We’ve always carried a little bit of The Sixties around with us—it’s just who we are. But, lately, we’ve had a brand new surge of inspiration from our recent trip to San Francisco. From Haight-Ashbury to Chinatown, the colors and bright spirit of the town have always been woven into its visual fabric. Onward to Fashion Week leading into Valentine’s Day in NYC this month, there is so much to look forward to. For starters, our retail partner and friends CAP Beauty is opening its doors February 14th in the West Village NYC, congrats Cap Beauty Team! Also, we’ve teamed up with Sakara Life’s annual LOVE Cleanse – GODDESS boxes for Valentine’s Day, and we love being a part of their Wellness Warrior Magic! Our online BAZAAR has taken flight and is about to pick up even more speed with our brand new Animal Incense Collection, featuring three types of premium-quality incense from India. We’ve paired them with their Animal Spirit counterparts to turn the simple act of burning incense into a personal journey, and combined sensory exploration with the spiritual cues that we receive from our animal guides. Sending big HEARTS to yours, we hope that your Valentine’s Day, and all of February’s days will be filled with LOVE N’ BEAUTY, and a hefty dose of ROCK N' ROLL.
Big Thunder (Bedagi) Wabanaki Algonquin

"The Great Spirit is in all things, he is in the air we breathe. The Great Spirit is our Father, but the Earth is our Mother. She nourishes us, that which we put into the ground she returns to us…"

Jiva Rocks

One of our favorite iconic photos of Yoko and John, holding a two week long BED-IN for PEACE during 1969. They truly were one of the greatest love stories of modern times. “John loved and prayed for the human race, “ said Yoko. On Feb. 18th, Yoko celebrates her 81st birthday! We send her nothing but love and well wishes for another beautiful year.


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