This June’s Summer Pie has some very tantalizing ingredients, and we think you’ll agree. Father’s Day is on the 21st sharing our Summer Solstice, CNN’s The Seventies starts on the 11th, and we’ve got lots of images of long hair, mutton-chops, bare chests, denim jackets, claw chains, and motorcycles dancing in our heads. Whip a little Rock n’ Roll liberally over the top and cream it up! The essence of cool hasn’t really changed for many decades. The men’s grooming renaissance is in full swing, and we have several gorgeous options. Our earthy SUNDARA (HANDSOME) FACE OIL works wonders as a pre-shave oil, aftershave, moisturizer, skin healing oil, beard-softening oil and more. Jiva’s spicy-sensual 1967 BODY, and 1967 ROLL-ON OIL from our INDIAN SUMMER COLLECTION (with or without handmade, deerskin Mohawk Medicine Bags). Herbaceous ATMAN (SPIRIT) BODY, pure transforming THUNDERBIRD BODY, and energizing PARUTKA (JOINTS) BODY are all well-loved by men and women alike. We also happen to think that there’s something very sexy about sharing your JIVA-APOHA OILS with your love. For our beloved guys, whether they are our fathers, husbands, brothers, friends or lovers, there’s more in store! In Native American Mythology, our SKY FATHER looks down on us with kindness from above. Let’s quietly thank him for his watchful eye and then give a token of affection to the beloved men in our life this month.

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Jiva Rocks

...In the Summertime when the weather is hot
You can stretch right up and touch the sky
When the weather's fine…
Sing along to one of our feel good, Summertime 1970 tunes!

Mungo Jerry - In the summertime
"In The Summertime" 
by Mungo Jerry

a pure reflection of HAPPINESS in your SKIN.”  Read more
from Angela Shore’s interview with Desiree




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