We’ve been thinking a lot lately about being HUMAN(E). We are living vehicles for passion and emotion. We lend intensity to every issue that challenges us and our beliefs. When we are faced with disappointment or failure, this is when the magic happens. We’re not beaten down by any stretch of the imagination. Instead, our drive for justice snaps back into place with renewed vigor. So many issues desperately need our attention (and yours), like the travesty of the Dakota Access Pipeline at Standing Rock, and strengthening our Democracy in light of a wild and taxing Presidential race. We’ve let the tears go, and now we are ready to turn the page. The fact that our current bestselling oils are ATMAN (SPIRIT) and THUNDERBIRD BODY tells us something that makes us take heart—that we’re all powering up and donning our spiritual armor again. This time, it’s for the long haul. And here’s another branch of our uniquely human journey - we’ve emerged from the other side of anger feeling quite a lot of positive energy and hope due to the compassion and drive for change flooding through our community. We won’t tolerate bigotry, discrimination or theft of the basic necessities and culture of our Native Americans. We are so proud to be part of a community that is willing to do whatever is necessary to defend and preserve Mother Earth, to support women and children globally, and to fight for a Democracy we can be proud of. Perhaps most of all, we place a high value on inclusion. When we are alone, we can still feel the togetherness of our tribe, and when we are together, we burn brightly day and night. How can we be at peace and celebrate this Thanksgiving while our brothers and sisters are being tear-gassed and shot with rubber bullets and water cannons?  Please join our healing efforts to take a stand in any way possible. Defending sacred land and protecting our water supply is not a crime. Without WATER there is no LIFE. We are so grateful for YOU. May ALL beings find peace.
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We’re howling in the hands Of The Wolves / The MIA (Made In America) Project. Visit Lulu and Micha! Jiva’s Atman Spirit and 1967 Body blends are holding sacred space. Thoughtful shopping for good causes!

Marfa, Texas
We’re going to the high-desert, far-west Texas. We couldn’t be more excited to join GG and Beau at Mano Mercantile. They’ll be carrying a selected assortment of Jiva oils exclusively.  Be sure to check out their beautiful-curated space in MARFA.
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