It’s time to SPRING ahead on March 9th and we are excited about having longer, more colorful days ahead and to say BYE-BYE to winter! It’s been a long one for many. Spring is the name of the season, but it also means re-growth, re-birth and resurrection… in other words, CHANGE. It’s time for us to shed our winter skin - much like our animal counterparts. As we approach Kapha (earth and water) season, it’s important to increase focus on exercise and diet but especially those with Kapha Dosha imbalance. The Kapha-dominant can tend to have a harder time committing to make the necessary changes, however, inspiration and support is abundant when we surround ourselves with like-minded people with similar goals: to create a special space and routine with an eye towards WELL-BEING. Fitness, nourishment, momentum, mental clarity—translates into love, happiness, contentment and gratitude. Dedicate the extra hour of your day to feel better in what makes you the happiest and in your relationships.

It’s a wonderful time to give yourself and love ones a token of renewal in personal-care. Change of spirits, change of seasons, blessings to a Happy Spring for ALL!


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Steven Tyler is one of the greatest Rock Icons in history. We celebrate his fiery birthday this month on March 26! Cherokee on his father's side and true to his Native American connection. Watch Aerosmith's first top 40 hit "Sweet Emotion" from Toys in the Attic. This tune only gets better with time.
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