It’s to recognize an event, a place and a time that calls for a party. No, this is how we live every single day of our lives. Without music, where would we be? How would we get through the pain, the indignities, the inequality, the outrage, and the loss? Those legends, those beautiful androgynes, those creators of the music that gives us life, and stitches the wounds closed, so we can start to heal, so we can go on. But no one can stay forever, we always knew that, even when we were kids. We’ve lived whole lifetimes since we first heard their music, and we became adults somewhere in there but it was never about that. They guided us with the assurance that no matter who we turned out to be, it was cool. Day two, Day 222, Year 32  — the messages always trickle in slowly, but we get them exactly when we are supposed to. We are badass souls and sexual beings with zero shame. It’s no accident that we can see through the nonsense. We care deeply for others — our partners, strangers across the world, beings on other planets — we don’t judge.  We don’t take anything for granted. In our purple hearts forever...we thank you Prince...Bowie, and to all the music warriors! 
We are filled with love when we say, 
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