March holds many gifts, for one the grounds begin to soften, we gain extra Color Therapy in our day starting March 8th. And moving forward the 20th brings us the Vernal Equinox once again. It’s a magical time for new beginnings, whether they manifest inside or in our outward lives. It’s the opportunity to plant new seeds for all of the positive work we wish to do in the coming months. Our THUNDERBIRD BODY is the perfect Oiling Body Ritual for rebirth and growth, as its elements foster Transformation. A true Native treasure to our roots of Pure White Sage, Red Cedarwood and Juniper essentials. The Thunderbird’s powerful wings create the ripples which carry us towards the path of Change. This month we’re adding our 100% Organic Cotton Holy Man Tees, and our exciting Thunderbird Medicine Bag collaboration with maker, Carol Nason Lindhorse of Old War Moccasins. Our BAZAAR is about community love, We Are All Related. Stay tune and be sure to keep your eyes peeled for all announcements! We wish everyone a Happy Spring Equinox and may you always walk in Balance and Beauty.
In the heart of Sedona, AZ., we are thrilled for Summer Sanders, and her venture, Local Juicery! Opening March 4th at Dry Creek Plaza. Be sure to embrace her organic kitchen and products made with love. In the crossing of the Red Rocks, you will also find our Jiva-Apoha oils in her beautiful sacred place.
Jiva Rocks
We’re bringing
“Venus" to your March with Shocking Blue, the Dutch Rock Band who formed in 1967.
Shocking Blue - Venus (Official Video)
by Shocking Blue
Congrats CAP Beauty!


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