottles with sleek lockable SPA pumps!  
Now you can park your favorite 8oz BODY OIL on your bathroom counter, vanity or bedside table and use it while OILING up without holding the bottle—every drop takes the journey from bottle to body with no mess and no hassle. We think it looks rather sexy on any countertop, regardless of how much space you have!  With that said, we will also be discontinuing the use of the pump-caps with our 2oz bottles as well—we’ve come to find that this particular size pump has been more of a waste item than one in use, so the less plastic, the better for our beloved planet. Keep in mind, the 2oz bottle size affords a great deal of control while you pour the oil as you use it. 
So, who needs a pump-cap when you can go totally analog?

We have a new set shipping feature to announce as well: 
For ALL orders $150 and over, we’re offering complimentary shipping (U.S. territory) only. It’s our way of saying “YOU ROCK” without actually saying it. (We still do like to say it sometimes, though ;)
New doors to a new month, Happy September!
Jiva Rocks
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